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Introduction In this report a start-up tech company named ABC Pty Ltd which is based in Adelaide Australia, wants to develop an online delivery system named the “Service Please”. This system is getting developed for providing facilitation to the customers, service providers, and supermarkets for the delivery of groceries to residents of the customer. This[…]

Magnetic fields cause the physical phenomena known as Magnetism. The effect of magnetism can be observed easily in the ferromagnetic materials such as iron that has a strong affection towards the magnetic field and can be magnetised easily to become permanent magnets. However, this magnetic property of material may interfere during many engineering applications such[…]

This report provides an analysis of different types of gas turbine engines and the environmental impact of the gas turbine engine. In addition, other literature and data have been studied to understand different types and modules in gas turbine engines. The environmental impact of the gas turbine engine has been presented in three categories: in-flight[…]

Modern engines used in aircrafts today are very reliable and capable of providing uninterrupted service for years. However, technological advancement in the aviation industry has increased the complexity of these engines (Reciprocating and turbine); therefore, these engines need proper lubrication. The lubrication is required to keep the efficiency of the aircraft engine unaffected from the[…]

Federal Aviation Administration regulates manned aviation that provides efficient, secure, safe, and environmentally friendly air travel within the USA. However, the noise created by the aircraft is also regulated by the FAA, especially for sound level pressure when the aircraft is close to the ground (Patchett, Jump & Fisher, 2015). Therefore, reducing the noise of[…]

The first 50 years of the aviation industry were significantly influenced and driven by continuous technological developments of reciprocating piston engines. The significant period starts with the very first flight by Alberto Santos-Dumont without any ground assistance in the year 1906, and the era ended in 1956 with the maiden flight equipped with the most[…]

Introduction Engineering is an important discipline in life as it determines important decisions that determine the safety of individuals and the society at large. Engineers are responsible for designing, creating or building something based on the given guidelines. It is important to note that in Engineering there is minimal room for errors as the outcomes[…]

INTRODUCTION Smokers have been known to sometimes manage, as they exhale their smoke, to form well-structured smoke rings with their lips. The smoke is then propelled away from the mouth, maintaining the same ring structure, for a considerable duration before the configuration finally breaks up and the smoke diffuses randomly into the surrounding air. Baby[…]

Abstract The aim of the project was to devise a suitable control strategy for an industrial furnace; to maintain a steady outlet temperature for the crude stream Tout (at 560K) and oxygen concentration in the fuel gas Co2 (at 5%) under various conditions. The furnace is modelled in Paragon 5.4, in which all the simulations[…]

Introduction The mass-spring system is a simple but powerful model that provides insight into waves and their propagation. In particular, the equations describing the system can be simplified using elementary techniques and, in the appropriate limit, the wave equation can be found. Following identification of the wave equation, the form that waves can take is[…]

Abstract This paper presents an overview of anti-friction bearing technology for jet engines with an insight into the physics involved in bearing operations. Major issues affecting the lubricant performance have been discussed. Also presented is a quantitative assessment of parameters, viscosity, temperature and pressure, affecting system performance. Several methods to predict the performance of tribological[…]

Executive Summary Wave energy is renewable energy that generates electricity from the wind blown by the rise and fall of waves. The UK has tremendous resources and the technology is developing rapidly. The University Research Group has developed a new type of turbine that generates electricity using wave power technology and is considering starting a[…]

Introduction With the emerging technologies and increased complex and complicated electronic systems the subject of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) commands much of the attention of designers. The environment for which these complex electronic systems are designed and implemented is getting tougher to deal with because of the presence of high frequency radio transmitters and the power[…]

A Comparison of Direct Velocity, Direct and Compensated Acceleration Feedback Control Systems in Mitigation of Low-frequency Floor Vibrations NOMENCLATURE X Displacement vector (n×1) K Stiffness matrix (n×n) (N/m) Velocity vector (n×1) k Modal stiffness (N/m) Acceleration vector (n×1) ζn Modal damping ratio F Force vector (n×1) ωn Natural modal frequency (rad/s) M Mass matrix (n×n)[…]

When a fluid flows past a bluff body (such as a circular cylinder) in a direction which is perpendicular to the axis of the body, boundary layers develop around the body. At a low Reynolds number, the fluid just flows past the body. However as the Reynolds number increases, the vortices tend to separate from[…]

Nomenclature Re = Reynolds Number ρ = Air Density v = Velocity V = Aircraft Velocity M = Mach Number a = Speed of Sound α = Angle of Attack L = Characteristic Length c= Chord Length µ = Kinematic Viscosity Objectives To critique CFD results achieved in assignment one. The focus of the critique[…]

Abstract Particle size distributions (PSDs) measured by different techniques, including Sieve Analysis (SA), Image Analysis (IA), Laser Diffraction (LD) and Focused-Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM), were investigated. The two compounds selected for the study were spherical glass beads and non-spherical Sodium Chloride. It was observed that the results obtained by different techniques were affected by the[…]

INTRODUCTION The extraction of energy from the wind has evolved over thousands of years [1]. Earliest recorded applications of wind energy were in the milling of grains, the pumping of water and other mechanical applications. The first recorded reference in England was from 1185 AD, where a windmill in the village of Weedley in Yorkshire[…]

Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION The following project deals with designing and creating a precise temperature control system for stabilising the operational temperature for a variety of operations ranging from laser drivers to chemical reactions. To this end, a hybrid proportional-integral control feedback circuit would be designed, tested and constructed. The system will allow the user to[…]

Electron / hole transfer process on electrode In general the electrolyte can be a reducing agent: solution injecting electron to the electrode, and oxidising agent: solution extracting electron from the electrode. Also holes can be captured instead of electron injection or holes can be injected instead of extracting electron as this two charge carrier interchangeable[…]

1.0 INTRODUCTION Directive 99/31/CE, the regulations governing the landfilling of bio-waste, dictate that in future years there needs to be a sharp reduction in the volume of biodegradable materials going to landfill. The main aim is to effectively reduce the production of methane, known for its high global warming potential, at landfill sites and to[…]

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