Christopher Mayers

About me:

I have achieved a degree in Chemical Engineering from a UK University. I am working as a full-time process engineer for a very well-known oil & gas consultancy firm. I have considerable professional working experience of Process Simulation, Gas Sweetening, Gas Dehydration, Material & Energy Balances, Preparation of PFDS and P&IDS, LPG Recovery, Gas Stripping, Regeneration of MEG and Maintenance & Reliability of an oil and gas plant. A diligent and highly analytical process engineer with a broad chemical engineering skill set gained within both academic and professional environments. For a successful scientific career, I am looking to work for a global company where my acquired skills and education will benefit the organization and I will have an opportunity to broaden my knowledge.


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Comparison of Sieve analyses, laser diffraction, image analyses and FBRM for the determination of particle size distributions

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