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  Alicia Macfarlane

Business, Education, HRM, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Sciences

Sample Paper - ""

I have qualifications from three of the best universities in the country: MBA from Durham University, MSc in Transport from Imperial College (awarded a studentship), and BSc Joint Hons (Grade 2:1) in Chemistry and the Analysis of Science and Technology from Manchester University. Since obtaining these qualifications I have worked in a broad range of jobs, including as a proposal/bid writer, a transport consultant, and a marketing assistant. I am currently teaching Business English to non-native ...

  Stephen O. James

Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing, Mechanical-Engineering

Sample Paper - "Non-circular vortex rings"

I am a British writer and engineer with a 1st class BEng (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc (Hons) with distinction in advanced Mechanical Engineering from a UK University. My industry experience – gained from both within the UK and overseas – ranges from thermo/fluid mechanical systems to structural and manufacturing engineering. Most of my extensive work, however, has been in academic research in Fluid Dynamics, with my latest study being on vortex rings. I have also ventur ...

  Thomas Blink

Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Engineering, Engineering Business Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Health & Safety Management, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Operations Management, Physical Sciences, Product design, Project Management, Research Methods, Sciences, Sustainable Energy

Sample Paper - "The colloidal state"

I am a research Fellow at a high profile academic institution. I have Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and have published most of my research in reputable international journals. I am working towards building a strong career in academic research, as well as developing novel solutions that will be of benefit to humanity. I am a semi-professional pianist. The colloidal state Colloid science deals with systems comprising molecules/particles with different dimensions, ranging ...

  Daniel Lewis

Aeronautical Engineering, Astrophysics, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Construction, Design, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Business Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Health & Safety Management, Management, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mechanical-Engineering, Mechanics, Operations Management, Physics, Product design, Project Management, Research Methods, Sciences, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Decision Making Processes Research and Analysis"

Multi-skilled Aerospace Engineering graduate having excellent technical writing skills and able to prioritise tasks and take initiative in both individual and group projects. I successfully researched and designed an unmanned aerial vehicle “Drone” and its associated camera/video technology. This was supported by my thesis on propeller functionality and the improvement of aircraft design for enhanced functionality. I have the ability to solve complex problems through innovative thinking and ...

  Thomas Kane

Business, Crisis Management, Economics, Finance, Manufacturing, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Risk Management, Statistics

Sample Paper - "The European sovereign debt crisis"

I am International Development Economist for a big financial institution. I have degrees in social statistics and investment risk management, and am a chartered member of the Institute for Securities and Investment. I have worked in both government and non-government positions. I am currently involved in formulating strategies for emerging economies to develop to their potential. During my spare time I am a volunteer with the Anthony Nolan Charity Organisation to create awareness about child leu ...

  Jonathan Alberto

Accounting, Advertising, Business, Crisis Management, E-Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, Finance, International Development, International Studies, Leisure Management, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mathematics, Operations Management, Product design, Project Management, Public Relations, Research Methods, Risk Management, Shipping & Trade Finance, Social Policy, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Primary External Factors Affecting Ryanair"

I am an MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management graduate with Distinction from a UK University. I have a background in the field of mathematics, finance and auditing and have a wealth of experience, having previously working with the banking. During my career, I built an impeccable reputation in banking, finance and auditing. My MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management has equipped me to do mathematics modelling in logistics and transportation management. Currently I am a logistics consult ...

  Christian Wright

Accounting, Business, E-Commerce, Finance, HRM, International Studies, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Project Management, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Risk Management, Statistics, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Evaluation of the Revenue Recognition Policy with reference to the case between HP and Autonomy"

I am a graduate aiming to progress my career in the financial services industry in London. I have an undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing Management and a postgraduate degree in Global Financial Services. I also have work experience as a summer intern during three different intervals, tasked with handling the sales, marketing and business development activities of a chemical manufacturing company. My achievements in the company included successfully prospecting more than ten new B2B cu ...

  Neil Walker

Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction, Design, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Information Systems, Management, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mechanical-Engineering, Mechanics, Operations Management, Product design, Project Management, Risk Management

Sample Paper - "Marketing strategies case study - SABIC"

I completed my Master Degree from a highly recognised university in the UK. My engineering background combined with project management expertise is an asset that helped me work on many challenging projects. With over five years of diverse engineering experience in project management plant environment, I am a competent and confident engineering management professional with outstanding organisational skills as well as excellent leadership and communication capabilities. My areas of expertise inclu ...

  Brian Blakeney

Business, Cultural Studies, Education, Events Management, HRM, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Risk Management, Sociology

Sample Paper - "Stakeholder theory and large-scale public service projects"

I am a full time PhD (Organisational Learning) student. I have ten publications in the area of Organisational Behaviour, Project Management and Academic Dishonesty in international journals. Previously I taught the courses of Management Practices, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and Strategic Management to undergraduate level at Chartered University. Moreover, I participate in different seminars, workshops in the area of Management Learning, Leadership and Research Methods. ...

  Dennis O’Connor

Aeronautical Engineering, Business, Economics, Engineering, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mechanical-Engineering, Mechanics, Project Management, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "The process of Bypass Transition"

I am a part time Teaching Assistant in Engineering for a leading University. I hold a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering. I am also pursuing my PhD in Aeronautical Engineering. I have a great passion for motorsport and in my free time I like to attend motorsport races and follow the current motorsport series carefully. The process of Bypass Transition The growth of the boundary layer The bypass transition process can be deciphered by undertaking a st ...

Excellent communication and friendly service. I have been struggling with my dissertation and wish I had discovered you sooner. Your help and support really helped. Thank you so much, I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you so much for working so hard on my paper – I managed to achieve 1st standard!