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late for a lecture


We’ve all arrived late for a lecture. For any number of reasons, valid or not, we’ve all been there. It’s...
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15 tips to survive Halloween at university

Avoid ladders, mirrors and black cats because who needs extra bad luck on Halloween? Find a hall/house party. Students love Halloween and house...
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You should always write your dissertation introduction last: here’s why

Yep, we did it. We mentioned the dreaded word. The dissertation needs to be done and you don’t have a...
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3 things you unexpectedly learn on a Master’s degree

It is well understood that when you join a Master’s course you are going to learn some things you never...
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From Summer to Study – How to refocus after the holidays

Summer is over, it’s sad but true. Now you have to go back to University and get your brain off...
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5 tips to help

Doing your first university assignment: 5 things to remember

Between moving away from home, meeting your new best friends and getting far too drunk at Freshers’, it can be...
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5 ways to improve your CV while you are still at uni

Planning for your future is important. Graduate employment opportunities are extremely competitive. More and more graduates are competing for the...
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5 ideas how to plan your resit

No one likes the idea of resitting either coursework or an exam, however planning your resit and passing second time...
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10 perks of being a Master’s student

Being a Master’s student is tough but it’s not all bad! There are certain pluses about taking on a Master’s...
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Writing a Master’s dissertation vs an Undergrad dissertation: the 5 key differences

A dissertation at any level is designed to test even the most essay hardened students. If you have done your...
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5 Memory Hacks That Will Make You Remember More on Your Exam Day

Back to Blog Everybody knows that one person who arrives to an exam with a seemingly endless bank of quotes,...
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Movies That Will Motivate You to Become an Entrepreneur

Is there anything more uplifting and inspiring than a motivational movie? If you’re looking for the inspiration to succeed, you...
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Smart Attack – Use of Smart Drugs by UK Students

Imagine the scenario: You’re an undergrad at university. In your final year, going to lectures, seminars, studying for exams and...
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Dream Jobs For Students This Summer

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably worked some terrible jobs in the past few years. And if you’re...
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