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After placing an order for any of our writing services, our customers are invited to leave a review of both the overall service they received at Ivory Research and the product they received. We value our customers' feedback a great deal, and use it to constantly improve and enhance our services.
Order_ID: 409793656 2024-04-24
Top notch, thank you so much
Order_ID: 409332888 2024-04-17
Excellent thanks so much
Order_ID: 408559027 2024-04-04
Great, timely job incorporating the requested feedback.
Order_ID: 407308074 2024-03-17
It is all good. Another well-written paper, my writer. = ) Thank you.
Order_ID: 406874666 2024-03-08
A well-written paper for my reference. Thanks Writer. Hope to engage your service soonest. : )
Order_ID: 406228116 2024-02-20
Thank you for assisting with completing this paper.
Order_ID: 405865221 2024-02-15
I am impressed with the writers work
Order_ID: 405039663 2024-02-02
great job as always
Order_ID: 404788229 2024-01-29
Great thanks so much
Order_ID: 405100183 2024-01-28
Well written, thanks. Will engage your service in the near future.
Order_ID: 404818580 2024-01-21
Super work as always!
Order_ID: 402428566 2023-12-02
I am very grateful to my writer for a professional, quick and high-quality work! Didn't expect to receive the final paper so soon and for it to be exactly what I needed from the first draft! Thank you very much again for your time and help, I genuinely appreciate it a lot!
Order_ID: 401973305 2023-11-30
Absolutely top notch and thanks ever so much
Order_ID: 399912769 2023-10-23
The paper was perfect, thank you so much for your help. Will definitely use you again in the future if possible. Thank you
Order_ID: 399554036 2023-10-03
Once again thanks for your service. Will continue to engage you as my writer for my next semester. : )
Order_ID: 398876055 2023-09-24
thank you for the good work
Order_ID: 398369956 2023-09-19
My writer, thanks for your effort. Really appreciate! Thank you.
Order_ID: 397945560 2023-09-11
I felt the writer really grasped what I was looking for. Without overly changing the text he proof read and edited it in such a way that the whole piece read more academically.
Order_ID: 397278232 2023-08-14
Very well written paper, thank you Writer. :)
Order_ID: 396983801 2023-08-05
Well written paper, Writer. Will engage your service soonest. Thank you. :)
Order_ID: 396409469 2023-08-03
Thank you very much, dear Mark, it was a pleasure to work with you, you did a very helpful job!
Order_ID: 395641299 2023-07-10
The Writer is beyond amazing! Extremely punctual, reliable, gets to the point, able to grasp the gist of what I am trying to achieve. Amazing professional! I have been working with him for years now and would never change this writer for anyone else!!!
Order_ID: 389057378 2023-07-06
Hi thank you so much for all your help, you went above and beyond. I can't express in words. X
Order_ID: 395256549 2023-06-30
Very happy with the writer. Especially appreciate the quick responsiveness and providing a good quality of work, thanks.
Order_ID: 395101257 2023-06-21
Thank you so much for helping and checking these for my daughter. We appreciate it.
Order_ID: 390941797 2023-06-05
Thank you so much for your support. I'm really appreciated
Order_ID: 393768156 2023-05-23
Thank you writer great work.
Order_ID: 393665423 2023-05-21
I am very happy with your review of my essay, and it was completed ahead of schedule. I will definitely be using your services again.
Order_ID: 386052032 2023-05-21
Response timing is too slow. However, he/she did a good job.
Order_ID: 392357669 2023-05-02
Well-written paper!
Order_ID: 391830911 2023-04-30
the Writer did everything that was asked of them, which helped me thanks !! I would use again !!
Order_ID: 391499584 2023-04-18
Good job and thanks for your patience towards my request. Thank you. :)
Order_ID: 327245785 2023-04-10
well written however concern about sources of the article
Order_ID: 391150755 2023-04-08
I think it’s well written and on time! Hopefully I get a good mark and will certainly come back and let you know. Thanks v much
Order_ID: 389999477 2023-04-02
I hope you know how grateful I am for everything, no matter what the result of my essays would be. You were extremely supportive all the way through. I will definitely recommend you to everyone and would ask for you as my writer in the future. And thank you for agreeing to work on the second essay which was a great relief. I was lucky to have found you.
Order_ID: 388419784 2023-03-22
Writer has done a great job. Looking forward to work with him.
Order_ID: 388723288 2023-03-13
Thank you so much Writer! You are really amazing!
Order_ID: 388504531 2023-03-08
Thank you writer. Great job!
Order_ID: 387387300 2023-03-04
one of the best writer I have contacted, I will definitely contact him in the future.
Order_ID: 388212583 2023-02-27
Writer - 296025112 has done exactly what I asked and he understood my situation and clarify everything for me. he explained everything without any hesitation. I highly recommend this writer.
Order_ID: 387128243 2023-02-20
Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the support. Happy with the paper now.
Order_ID: 387224951 2023-02-13
Well written, Mason. :)
Order_ID: 386881094 2023-02-08
Very professional and also on time - thanks 🙏
Order_ID: 385367430 2023-01-29
thank you for your efforts and excellent work.
Order_ID: 384981973 2023-01-06
He was an amazing writer, very cooperative, followed everything I requested and was extremely knowledgable. Thank you for your great work.
Order_ID: 384723760 2022-12-31
Nice work, very good writing skills.
Order_ID: 382640305 2022-12-03
The writer (278628165) is one of the best so far, excellent job, well presented. Anytime, the person will always write my work. Well done.
Order_ID: 379187920 2022-10-19
the writer is the best
Order_ID: 378037630 2022-10-05
Thank you for your nice work. it was great.
Order_ID: 377625867 2022-09-18
Great job dear writer, thanks.
Order_ID: 376880411 2022-09-12
Abstract and Conclusion were perfect. Overall, the quality of all dissertation chapters were maintained
Order_ID: 376485464 2022-09-12
Writer has good Knowledge of GIS and if any queries, then he/she is always there to address it
Order_ID: 374584566 2022-08-08
The received work doesn't match with my order criteria, The reference links were sent to help the writer, but the writer didn't use them. The writer wrote about universities located in USA and Canada and what I asked for is in the UK. In addition, I asked to review the work many times, but it revolved around one writer and t no change in contents.
Order_ID: 374434943 2022-07-26
The writer had no idea about the legal topic at hand and was not able to follow the assignment instructions
Order_ID: 374776146 2022-07-23
Great job! Your status updates are much appreciated. Thanks
Order_ID: 374411430 2022-07-21
Thanks for helping. You have written a good paper. :)
Order_ID: 373368249 2022-07-05
would have appreciated more communication however happy with how the document looks. thank you
Order_ID: 372648652 2022-06-21
The writer did a great job and my supervisor also liked the outline of dissertation topic
Order_ID: 370575442 2022-06-09
I really appreciate the writer for his/her hard work. The paper is great.
Order_ID: 371840689 2022-06-09
The writer has good knowledge about field and guided me about what issues I can face and discussed some possible outcomes about research. He answered all my questions
Order_ID: 370984048 2022-05-30
Very professional- well knowledge and helpful.
Order_ID: 368993442 2022-04-26
The writer is amazing, extremely happy that he was selected for my paper! Completed an excellent piece of writing with the instructions provided, will definitely use him for other services if needed and will recommend him to others!! Thank you very much!!
Order_ID: 365145704 2022-04-14
too much similarities, work are not properly referenced.
Order_ID: 366850923 2022-04-13
the writer 282033034 did a very brilliant job and was very patient with me .I will use this writer over and over again.
Order_ID: 368069405 2022-04-11
Excellent writer
Order_ID: 365691225 2022-03-19
I am really appreciate your help. The work is fantastic!
Order_ID: 363849353 2022-03-16
Honestly I do not usually leave reviews often. However this writer has been expectational not only has he followed all the points attached from the lecture slides he has gone above and beyond with going and doing deep research analysis for my topic.
Order_ID: 365147530 2022-03-13
Best writer I have ever had on Ivory
Order_ID: 362900407 2022-02-21
Thank you very much for the work done. The research carried out is excellent.
Order_ID: 360571311 2022-02-12
Simply OUTSTANDING!!! HUGE shout out to the writer not only for being knowledgeable of my very unique topic but also for grasping the gist of what I needed for the purposes of this specific assignment. Again, the writer has exceeded all expectations, worked well beyond his requirements, and went the extra mile. Amazing, awesome, extremely professional!!!! RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS A HIGH-QUALITY ACADEMIC WORK!!!!
Order_ID: 361197195 2022-02-02
Thank you for completing the paper in such a short notice!
Order_ID: 358445180 2022-01-20
Thank you for your hard work. I am really satisfied with the paper.
Order_ID: 358215663 2021-11-29
Excellent Job.Thank you
Order_ID: 355666726 2021-11-16
Great work will use you again.
Order_ID: 355160384 2021-11-16
The writer has completed the job to my satisfaction and the quality of work is top notch
Order_ID: 353530205 2021-10-27
Thank you so much for your help with this and revising where necessary! So pleased with it :)
Order_ID: 353739961 2021-10-13
Thanks, this is really helpful.
Order_ID: 353320597 2021-10-02
This is really good, thanks!
Order_ID: 352773459 2021-09-25
Many thanks. I really liked the flow and content.This really sets me up to work on the document and insert some areas of theory but the template is ideal.
Order_ID: 350533215 2021-09-01
Thanks for helping me
Order_ID: 348406937 2021-08-26
Good writer, proficient in Psychology Essay writing.
Order_ID: 349244112 2021-08-03
Job done before the deadline, excellent work!
Order_ID: 349211038 2021-08-03
Good job well done!
Order_ID: 348199612 2021-07-09
You're amazing, thank you very much!
Order_ID: 346536096 2021-06-29
Thank you! Really like it.
Order_ID: 346040213 2021-06-22
Excellent as always!!!
Order_ID: 342345647 2021-06-19
It was great working with this writer! Always in touch, keeps updated! Strongly recommend!
Order_ID: 344780734 2021-06-01
Awesome! another great work. Appreciate greatly
Order_ID: 345196347 2021-05-31
Thank you , the research and analysis were just right.
Order_ID: 345413836 2021-05-23
The writer written an excellent history essay and met all I ask for. Received a draft and asked for minor corrections which was mended right away before moving forward to complete essay. Thank you again I'm very happy
Order_ID: 344774670 2021-05-15
Excellent work done. Very grateful
Order_ID: 343701647 2021-05-10
Dear Academic, I am very very greatful and impressed with your consistency and very high levels of research and explaination. One day I hope to be like you.
Order_ID: 342132035 2021-05-10
The writer quickly rectified what I wanted and made all the changes. She gave really clear and understandable advice and was really supportive to my requirements. I would definitely use this writer again.
Order_ID: 343811041 2021-05-08
Thank you so much for all the work you did and for an excellent assignment. I hope that you can help again on another piece with same schedule. Thanks again.
Order_ID: 344188818 2021-05-07
I can't put it into words how amazing this writer is!!!! The quality of the work was outstanding considering the time they had to complete it! Thank you!!!!!!!
Order_ID: 341481718 2021-05-05
great thank you
Order_ID: 339679118 2021-04-14
Absolutely talented and amazing writer! Very thorough and helpful.
Order_ID: 336421445 2021-03-30
The best writer I’ve worked with on this site. Amazing attention to detail, knowledge and patience
Order_ID: 339711528 2021-03-24
Knowledgeable, helpful and amazing attention to detail- thank you
Order_ID: 338169431 2021-03-21
Great job! Thank you!
Order_ID: 339122324 2021-03-19
Thanks so much for putting together the great research, presentation and creative title and following all the guidelines. I may have to add a few words as it is below the 1000 words but will check on this. Thanks so much and hope we can work together again.
Order_ID: 337221557 2021-03-17
This writer (278669337) is so professional and the QA team and some of the support team are very helpful.
Order_ID: 336365525 2021-03-13
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support, you have been so helpful. I highly recommend you . You are a life saver!!!
Order_ID: 338267821 2021-03-09
This wasn’t easy as at a late stage we realised some of the data was wrong. The writer was super helpful and the call really helped clarify everything. The additional research found by the writer and the questions, comments and advice were fantastic - and the incorporation of feedback was great thank you
Order_ID: 337361011 2021-03-05
Good and prompt communication with the service team and the writer. All the requirements were met, some small writing errors but overall I am satisfied with end result.
Order_ID: 337341413 2021-03-01
Fast response and incorporated all of my feedback hopefully we can work together again thanks so much
Order_ID: 334294979 2021-02-16
superb simplified writing demonstrating accuracy and experience
Order_ID: 335267065 2021-02-09
I would thank the writer for his efforts. The writer was absolutely brilliant, very patient, supportive and a good listener. I feel happy and confident with the work he did to me. Thank you so much
Order_ID: 334597521 2021-02-02
The writer is extremely patient and helpful in all aspect. Would definitely recommend the writer to people that are in need of help to write up. Thank you so much.
Order_ID: 334229551 2021-01-20
I thank you very much for making my subject interesting and clear to read. Surely had the lecturer been as rounded and focused as you are my classes and students would not be in the position we find ourselves in today. Thank you for the interaction. Best to you.
Order_ID: 334301224 2021-01-11
Fantastic work, really well written and met my requirements for a literature review, thank you so much!
Order_ID: 334067118 2021-01-01
The work they have produced is 10/10 the grammar the layout the research. Fantastic!
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