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An annotated bibliography may either be part of a bigger assignment, such as an essay or a dissertation or be set by your tutor as a stand-alone piece of work that is used to assess a variety of different skills. Either way, completing an annotated bibliography is a time-consuming task and one that can prove quite difficult for a number of reasons.

It’s rare that you would have come across this type of assignment before university, so knowing what is involved is a good start. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources relevant to your subject area (books, journal articles and other documents) followed by a professional annotation that summarises and/or evaluates each source.

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Indicative: An indicative annotated bibliography provides an overview of the source’s main focus and addresses the key concepts and issues of the work.

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Evaluative: This form of annotated bibliography critically assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a source in terms of its quality and relevance.

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Informative: An informative annotated bibliography summarises the source but also includes details about the thesis, arguments, hypothesis and conclusions of the work.

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Combination: This is the most common form of annotated bibliography and contains both information about the source and a critical evaluation.

How We Can Help

A custom written annotated bibliography from Ivory Research will find relevant, high quality and up-to-date resources for your topic, referenced in the style you require. Let us do the reading and the research, while you focus on the writing.

Ordering from our annotated bibliography writing service is flexible, meaning you have the choice to either select the sources that you would like the writer to annotate, or whether you would like the writer to choose sources that are relevant to your subject area and then annotate those. Either way, each source will have an annotation of 100-200 words, encouraging you to consider the content of your sources in a critical manner and provide evidence that you have researched, read and understood key sources surrounding your chosen topic.

Why Are Annotated Bibliographies Difficult To Complete?

Creating an annotated bibliography is a time-consuming task, as it requires in-depth research around your subject area in order to find appropriate sources that will help you to complete your assignment or dissertation. Choosing which texts you wish to include is difficult; how do you know which ones are best for your topic? Narrowing down the most relevant sources for your subject area from an extensive range of literature can be tricky and you need to make sure you have a good, comprehensive range of sources whilst also sticking to well-defined boundaries.

Ask yourself what kind of material you are looking for and what problem you are investigating so that you are able to make informed judgements about which sources to include and which ones you should leave out. Once you have chosen the texts that you wish to use, you must then analyse each source and summarise the central theme. This involves a lot of research, a lot of reading and a variety of intellectual skills in order to write professional and succinct annotations. It’s also important to make sure each source is referenced correctly, as per your course guidelines (Harvard, APA etc.) so that your annotated bibliography is accurate and looks professional.

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