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Get your perfect CV from Ivory Research

Are you looking for a memorable CV that lingers in people’s minds long after they've finished reading it? Perhaps you need a CV that is contemporary, professional, and grammatically flawless?

If so, Ivory Research’s CV writing service is for you. We help graduates, professionals, and career changers land the position of their dreams! We also specialise in creating CVs for undergrad, postgrad, and PhD applicants. Whether you have 10 years of work experience or just a few internships under your belt, we can help you shine!

Operating since 2005, Ivory Research knows how to present candidates in the best possible light. Our diverse mix of writers have experience in Recruitment and University Admissions, so rest assured, we’ll find a writer perfectly suited to writing your CV.

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Why choose our CV writing services?

With so many CV writing services out there, you might wonder why to choose Ivory Research. Well, we have been writing CVs since 2005, so we have an understanding of the skills and abilities hiring teams are looking for. Unlike many other companies, we take the time to really understand your strengths and help you to communicate these carefully. Ultimately, this ensures that you are able to tick all of your prospective employer’s boxes.

Perhaps most importantly, though, it’s our originality that sets us head and shoulders above the rest…. CVs should NOT be boring, bland, or cliché. In fact, they should be quite the opposite (whilst keeping professionalism in mind). Choose Ivory Research’s CV writing service and we guarantee you will receive a CV that is engaging, inspiring, yet extremely professional.

  • Professionally written CV from just £80 Your CV will be crafted by a professional, UK graduate with a minimum of 2:1 bachelor’s degree, though 85% have master’s degrees or PhDs. Rest assured, our writers have diverse experience in Recruitment, Management, and University Admissions, so we will find the best writer for your CV.
  • CVs and cover letters for every circumstance Whether you need a professional CV, an academic CV, or a CV with a creative twist, our writers can oblige. We take the time to understand your needs and create a tailor-made CV that is 100% suited to your circumstances.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee Our CVs are unique and original – we strictly avoid templates and clichés. CVs are crafted from scratch based on the detailed information that you provide. We know that deadlines are important, so all CVs are completed in good time, and well before your deadline in most cases!
  • Quality Checked Each and every CV is closely checked by our Quality Assurance team. Rest assured, they have a strict eye-for-detail so the CV you receive will be completely free of mistakes. Let us help you make the best possible impression on the hiring team!
  • Free amendment service Applying for jobs can be a lengthy process – we understand! But we won’t let you feel demoralised. To give you the best possible chance of success, we are happy to amend your CV FREE of charge for a period of three months, provided you are applying for the same type of job.
  • Optimised CV Your writer will conduct keyword research to ensure that your CV reaches the top of applicant databases. If you already know the keywords you would like us to target, simply let us know on the order form!

How It works

Ordering your CV from Ivory Research is simple!

1. Place an order Fill in our easy-to-use order form, it’s quick! We recommend you place an order in good time so that you have time to review your CV before submitting your application.
2. Your professional CV writer will be assigned We will handpick a native English-speaking writer who has expertise either in your subject area (for students) or experience in Recruitment (for job seekers).
3. Tell us about you! CVs are a summary of your strengths, so we need to know how special you are! Tell us about your skills, qualifications, and work experience – the more information the better!
4. We will get to work Whilst we take care of your CV, why not take a look at what’s out there? Go and bookmark any positions you want to apply for.
5. Download your CV and start applying! Your professional CV will be returned to you on or before your desired deadline. If you require any amendments, we offer 3-month free revision period.

About our services


A CV is a snapshot of your strengths, both professional and personal. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just a list of everything you’ve done in the past; rather, it should highlight your greatest achievements. Did you dramatically increase sales revenue in your recent job? Perhaps you have overcome a massive personal challenge in your life. Whatever you’re proud of should have pride of place on your CV.

Unfortunately, recognising – and effectively communicating - your uniqueness can be tough. That is where our CV writing service comes in! A CV crafted by Ivory Research is a concise and customised professional document that summarises just how amazing you really are. Choose this service from Ivory Research and you will receive your completed CV in Word format, ready to use again and again when applying for jobs.

Cover letter

Most job applications require a cover letter as well as a CV. However, since the rise of online applications, many candidates do not bother sending off a cover letter with their application. Simply by sending a cover letter with your application, you could significantly increase your chances of being interviewed!

If you’re struggling to find the right words for your cover letter, then leave it to the team at Ivory Research. Our writers can create a compelling cover letter, just for you. Whether you’re applying for an internship, new job, or fully-fledged career change, we can help you explain why you are a perfect fit. With this service, you will receive a downloadable cover letter in Word format.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

87% of employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates, so it pays to create an attractive LinkedIn profile. By far the most important part of the LinkedIn profile is the bio/summary section! Your summary should grab the attention of employers. In our experience, the best way to do this is to evoke emotion in the reader. If you can get an employer to feel excited about your potential, or in awe of your success, you’ve won half the battle!

Need help injecting some emotion into your LinkedIn profile? Choose our LinkedIn writing service add-on, and one of our expert writers will lift and transform your LinkedIn profile. Rest assured, your bio will be sprinkled with the ideal keywords, giving you the best possible chance of being headhunted!

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What are the benefits of professionally written CV?

The CV is one of the most important documents for achieving success in your academic and professional career. You could be the most proficient student or diligent employee, but if this is not communicated in your CV, you might not be offered the opportunities your truly deserve.

That said, it’s worth investing in a high-quality CV. The question is, should you write this CV yourself or ask for help from a professional? Well, it is certainly possible to write a CV on your own, but creating the perfect CV does take time, creativity, and an eye for detail. Also, it requires you to take an objective look at your personal and professional profile and tease out the most attractive parts. This can be quite hard to do, especially if you’re humble or unable to see your full potential!

The greatest benefit of working with a professional CV writer is that they will take the time to unearth your greatest strengths, talents, and abilities. If this information is not obvious to them from your notes, they will ask the right questions, and once they have the full picture, they will present your profile in a way that is highly attractive to employers.

It doesn’t matter if you lack formal education or work experience, our professional writers will be able to work with you to tease out your strengths and abilities. Indeed, this is the greatest benefit of commissioning a professional CV. Remember, CV writers are passionate about helping you achieve your goals so they will be patient and find creative ways of presenting your profile in the best light.

Not to mention, CVs written by professionals are flawless and error-free, thereby creating a great first impression on recruiters. So, when it comes down to it, investing in a professional CV is one of the best things you could do to progress your career.

Client reviews

Students at all levels use our service on a regular basis to help them achieve their academic goals! Want to learn more about their experiences? Check out our most recent customer reviews below.

I am very happy with the CV I received. It’s great that Ivory Research were able to find a CV writer with a professional background in IT – I tried to find this elsewhere, but most companies just offer generic CV writers. Thank you so much for your professionalism, I have already received a couple of interview invites, so I am hopeful.
I can’t believe I’ve received 2 job offers in the space of 1 week! It definitely has something to do with the CV I received from Ivory Research. My CV looks clean and professional, and even one of my interviewers commented on the fact that they liked my CV. I have never been in this position where I get to choose between two offers – this service was definitely worth the price.
Sophia Anderson
I can’t thank Ivory Research enough for their help with my CV! I was feeling really stressed out about applying for grad programmes – whilst I have quite good grades, I know I lack the work experience others probably have. That’s the reason why I decided to get a professional CV. I am impressed with the service I received - I had a Zoom brainstorming session with my consultant, and she helped me ‘jazz up’ my CV with details about internships, extracurricular activities, and volunteer projects. I’m feeling much more confident about my applications now, so thank you!
Rachel Wang
Thank you! You made my CV look so much better, and you’ve really highlighted my strengths. I just wanted to let you know that I had a successful interview on Friday and received a firm job offer today! I am extremely grateful and will definitely recommend your services to my friends.
I have experience in many different sectors, but I was struggling to make it ‘fit together’ on my CV. The thing I liked about Ivory Research is that my consultant really took the time to understand each of my previous roles; he drew links between my previous roles and created a fantastic profile that really shows off my skills. I feel so much more confident sending off my CV nowadays and I’ve already got two interviews scheduled. Fingers crossed!
Duncan Elder
I’ve worked as a supervisor/line manager for 7 years now and really wanted to take the next step in my career. Writing is not my strong point, so I knew I needed some professional help with my CV. I was recommended Ivory Research by a colleague and I am glad I went with them. The prices are competitive, and the turnaround time was really fast. I also like the fact that you can request amendments, which is not the norm with most companies. Thanks guys!
My industry is EXTREMELY competitive, so it’s really hard to find a paid position. I was getting sick of the constant rejection letters, so I reached out to Ivory Research… My consultant gave me some great advice about my CV – e.g., to focus more on my achievements, and to synthesise my info so that it’s more succinct. However, the most value I got out of this experience was discussing the potential of going self-employed with my consultant. They had so much knowledge and expertise to share in this area, so this service has been thoroughly worthwhile!
Ivory Research completely overhauled my CV in preparation for applying for a Law training programme. This programme is really competitive, and I really wasn’t feeling confident about my CV. They helped to tell my story in much clearer words and I now feel much more confident in my application. I also ordered a personal statement and the two synced together really nicely. Recommended!
I graduated last year, and I was searching for my first role as a social worker. There is a lot of paperwork involved (including writing a CV) and being dyslexic does make it a bit more difficult. I am really happy with the CV Ivory Research created for me – the price is really competitive, too.
I said I would come back to write review so here it is… Thank you so much for helping create my CV for my policing application. I passed the assessments and was given a formal offer yesterday! You guys are awesome. I will definitely use you in the future if I need to and my cousin has put in an order with you today 😊
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