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For many students, preparing and delivering presentations is one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking parts of their degree. Presentations are a major feature of most courses and may have an impact on your final grade, so it is vital you get them right. That’s why our Academic Presentation Writing Service is a must.

How Can Ivory Research Help?

What is a better way to ease your nerves and be able to walk into your class with confidence by having a bespoke presentation of the highest academic quality prepared by Ivory Research? Either as a stand-alone project or as a part of another assignment, we’ve got you covered.

Ivory Research’s Academic Presentation Writing Service guarantees academically sound work with the visual impact to impress your tutor and classmates. Additionally, you can also receive in-depth speech notes, allowing you to relax and focus on presenting the work with confidence.

Ivory Research’s custom academic presentation writing service means you can customise your presentation by choosing:

slides icon

Specific number of slides you require

comments icon

Custom written comments, speech or script

Questions icon

Questions to ask the audience

graphical icon

Sound, graphical, video and visual effects

Partial icon

Partial presentations (if you are participating in a group presentation)

Length icon

Length of presentation (e.g. 10, 15 minutes etc.)

Hand-outs icon

Hand-outs to accompany your presentation

content icon

Specific content requirements

Inclusion icon

Inclusion of specific models, frameworks and sources

Bibliography icon

Bibliography and referencing according to the style you require

What Makes Presentations So Difficult?

If you asked which assignments students disliked the most, it would be a safe bet many would say presentations. The most difficult part of presentations is usually the actual presenting. Many students get very nervous, whether they’re presenting to their class or just their tutor. Almost all courses will require you to do a presentation at some point, and many courses will require you to do several each term, so it’s really important you ace your presentations in order to achieve the grade you need.

Preparing a quality presentation is also something many students struggle with. A great academic presentation requires different skills to other assignments, such as essays or dissertations. You have to be able to summarise key academic material into short, concise points to display, whilst being able to go into more depth on the topic as you speak. Even the most confident students will struggle if they are not fully comfortable with their topic. Therefore, it is crucial to properly prepare your presentation and ensure it is of academic quality.

Free extras

  • Abstract or executive summary
  • Contents page
  • Specific models
  • Specific sources
  • 10 days free amendments
  • Fully referenced

Chargeable extras

  • Outline
  • Draft
  • Calculations
  • Presentation
  • Extended amendments

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