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Dissertation Topic & Plan

Need a good dissertation topic? Click here.
If along with a great dissertation topic you also need a 500/1000 word plan/outline for your dissertation – we can help you.
£59.99 will get you a great plan to kick-start your dissertation.

Jump start your dissertation with an excellent topic and plan!

Are you just starting your proposal or dissertation? Looking for a great topic which you can turn into a fantastic dissertation? Want a plan that you can show to your tutor?

Our Dissertation Topic and Plan service has two stages.
1. Your writer will provide you with a number of topics for you to select from.
2. Once you have selected your topic, they will provide you with a 500 or 1000 word plan/outline to support your chosen topic.

The plan/outline explains how your dissertation would work, and contains all of the information you would need to write a perfect proposal and dissertation.



Topic justification

Literature review

Data collection methods

Research aim


Data analysis suggestions

Extended  will also include detailed:

Research objectives

5 references

Literature review

Data analysis guidelines

Justification of methodology

Topic & Standard Outline - 500 Words - £59.99

This service includes: dissertation topic justification, research aim - what the research is looking to achieve, literature review - outlining some of the key literature, methodology - details about the methods to be used, data collection methods and data analysis suggestions.

Topic & Extended Outline - 1000 Words - £99.99

Features of the Standard Dissertation Plan, as well as: detailed research objectives and explanation of research aim, detailed literature review, justification of the methodology, detailed data analysis guidelines and 5 references.

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Service Description

Our Dissertation Topic and Outline Service has been created specifically for students who are about to write their proposal, dissertation or thesis. Rather than writing the whole dissertation our writers will:

Create a ‘hot’, suitable, manageable and appropriate dissertation topic based on your preferences and requirements. Alternatively, you can supply your topic.

Develop a suitable structure for your dissertation, taking into account all of your requirements.

Write an outline of your dissertation, incorporating:

  • Research aims and/or research questions
  • Areas to be covered in the literature review
  • A methodology suitable for your dissertation or thesis
  • Appropriate data collection methods
  • Data analysis suggestions
  • Summary and outline value of the proposed research

Reference lists

If required, our writers are also able to create reference lists, outlining the sources you should use for your dissertation, such as books, academic articles, white papers, research papers and market research reports. These sources will be directly related to your topic to guide you in your research and form an essential part of writing your dissertation.

Undergraduate & Master’s Level PhD Level
10 sources £9.99 £19.98
20 sources £19.99 £39.98
30 sources £29.99 £59.98
40 sources £39.99 £79.98
50 sources £49.99 £99.98
Undergrad & Master’s PhD
10 sources £9.99 £19.98
20 sources £19.99 £39.98
30 sources £29.99 £59.98
40 sources £39.99 £79.98
50 sources £49.99 £99.98

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order?

Ordering your custom-written dissertation topic and outline is quick and easy. Simply complete the order form and select the academic level you require – undergraduate, Master’s or PhD, then choose the Main Subject, and in the Order Type field choose Dissertation Topic and Outline, answer on Anti-Spam question and click on Get Prices button. You will see 2 prices: one is for the Standard Outline (500 words) and another one is for the extended Outline (1000 words). You need to click on one you’d prefer (you will be able to change your selection later on as well). Once you clicked on the preferred outline type price, you will be given two topic selection choices: Provide your own topic Request several custom-made topics from our writers You can also add extra references to your dissertation outline. When you have completed the form you will be asked to make payment. Once we receive your payment our writer will begin work. If you have requested the custom-made topics, they will be delivered to you in 48 hours from payment. Your completed dissertation outline will be delivered within 96 hours once the topic is selected or from the payment if you have provided your own topic.


If you have requested a selection of custom-written topics, we will send them to you within 48 hours. Once you have selected your preferred topic, we will deliver your completed dissertation topic and outline within 96 hours. Unlike other providers, we allow you a full seven days to review the topic we have created for you and let us know of any changes that may be required, at no extra charge.

How do I use my dissertation topic and outline?

A dissertation topic and outline is an essential guide to enable you to begin your thesis or dissertation and ensure that you are moving in the right direction. You can use your dissertation topic and outline to:

  • Familiarise yourself with your topic
  • Get the views and suggestions of a professional writer on the content of your dissertation
  • Discuss your dissertation or thesis with your tutor
  • Begin formulating your outline proposal
  • Begin your initial research on the topic
  • Plan your timescale for completion of your dissertation
  • Develop further ideas independently or with your tutor, based on the outline
  • Obtain a clear picture of exactly what you need to do
  • Extend and expand upon our suggestions to gain a higher grade in your dissertation.

What if you cannot find a suitable writer for my Dissertation Outline?

In the rare event that a suitable writer cannot be found, we will let you know within 48 hours and and refund your payment. However, it is unlikely because we have a large team of professional writers specialising in every discipline.

What if I require some customisation?

The service we provide is totally flexible, and your dissertation topic and outline can be tailored to your exact needs. Simply let us know your requirements in the order form.

Can I use my dissertation topic and outline as a proposal?

A dissertation topic and outline is a valuable starting point for writing your proposal and dissertation in that it provides you with ideas and guidelines. However, a dissertation topic and guideline should not be confused with a proposal; and by ordering an outline you should not expect to receive a proposal. If you require a custom proposal for your dissertation our professional writers will be happy to write it for you. To order a custom proposal, simply complete form and choose proposal in the Order Type field.

Can I order a full dissertation from Ivory Research?

Ivory Research offers a full range of dissertation writing services including full dissertations, proposal, part dissertations and chapters, statistical services for dissertations, and dissertation editing, improvement and proofreading. SPECIAL OFFER Order a full dissertation when you purchase your topic and outline from Ivory Research and we will deduct the full cost of your topic and outline from the dissertation price.

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