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Posters are an increasingly common aspect of academic assessments across all disciplines. However, creating an effective academic poster requires specialised skills, and can be a difficult task.

Whether you need a poster to strengthen a report, enhance your coursework or to supplement your dissertation or research project, we can help you achieve your goals. Preparing posters demands artistic flair, creativity and a detailed understanding of the subject matter. You don’t want to create a poster with endless amounts of text, but one that balances both text and images. The style and design of the poster are really important because your tutor will be assessing its visual appeal as well as evaluating the content. If you are struggling to create a poster or you simply don’t know where to begin, we can help you develop a creative, effective and professional poster that is specifically designed for your project.

Our academic poster writers are skilled in their craft, so much so that we have worked on many different projects across all kinds of subject areas. We will use the right software and combine a range of artistic skills to develop a strong academic poster design that will adequately support your project.

How We Can Help

Luckily, here at Ivory Research we have tonnes of experience producing top quality academic posters for all subjects and topics. So look no further – we can help you achieve the grade you need. Over the years we have helped many happy students worldwide to create top quality academic posters with great success. Join the club and let us help you get the grade you deserve.

Can I Order Additional Extras With My Poster?

Yes! When ordering a custom academic poster you can book additional extras, including:

Specific models  icon

Specific models and sources/p>

Comments icon

Comments, speech and notes

plan icon

A plan for you to review before the writer completes the work

Graphs icon

Graphs, charts and specific images

accompany icon

A report to accompany your poster

reflective icon

A reflective log or diary to accompany your poster


Ivory Research’s custom academic poster service guarantees you a bespoke poster that makes a strong visual impact and has the content to back it up.

What Challenges Do Students Face When Creating Academic Posters?

Although a poster may not seem as daunting as a dissertation or exam, there are actually many elements students struggle with when trying to create academic posters. For example, creating attractive visuals or developing something which has academic substance.

Many projects require students to submit an academic poster in combination with a presentation which can only add to the problems and pressure that students are under. Posters have to be eloquently explained and understood. Not many students enjoy presenting, which further adds to the anxiety and stress of the task.

To find out more about our academic poster writing services, contact our team today.

Free extras

  • Abstract or executive summary
  • Contents page
  • Specific models
  • Specific sources
  • 10 days free amendments
  • Fully referenced

Chargeable extras

  • Outline
  • Draft
  • Calculations
  • Presentation
  • Extended amendments

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