Ivory Research Fair Use Policy

Our mission at Ivory Research is to advance and promote academic and professional excellence, continuous learning and development. By delivering outstanding services we aim to boost the academic success and future careers of our clients. We are committed to fulfilling our guarantees and promises and strive to maintain our status as the leading provider of academic writing services.

How to use our service in the right way

As with all academic writing services, Ivory Research custom-written papers, dissertations and other products are designed to be used for research and reference purposes only.

Our wide range of services can play an important role in expanding your knowledge and enable you to conduct much deeper analysis. If, for example, you had to perform a SWOT analysis of Tesco, seeing an outstanding example of a SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces and Value Chain Analysis of Tesco would act as a powerful study tool to help you research and write your own analysis.

Used as recommended, Ivory Research products will significantly reduce the time you spend on research and help you get the grades you need. Ultimately, they can place you on the path to a rewarding academic career.

You also have the security of knowing that our academic writing service is 100% confidential, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. No third parties will be made aware of your order, and your privacy is guaranteed.

When You Receive Your Essay Or Academic Paper – Some Useful Tips

  • Ideally, use a printed copy of your paper rather than reading it from the screen.
  • Read the paper through, highlighting the main points and making notes as you go. Then re-read it just in case you missed anything.
  • Remember that a close reading of an essay or dissertation enables you to understand how an academic paper should flow and should help you develop the style of your own writing.
  • Carefully consider the look and structure of the paper.
  • Take careful note of the subtitles that appear in a paper, as these highlight the topics that need to be included.
  • When you’ve finished reading, study the references and bibliography to familiarise yourself with all sources thoroughly. Most references are easily located using a standard Athens account.
  • Finally, read a wide selection of other articles, abstracts and papers around the subject. We recommend you read at least one theoretical book and look at some article databases. You can use article databases such as Infotrac, ScienceDirect, Emerald, Medline, Ingenta and others sources relevant to your subject. Your university library will provide you with free access to the resources you need and can order resources that are not available from other libraries.

For Dissertations

  • As above, but before you read through your dissertation, save yourself time by reviewing all the content in the accompanying literature review. This will help significantly in giving you a better understanding of the subject and direction of your dissertation.
  • Use our methodology to inform your own content and structure. This can include the justification of your topic, research philosophy, research strategy, research approach, and data collection.
  • Compare the results of our primary data collection results against your own.
  • When using your custom-written dissertation as a guide for writing your own paper or dissertation:
  • Check for limitations in our dissertation to give you an insight into any problems you may encounter. This will help you avoid them in advance.
  • ‘Recommendations for future research’ will provide you with ideas and sources for possible examination.

Company Based Reports

For company-based reports make good use of:

  • The analysis of the company
  • The application of relevant techniques and models
  • Any recommendations given by the writer
  • Current articles
  • Current news about the company
  • Up-to-date company information

Your Working Conditions

We all learn in different ways, but here are some tried and tested tips to get the best out of your study time:

  • Do you learn better independently or in a group? If group study suits you best, you can create a study group with friends. It’s a great way of sharing ideas.
  • Is background noise a distraction? If so, then a library can be the best place to study. It’s vital that you find a place to work where you feel comfortable and are able to concentrate.
  • Do you respond better to words or diagrams? Some people find using diagrams and mind maps to brainstorm ideas a useful alternative or addition to conventional note taking.
  • Don’t work for too long without a break. A good balance is to work for 20 minutes and then take a five-minute break to refresh your concentration.

Finally, we would re-emphasise that by using Ivory Research writing services as recommended it is possible to improve your knowledge, get better grades and significantly reduce the time you spend on research. However, please remain aware that misuse of our services could result in placing your academic career at risk. Please use our products responsibly.

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