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Exam season can be an extremely stressful time for students and is one of the unfortunate realities of undertaking a degree. It’s rare that you’ll manage to avoid taking exams at university, so it’s important to tackle them in the right way and make sure you keep on top of your revision to avoid last minute cramming.

If you’re struggling for time and need cohesive exam notes to ensure you get the grades you deserve, Ivory Research’s exam notes service can help make exam time less stressful.

How We Can Help

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We provide concise revision notes based on your course materials (lectures, articles, syllabus, etc.)

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Model answers to previous years’ exam papers; expert analysis of case studies.

How Does It Work?

Place an order, select your deadline and the desired length of your exam notes.  You will then be asked to choose which scenarios from the list are applicable to you. Once your order is placed, we will ask you to send your writer all the relevant information e.g. lecture notes, past papers, core books etc., so they can create perfect exam revision notes for you!

One of the most effective methods of preparing for an exam is to use concise revision notes based on your course materials (including lecture notes, course syllabus and core books, if available). Our expert writers can ensure that you have clear and precise notes to revise from, which include the key concepts, models, theories and definitions relating to your subject area. We can go into as much detail as you want; anything from short notes to more descriptive explanations, so you are equipped with the knowledge you need to get the best grades.

Ivory Research can help you by providing answers to past exam papers, as well as showing you how each answer has been arrived at. Our expert writers will analyse your course materials (including lecture notes, course syllabus and core books, if available) to ensure your past exam papers are solved using the same process/model/framework as taught on your course. We can go into as much depth as you wish – anything from short solutions to detailed explanations, ensuring that you get the exam grade you require.

If you’ve been given a list of questions to be answered, we can help you get the right exam grade by preparing model answers including, where needed, calculations. Your expert writer will refer to your lecture notes and/or other sources to ensure that your questions have been answered exactly as required for your programme of study.

Ivory Research can help you by providing a professional analysis of your case study in accordance with models and frameworks that were taught on your course. If you have a case study that you need to analyse as part of your exam, choose this option.

Case study exams are often very demanding and can require a large amount of work. We can help you by analysing your case study and answering the questions according to the theories and models that were taught on your course, saving you days of work and enabling you to be significantly better prepared for your exam.

You may have been given a case study but are required to wait until you sit your exam to see the questions. These exams are usually very hard since you are expected to carry out a lot of work beforehand, applying possible frameworks and models you’ve learnt on your course. We can help you by analysing your case study, past exam papers and course content before advising you on the questions which you are likely to be asked. Your writer will then work with you to decide on the questions you’d like them to answer and provide you with expert answers based on your exam case study. From our experience, the chances of your writer predicting the correct questions are very high; especially when you order extensive notes (i.e. word count is higher than 1000 words per 1 hour of your exam time). This will save you significant time and work and prepare you to get the grade you need.

What Difficulties Do Students Face During Exam Season?

Revising for exams is incredibly time-consuming. Firstly, you need to make sure you have all the class notes, course information and exam guidelines so that you know what to expect and what you need to revise. Once you have all the information you need, you need to organise it all into cohesive notes so that you are ready to revise. Your notes need to be easily digestible so that you can remember key points, quotations, and theories. End of year exams are generally based on everything you have learnt in that particular course so there’s generally a lot of information that you need to condense into bite-size chunks in order to revise. Which parts are important? What theories do you need to remember? Condensing information is hard, as you don’t want to miss out key points. Creating high-quality exam notes can take weeks, and if you have more than one exam at university, which is a given, this can be a painstaking task. Depending on your subject area, you may even need to remember quotations, case studies, theories and the names of critics and academics in your field.

Needing help with exam preparation is a familiar scenario for students, especially when they are under pressure to get good grades. We know that during exam time even some of the top students can struggle with making the best notes for an exam. Whether you need notes based on your lectures, answers to previous case studies or even answers for an open book exam, outsourcing your exam requirements to the Ivory Research exam note writing service is the perfect solution.

Our expert writers are all graduates with UK degrees (minimum 2:1, through to Masters and PhD). You can be confident that the writer who researches and prepares your exam notes will have the relevant experience and qualifications for your subject and that the work they deliver will be of the highest academic standard. Ivory Research can help you with all your exam preparation needs including exam notes, answers based on past papers, case study answers and any other areas where you may require expert input.

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