What to Look Out for at the Freshers Fair

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Freshers’ fair can be one of the most important events of freshers’ week, and that’s because it’s full of opportunities. At freshers’ fair, you’ll have anything from big brands to societies and even out of university clubs ready to recruit you. Especially if you’ve got your future career already in mind, this is one event you don’t want to miss. But with everything going on, how do you navigate it? Here’s why we recommend looking out for at your freshers’ fair:

Know what to expect

If there’s anywhere you’re going to get bombarded, it’s the freshers fair. As mentioned, there’s going to be so many people there to recruit you. The last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed. The best way to deal with the fair is to initially look up everything that’s going to be there and what events are taking place. This information should be found on your university website, so make sure to take a look! It’ll mean you don’t miss anything important, and you can skip wasting time on things that just don’t interest you.


Probably the biggest one at your fair will be societies. There is practically a society for everything at university, and if there isn’t, you’re encouraged to make one. If you’re interested in working in fashion, then the fashion promotion society might be for you. Or do you just really enjoy English? Then the English society is where it’s at. It’s always good to have a look at your university website to see a full list, but the freshers fair is usually where they promote themselves. They’ll probably have a stand and members of the society that you can go over and talk to. If one catches your eye, make sure to introduce yourself!

Don’t overdo yourself.

You get to university with big ambition, what do you do? Sign up for everything? Probably. You wouldn’t be the first eager student, signing up to do every club in sight, but realistically when you get your classes, you won’t have time to do it all. Besides that, many of the clubs might go all out for their stands, but the question is, do you really want to sign up or did you just like the free pick n mix? Make sure you’re making the right decision with the things you commit to. Signing up is okay because you can always drop out later, but you’ll also want to save yourself time. Be realistic.

Don’t bring a bag

Okay, you can bring a bag if you want but honestly? You’re about to get a million tote bags, so you don’t need one. We all love a freebie and maybe even a tote bag, but you’re going to get more than you’ll ever need at the freshers’ fair. Take them if you want them but once you’ve got a couple, maybe start declining. Or if you end up with too many, think who you can give them to. It can be a lot of waste and a lot to carry, so keep this in mind when you attend.

Talk to everyone

What do you want to do with your life? Regardless of your answer, it’s good to speak to a lot of different people at the Freshers Fair. This is a huge opportunity to talk to companies you might want to work for, so even if you think you’ve got it figured out, talking to them won’t hurt. Depending on your university, the fresher fairs often manage to secure some of the biggest most desirable companies, so having a conversation with those at the stands is a great idea. They might be able to give you tips to get in the industry or maybe even offer you some work (if you’re really lucky). However, you look at it, it really is a once in a lifetime situation, so make the most of it. Be bold!

Speak to other students

If there’s anyone’s opinion that really counts, it’s your fellow students. Often at freshers’ fairs, they’ll have real students manning the stalls, and they can be some of the best people to speak to. Especially if you’re curious about societies or career routes, they’ll be able to share with you their personal experiences and opinions. Students can be some of the most brutally honest people so ask those questions you’re nervous to ask. You might get the answer you’re looking for, and it’ll make you feel better about any decisions you’re considering. They’ve been where you are!



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