Gareth Williams

About me:

I have a Master’s degree in Advanced Manufacturing Systems (with Merit) from a UK¬†University and a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering. I have ten years experience in the economic evaluation of oil and gas projects with sensitivity analysis of economic parameters. I have experience in writing technical reports, project planning and control and also in creating/scheduling and maintaining detailed project schedules, monitoring and tracking a project’s timescale and resources. As head of the finance department for certain projects, I was responsible for designing and preparing invoices and handling the financial claims of contracts. I also prepared financial proposals.

I am an experienced database developer; I can use my expertise in database development and implementation to develop database applications.

I have worked on total quality management, quality control, project control, production planning and reliability, maintenance planning, and engineering economy.


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Evaluating Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) with KPFs using an Analytical Hierarchy Process

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