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I hold an Honours degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Renewable Energy Systems. Along with my regular curriculum, my work experience has encompassed financial public relations, broadcasting, and marketing. I plan to take a career break to return to further education by pursuing a Ph.D.
My studies have provided me with specialist knowledge of fluid mechanics, advanced aerodynamics and energy technologies. I have many years of experience with utilising Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and CAD tools through graduate-level courses, and my work in academic research and development. I have also gained an insight into sustainable energy economics having worked at a financial PR firm, with major clients like Shell and Centrica.
I have written technical reports and presented analysis results to researchers and engineers. I believe academic writing needs to have a sound structure, a balanced argument and, above everything else, creativity. The author should develop points in a logical sequence, achieve cohesion across paragraphs and come to a strong conclusion with evidence drawn from their findings.

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