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(Featuring an interview with Professor Ryan McKay from Royal Holloway University of London) What is truth? This is a question which has troubled philosophers since classical antiquity, and it is one which has taken on a renewed significance in our society. One of the earliest attempts at answering this question came from Socrates, who devoted[…]

Introduction Federalism refers to a political unity where individuals are bound by a covenant. The agreement of these groups includes the definition of the head of the group. In respect to a government system, federal systems of government constitute the management of government borders as a sovereign state. In additional the state organ needs to[…]

Also known as, Bombay, Mumbai is the capital city of the Maharashtra city of India. The city is the fifth populous in the world having 20.7 million people as at 2011. Through the years, various activities and historical events have shaped Mumbai to what it is today. Nevertheless, one must take note that the city[…]

Kuwait is one of the bilingual countries in the world, having Arabic as its official language, even though English is the widely used second dialect, majorly for business purposes. This rationale necessitates the knowledge of English by the natives, as well as students from other countries living in Kuwait. The majority of the international students[…]

Many scientists tend to be very attentive and cooperative in their scientific research. The main aim is to have an objective at the end of the research. They apply specific principles and methods that enable them to behave well towards the objective. Scientists have curiosity in their scientific world; they persevere every obstacle they come[…]

In the article “Effect of uniformity of gas distribution on fluidization characteristics in conical gas fluidized beds,” Son, Lee, and Kim (2006) conduct an experiment on uniform gas distributors to determine their impact on fluidization features of fluidized beds. This paper provides a summary of their study. It presents an overview of the research background,[…]

Introduction We dwell in the world of walls and borders. A wall is a well-built structure that defines a particular location, provides security and shelter and carries a specified load (United States & United States, 2008). Therefore, a border wall is a separating wall that is fixed along an international border. The construction of these[…]

It seems important to define what research is. According to the Oxford dictionary, research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources, in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Further to this, Frascati (2002) suggests that research is formal work which is undertaken systematically to increase wealth of knowledge, on[…]

Introduction Scotland is the most northerly island of Great Britain. On the south Scotland borders England. The Atlantic Ocean borders Scotland on the west and the north. The North Sea borders Scotland to the east. Large areas of Scotland experience harsh and extreme weather, which has made it not a popular alternative among many people[…]

Writing is the activity of composing text. As human society developed, there was an increasing need to develop writing. It was created for the purpose of maintaining culture, keeping history, and codifying knowledge. Over time, writing has broadened to include many other aspects. It has become an increasingly necessary life skill, as discussed in this[…]

Astronomy is the science of all celestial objects (Earth, solar system, the Milky Way, the moon, the sun, etc.), space and the universe in general. On the other hand, mathematics is the science of numbers, space and amount of matter, especially as abstract concepts. It can also be applied to other fields of study such[…]

The UK is a place apart, having a unique culture, society, and politics. Every country is unique in its way and the British people do things their way and that is what makes Britain a different country. The United Kingdom of Great Britain consists of four countries that have impacted the nation: England, Scotland, Wales,[…]

The human race has been fascinated with the sky and stars since the beginning of time. However, the physical exploration of space has been started only in the past few decades. Space exploration has been expanding and growing ever since Neil Armstrong and Edwin Eugene Aldrin Junior took their first steps on the moon (NASA,[…]

Introduction The information that is available globally cannot fully be trusted, considering some information may be biased and be spread around with a motive that could either be positive or have a negative influence. It is primarily the reason research is important to ensure that the information that is available has been researched and the[…]

Both qualitative and quantitative researches are valued in the research world and are often used together under a single project. This is despite the fact that they have significant differences in terms of their theoretical, epistemological, and methodological formations. Qualitative research is usually in form of words while quantitative research takes the numerical approach. This[…]

Q- Write a formal academic essay which critically analyses the potential of mathematical modelling to enrich and enhance pupils’ mathematical experiences Berry et al. (1984) define mathematical modelling as being the process of an individual applying their numerical skills to a real-life problem or situation. Mooney and Swift (1999) construe it more precisely as being[…]

Astronomy is a branch of natural science that deals with the study of celestial bodies and their occurrence. It is vital to understand how astronomy has impacted the development of civilization and society. Equally, it is critical to note that the discipline has significantly affected religion, theology, and other aspects within the society (Rothman 115).[…]

The mechanical philosophy is perhaps the core element of the Scientific Revolution. Its adoption was dependent on the ideas encompassed by it to be accepted. In this essay I will describe the main facets of the mechanical philosophy and then discuss why it was taken up to the extent it was in the seventeenth century.[…]

Introduction Qualitative research is that form of research which seeks to ‘understand and represent other people’s experiences’ (Elliott, Fischer & Rennie, 1999) by gathering and analysing non-numeric data and includes methods such as interviews, focus groups and participant observation. In response to the question, I contend that there are three possible interpretations: a) that qualitative[…]

The ICT interactive whiteboard has been selected to support teaching and learning for teacher-led and independent activities. The audio and visual aspects of the interactive whiteboard have been highlighted as key resources. The other resources include picture folders and art and craft materials (e.g., stencils, paint, etc.). Online video clips and songs displayed on the[…]

Abstract This report describes the use of the operation and the applications of genetic algorithms. It describes the development and the application phases of the desired algorithms. The advantages of using the genetic algorithm as the solution finding methods are also shown. The formation of the fitness function and the other genetic operators is also[…]

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