Essay on a Description of Mumbai City India

Published: 2022/01/10
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Also known as, Bombay, Mumbai is the capital city of the Maharashtra city of India. The city is the fifth populous in the world having 20.7 million people as at 2011. Through the years, various activities and historical events have shaped Mumbai to what it is today. Nevertheless, one must take note that the city has perhaps the highest GDP as compared to any city in central, west and south Asia. Mumbai landmarks perhaps indicate the culture of the people as well as events that occurred in the city centuries ago (Geve, n.d). For centuries, the city has changed hands from the indigenous empires to colonial governments. Tourists can marvel at centuries old monuments and forts build by Portuguese, British settlers and have the opportunity to view ancient shrines and temples.

Mumbai cultural activities have important religious connotation as well as assist to blend traditional aspects in the modern world. The culture of the city concentrates on various religious festivals, music, food and theatres. This is where writers of “Bollywood movies” come to collect their experiences and enthusiasm (Booth, 2008). If one is a visitor to the city, they should be sure that they might experience a lot cultural diversity and cusine.

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The city offers one variety of lifestyles, cuisine of various tastes and nightlife that thrills. On the other hand, Mumbai is the place where Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies originate. The city has features government-funded art Galleries as well as private ones. One of such Galleries is the government-funded National Gallery of modern art (Booth, 2008). In relation to religion, the city boasts of Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Jews and Christians.

Mumbai consists of two districts. These districts are the Mumbai Surburdan District and the Mumbai City District. This distinction in terms of administration has enabled the city have two separate points of collecting revenue. The city has an area of 233sq mi, which is shared between the two districts and the remaining part being the property of the defense (Geve, n.d). Lying at the mouth of river Ulhas Mumbai has a tropical climate. To specify this climate one can say that the country has a tropical dry and wet climate, where is a seven months of dryness annually.

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In terms of the cities economical condition, Mumbai being the most populous city generates over 6.15% of India’s total GDP. Mumbai being the commercial hub, the government has been able to collect Tax from various industries as well as from private businesses. For example, statistics on the city reveals that it generated over $ 150 billion in the year 2008 (Phatak, 2009).

In relation to Civic administration, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation administers infrastructure and civic duties across the entire region. Under the command of a police commissioner, Mumbai police are able to provide security and maintain law. On top of that, the city consists of a judicial office; Bombay High Court exercises its jurisdiction over the state of Goa and Maharashtra (Phatak, 2009). Members of public in Mumbai further have the option of using Rail, buses, Air, Road and the sea as their modes of transport.


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