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The mechanical philosophy is perhaps the core element of the Scientific Revolution. Its adoption was dependent on the ideas encompassed by it to be accepted. In this essay I will describe the main facets of the mechanical philosophy and then discuss why it was taken up to the extent it was in the seventeenth century.[…]

Introduction Qualitative research is that form of research which seeks to ‘understand and represent other people’s experiences’ (Elliott, Fischer & Rennie, 1999) by gathering and analysing non-numeric data and includes methods such as interviews, focus groups and participant observation. In response to the question, I contend that there are three possible interpretations: a) that qualitative[…]

The ICT interactive whiteboard has been selected to support teaching and learning for teacher-led and independent activities. The audio and visual aspects of the interactive whiteboard have been highlighted as key resources. The other resources include picture folders and art and craft materials (e.g., stencils, paint, etc.). Online video clips and songs displayed on the[…]

Abstract This report describes the use of the operation and the applications of genetic algorithms. It describes the development and the application phases of the desired algorithms. The advantages of using the genetic algorithm as the solution finding methods are also shown. The formation of the fitness function and the other genetic operators is also[…]

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