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About me:

I am extremely passionate about education – academic writing, teaching and learning. I am also very experienced in individual, group and classroom settings as a tutor, a teacher and a supervisor/facilitator. I have an MA with distinction and an award.

I thoroughly enjoy tutoring. I have had the privilege of tutoring in the UK and different countries around the world. I am always willing to work with students as a committed, focused, flexible and adaptable educator, and I am dedicated to helping students to learn how to courageously overcome challenges in their learning and experience the victories along the way.

I believe that all students have the right to a reflective, diligent, adaptable and dedicated teacher who is sincerely empathetic, cheerful, willing to help them aim to achieve their best, and therefore prepared (with carefully differentiated lesson plans tailored to suit the needs of students), paving the way for an excellent standard of teaching and learning to take place.

When I am not educating or writing, I enjoy learning different languages, meeting new people, travelling, indulging in fine art (e.g., painting, sketching, reading art history books), playing the guitar and singing. I am also a keen theatre lover and reader of poetry


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