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Introduction English is commonly spoken language worldwide, yet it is uncommon since the great majority of speakers are not native speakers. Less than 400M individuals use it as their first language among the nearly 1 5 billion people who speak English. That indicates that it’s a secondary language that speaks over 1 billion. In its newest study, the English[…]

Because of the widespread use of English nowadays, a major concern in English-speaking countries is how to persuade young people of the benefits of learning other languages. To what extent do those whose mother tongue is English need to learn other languages, and what are the individual and societal benefits of doing so, or the[…]

English is increasingly used throughout the world, either as a first or second (or even third) language. At the same time, the notion of Standard English still seems to be an important one. Is there more than one Standard English? Evaluate the notion of Standard English, considering social, linguistic and ideological assumptions. Introduction Estimates of[…]

Introduction English is an international language that is widely used to make communication easier. It is acceptable that the language does not belong to the native speakers anymore. The notion of English belonging to the US and UK has changed because of modifications that it has received globally. The language has diversified and led to[…]

Introduction Language transformations and developments are the characteristic aspects of a cultural evolution. Language is very integral feature in culture. The English language has grown and transformed effectively to accommodate global outlook, thereby recognizing the regional differences and consolidating them into its growth. The English Language remains an effective tool for the transmission of culture,[…]

Introduction The English language is the most widely spoken language globally. Opportunities in business, global trades, technology and education are markedly improved after learning the English language. Additionally, Derakhshan and Shirmohammadli (2015, p. 102) described the fundamental role of English as a communication channel. In cases where English is not the first language, teaching of[…]

1. Introduction In this analysis I will investigate and discuss the colligations, semantic preferences and semantic prosodies of the near-synonyms ‘build’ and ‘construct’, and how these affect their meaning. For the purposes of this analysis, I have drawn on literature regarding lexical priming in order to clarify some basic notions in the field. My data[…]

Introduction ‘The film and TV industries in the United States have played a crucial role in perpetuating distorted images and stereotypes of Hispanics.’ (Acosta-Belen, 1988: 100). Acosta-Belen blames the industries for the negative perpetration of Hispanic stereotypes, but in the past few years, Sofia Vergara, the highest paid TV actress in Hollywood, has received extensive[…]

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