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Humans have always tried to improve their lives and society since the beginning of life. People have tried everything possible to eliminate the numerous ever-changing problems that they face every day. They have prayed and made sacrifices to superior beings, invented machines, ventured into other terrestrial bodies, created institutions, and improved their production methods to[…]

Introduction Both the stories of Othello and that of “The Death of Ivan Illynch” communicate to the reader the aspects of pain and suffering. The tragedy of Othello is perhaps one of the most important works of William Shakespeare. The writer of this play is believed to have initiated the play in 1603. Othello as[…]

“Why can’t African Literature be at the centre so that we can view other cultures in relation to it?” (Ngugi). How do the processes of canonisation contribute to the consecration of different categories of literature (e.g. African literature, postcolonial literature, Asian literature)? The emphasis on the word “can’t” speaks volumes in its connotations of barriers[…]

Toni Morrison is a both Pulitzer and Nobel prize winner as an American novelist. She was born on February 18th, 1931 in Ohio, specifically, Lorain. Apart from writing novels, she is a professor and editor and her literary books are known for epic themes, excellent articulated language, and properly formulated African-American characters who play a[…]

The epic, The Ramayana, first-authored by Valmiki, is one of India’s ancient poems describing societal norms and view on relationship, marriage, and kingship. Sita Sings the Blues is a film by Nina Paley, describing the life and adventure of Rama and Sita. The two works recount Ramayana’s epic, with the latter one adding musical and personal interpretation of[…]

Introduction Literature is among the important concepts that form the foundation of life. Most fiction work focuses on numerous topics such as human misfortunes to stories of the ever-prevalent search for affection. In particular, Antigone, one of the well-known Greek tragedy story, elicits an important theme on the empowerment of women. This subject can be[…]

Prioress refers to a nun who heads a convent. A prioress holds a position immediately below the abbes. As a prioress Madam Eglentyne was required to follow many vows, wear given clothing, and engage in various religious tasks. The vows of nuns include poverty as it helps them to imitate Jesus Christ who becomes poor[…]

Anne Locke was one of the first female English poets in history. She was born in 1530 and lived until 1590. However, the details of her last days are not mentioned in history. Apart from being an English poet, Locke was a translator and a religious conservative. She inherited religious background and belief from her[…]

Summary The article, “An integrative approach to curriculum development in higher education in the USA: A theoretical framework,” written by Mohammad Ayub Khan and Laurie Smith Law suggests an effective learner-centered curriculum development that encompasses crucial external aspects in order to enhance learning outcome in the institutions of higher learning, in this case, the U.S.[…]

Summary The article “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement without Giving in” was originally written by Roger Fisher and Ury William in 1981. The chosen fragment covers the two main chapters, namely, “The Problem” and “The Method.” Both chapters outline the criteria for negotiating effectively without biases. The primary purpose of the article is to address the[…]

Option 1 Sylvia’s experiences as a young girl and as one of Miss Moore’s students highlight the value of active, critical education. Miss Moore decides to take her students to a toy store to create an understanding of the differences in social class. The teacher also has an aim of enlightening her students to challenge[…]

Introduction. This study focuses on two historical trips in particular. Many ancient Mesopotamian writings tell the same narrative and conclude in the same way. Both “The Descent of Inanna” and “The Epic of Gilgamesh” are identical in essential elements yet differ often during their adventures. Both stories take place in the same period and the[…]

True, love is one of the most pervasive themes in literature. Indeed, the subject of love is addressed in a plethora of literal works (Zala and Joshi, 2017). Love may be good energy that inspires people to make selfless sacrifices for others, or it can be a toxic force that drives people crazy or to[…]

Crane’s way to deal with expounding on war was viewed as new and novel upon its distribution on account of its original style and its utilization of novel scholarly procedures. This essay will discuss what was innovative about Crane’s approach to imagery, dialogue, personification and interior monologue in The Red Badge of Courage. Preeminent, Crane[…]

Introduction “Cause Ah love you so hard and Ah know you don’t love me no mo’ (Hurston 79) The quote referees to a scenario in the short story when Missie is sure that Joe would not forgive her after he found her cheating. It is an indication of the theme of betrayal that is evident[…]

One of the most outstanding scholars and philosophers of ancient Greece, Socrates, once posited that the secret of change is to focus all the energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. This quote speaks to the dominant theme of coping with the challenges of adapting to a new world’s milieu in[…]

Abstract The study examines the failure of feminism on accounts of avoiding the truth and focusing on novelists figures that emphasize beauty. More importantly, the study dwells on the complexity that feminists have introduced pertaining to the perception of women as objects of beauty and aesthetics. Feminist theorists have had their fair share of criticism[…]

Introduction The growth and development process of Edgar Allen Poe’s life offered very depressing experiences, such as the death of his entire family. In turn, psychological and mental challenges he underwent were successfully presented through dark stories that resonated with horror literature that was an emerging theme during the early 2o century in America. Through[…]

Elizabeth I has been known historically as ‘quick tempered, a clever wordsmith and a resourceful strategist’.[1] Having ‘received one of the finest humanist educations of her day; and from the age of eleven, if not earlier’ leading her to produce a ‘steady flow’ of works, it is apparent that reading and writing played a vital role[…]

For many years, the Chinese classic tale Journey to the West has been told in various versions. The story has been inspired by Hsuang-Tsang’s journey during the 17th century. The contemporary work is the conclusion of around 900 years of telling and reciting the work as a folktale and a legend. The story has also recaptured[…]

There are different themes evident in Emily St. John Mandel’s “Station Eleven.” The first theme is creation of art before the Georgia Flu and after the pandemic, which claimed the lives of many people (St John Mandel 20). Before the crisis, the novel depicts artistic creation through movies and performances. For instance, Miranda pursues novel[…]

The Heart of a Woman poem by Georgia Douglas Johnson gives a description of the freedom that women crave but they are imprisoned in their shelters. The first stanza describes the freedom that a woman gets at dawn and flies from home while the second stanza the woman is forced to see her world’s reality as[…]

Before writing A Lesson Before Dying, Ernest J. Gaines grew intrigued by the Willie Francis case, a young man who was sentenced to death through the electric chair, guilty of murdering a white man. Gaines established a deep connection with Francis’s case, which lead him to use that as inspiration for the plot of his current novel.[…]

Arguably, the striking similarity between Virgil’s Aeneid and Dante’s inferno is that the main characters undertake an underground journey. In the Inferno, Dante sets out into hell both as an epic hero and as a poet. Dante’s underworld journey is largely inspired by Virgil’s Aeneid that delineates Virgil’s journey into the underworld of his hero[…]

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