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Abstract An efficient learning environment is important in developing careers today. Teachers have devised ways of overcoming barriers in teaching borrowed from the past. This paper evaluates different questioning strategies; illustrate teaching in a culturally diverse environment and methods of assessing students. It also analyses standardized tests in learning institutions. Introduction Learning is an essential[…]

Education to the public is an essential element to society and a flourishing democracy of a given country. In the United States, education in public schools started taking place in the 17th century. It was by the first settlers who stepped on the United States soil. In today’s setting, the American public school system is more[…]

The article “Philanthropy for Australian Schools” states that philanthropy plays a significant role in Australian education. However, there are questions regarding the use of philanthropic grants by Australian schools. Therefore, Leading Learning in Education and Philanthropy (LLEAP) research project is proposed to study the effectiveness of the relationship between school education and philanthropic-based organizations and[…]

Recent demands in globalization, as well as internationalization, have encouraged the urge for cross-border learners’ mobility globally. The influx of students joining colleges based in Canada, the United States of America (USA), and Australia, among others, is explicit. Besides environmental influences, the first-year international students face socio-cultural associated variants that affect their way of life[…]

In contemporary society, technology plays a significant role in people’s lives. It is an era dominated by smartphones, tablets, computers, and other gadgets useful in communication, working and even shopping. As evolution continues, education is one area that cannot be ignored as it aids teachers in lesson planning and assists students with research. Unlike to[…]

A policy outlines strategies, protocols, and frameworks designed to impact changes in a given sector at any administrative level. Because of this role, policies guide the progressive growth of the national agendas in line with global trends. Since proposals are meant to be implemented to achieve rational objectives, policies are steered by a governing organ,[…]

1.0 Introduction My main goal, both personal and professional, is to be a successful business person. I made this verdict amidst my weakness to adhere to employment strict timeline, which requires a person to conform to 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. job routine. This selection, therefore, obeys my subjects’ choices. Information technology (IT), specifically, will[…]

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Research has been used on many levels in science. To carry out a research project, one has to collect data, which can be used to evaluate results and prove the thesis. Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies have been used to gain knowledge in research. In nursing, both qualitative and quantitative research[…]

Plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, is a menace in society, especially in academic institutions. A study by Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics in different high schools showed that one out of three students admitted using the internet to plagiarize an assignment. Some perpetrators of plagiarism are lazy to acknowledge the source of the ideas[…]

Organizational routines support and give students the power to relate as associates of a communal learning arrangement. The patterns have, in one way, or another contributed towards the alteration of the educational trends and tendencies. Organizational routines can overregulate student bodies, leading to the creation of specific patterns that marginalize some groups. Even though they[…]

Reading and writing are essential in one’s ability to learn a distant language. Learning a new dialect can be exhaustive and complex; it demands hard work and dedication. An individual fluent in multiple languages can engage and interact with the world more freely and eloquently in the modern world. One can obtain second language ability[…]

Technology has rapidly changed the human lifestyle as it has changed the education sector. It is gradually and steadily taking over our education systems which are a few years behind. The website is about how technology is transforming learning by modifying how, where, and when learners learn, as well as empowering them at every step[…]

Introduction As a teacher, there is a lot of importance attached to students’ eye focus when the teacher is teaching. Nevertheless, a limited search of doodling effects indicates retention is increased if the students are allowed to doodle during instruction time. If around learners that doodle present a 10% increase in retention, testing ability or[…]

Introduction There are various strategies towards accomplishing of one’s education. An individual can undertake one strategy or make a choice from available strategies in the market. One of the methods of learning is practicing of critical thinking. Critical thinking is an important aspect in the development of decisions. Critical thinking is important since it allows[…]

Introduction This paper will propose a homeroom for an educator in a profoundly different school, as far as actual appearance, mentalities, educational practices and social appreciation. This paper will zero in on how the study hall should resemble, and how the educator should structure the homeroom such that utilizes study hall assets to praise variety[…]

Engineering has always been my passion since I was young. After high school, I wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Howard University is the best placed to make my dreams come true because of its ability and known prowess in Engineering, computer science, and Architecture. The institution is widely known for producing[…]

In the contemporary business world, career life has become very competitive, as many people have undergone through colleges and acquired degrees. However, to survive the competitive business world, skills and especially experience is needed to grow the career of an individual. Graduates are becoming many hence the need for practical experience through a formal program[…]

The process of learning how to read new words is a complex one. Goodman, an early literacy theorist postulated that the process of learning how to read is like that of learning how to speak. Children learn how to speak when they are spoken to and therefore, they can learn how to read in a[…]

The first assessed task focused on ‘How motivation is improved by Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA)’. The reflection task, which was about Orienteering, amalgamates together examples of both theory and personal experience which could enhance and develop pupils’ motivation through the effective delivery of OAA. It is important to understand what motivates young people. To gain[…]

Introduction Virtual learning involves an educational experience that is enhanced through electronic devices such as computers, with the support of an internet connection. It is vital to examine why virtual learning is important within the society and educational institutions (Stricker, Weibel & Wissmath, 2011). In the past, learning had one option for all students, that[…]

The main goal of every organization is to save on cost as well as improve productivity. Training plays a major role in enhancing an organization’s productivity, which gives the organization a competitive advantage over the rest (Giacumo, L. A., & Breman, J, 2021). This is because training allows employees to perfect their skills and competencies,[…]

The term ‘public intellectual’ is espoused when one (whom is skilled in a particular discipline) decides to write, speak or communicate with a wider audience than their professional colleagues (Lightman, n.d). Upon initial inspection, such a description seems to be synonymous with that of the role of a teacher whose main responsibility is to be[…]

Rationale for choosing behaviour management Of the three themes covered in the formative element of this assignment (the others being Literacy across the Curriculum and Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), I have selected behaviour management being the one which is of most relevance to me being a teacher. This is something which seems to be covered by[…]

Reflecting on my experiences of planning a series of Geography lessons for a Key Stage two class (Years 3-4 being the principal focus), a thorough understanding of the processes involved in doing this has been ascertained. However, Lave and Wenger (1991) advocate gaining real-life experience as an effective complement to studying theory. Weick (1979) defines[…]

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