Howard University Admission Letter

Published: 2021/12/08
Number of words: 748

Engineering has always been my passion since I was young. After high school, I wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Howard University is the best placed to make my dreams come true because of its ability and known prowess in Engineering, computer science, and Architecture. The institution is widely known for producing top cream professionals who have proved to be productive for organizations and the nation in general. My interest is to gain the best of training in electrical engineering and become a proficient professional in the field. With the help of facilities at the institution, I can be able to do important research in electrical engineering for a better understanding. I chose the institution after a thorough deliberation on where I can receive world-class training in my area of study. Once accorded the chance to study a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, I will make perfect use of the opportunity.

I am proficient in electronics, and I passionately adore and envy a successful career in the line of study. Handling of various electrical issues is a thing I love doing when I am given the opportunity. A chance to join Howard University could prove a turning point in my career as I passionately want to pursue more in my career. My leadership abilities can prove vital in the field, and any support accorded is highly regarded. I have headed group discussions and led a charitable work team. In essence, I can solve various issues, formulate contingency plans to handle unforeseen risks, and participate actively during teamwork. Such experience makes me better placed to become a good engineer with adequate skills. In your institution, I am sure to carry my track record of success with me and ensure that I make the institution shine while nurturing my profession.

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Howard University is best suited to provide me with the necessary skills and experience to become a great electrical engineer. The institution is known for its capability in providing the job market with elites who have majored in Architecture, computer science, and engineering. Howard University School of Engineering and Architecture is among the best institutions that one can aspire to join in their quest for making it professionally. I completed a campus tour for the institution, and to my realization, the school has what it takes to make an aspiring electrical engineer one. A chance to join the institution will have a huge impact on my future, and it is my humble request to ask for admission to Howard University. There are many institutions that one can seek admission to get training on computer science, but Howard University is among the top best.

From my high school, I have strengths in me that can make my admission to Howard University be of purpose. I have leadership abilities and can be able to actively take part in discussions and research-based analysis of the discipline. I am diligent, punctual, and understanding in whatever I do. Moreover, I value honesty, integrity, and accountability in anything that I do, which are important virtues for someone in an institution of Howard’s caliber. My academic abilities from before are a key strength in my career once I am able to join the institution for a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. My passion for further studies on electrical engineering serves as a compelling factor in my life. I have lived wishing for a moment that I can get admission to your institution to make my dreams a success. I have the knowledge to conduct research online and come up with comprehensive conclusions on any matter at hand, making me a suitable student to join your institution.

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I am more than eager to start my college education and work towards becoming a professional with proficient skills in the field. In the process, I can be able to testify to the rest how Howard University has been instrumental in shaping the future of my career. The school of Engineering and Architecture at Howard University is a world-class institution that purposes to provide scholarly achievement to many across the United States and the globe in general. An opportunity for me at your institution will help ensure that I develop in my career in electrical engineering. Any level of assistance accorded is highly regarded as I have so much passion for electronics and electrical engineering. I am hoping for the best and eagerly waiting for your response as an institution.

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