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We live in the age of digital technologies in the globalized world today. Each part of our everyday life has its connection with technology. When opposed to old times, we have better services and much better luxuries with the aid of increasing technologies. Technological growth is not limited to any industry, and emerging innovations are[…]

Teachers have a variety of roles in the classroom: role models, motivators, social workers, innovators and even substitute parents (in a case of loco parents). It could be argued however that the teacher’s most important job is to ensure that pupils learn what is being taught (Green and Leask 2009 pg 11). It is natural that teachers should have[…]

The Assessment Reform Group (2002) defines AfL: ‘Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there.’ The last bit in that sentence seems to give us[…]

Mathematics is undoubtedly a varied subject area, where many approaches to learning exist, with numerous theoretical underpinnings and rationale, all of which have some relevance to contemporary education. However, this assignment chooses to focus on two authoritative theories of pedagogy and learning, communicating the theory upon which they are based, simultaneously working out how they[…]

Developing the perfect personal brand requires practice and dedication. Genuine expertise can only be achieved by hard work, sacrifice, and an honest, sometimes painful self-evaluation. It will take at least a decade to acquire expertise. One will need to make the most of their time by participating in “deliberate” practice, which focuses on activities above[…]

Education is one of the critical factors in the country’s economic growth. With the continuous increase in the number of English language learners (ELLs), it’s essential to ensure that the education given to specific individuals is effective. Thus the specific education policy suggests that testing the ELLs from a younger age is essential and ensures[…]

Introduction Distance education involves education done across the globe at any time and location. Learners can learn at their own leisure without involving instructors during the training. In contemporary times, businesses are advancing towards distance learning and integrating it with e-learning through learning instructor. Describe the information conveyed to trainees in the distance learning module.[…]

With my partner, we collaborated to produce an overview of a Scheme of Work (SOW) which was intended for Year Seven pupils and spanned 6 lessons. Working in a pair to create this overview gave me an insight into the amount of time and effort which has to be allotted to producing such a document.[…]

“Outdoor learning can benefit pupils of all ages and can be successful in a variety of settings, it enriches the curriculum and can improve educational attainment.” (Educational and Skills Select Committee, 2005) This quote does seem to aptly sum up the considerable benefits of Outdoor Education to an innumerable amount of pupils and its applications[…]

In the contemporary world, there are significant steps incorporated to improve students’ performance. Some steps help to outdo the challenges that are faced in the academic setting. The common challenge that I have faced as a teacher is meeting a student who was a little behind in academics and needed extra support. With the steps[…]

This literature view will disseminate the eminent viewpoints which surround outdoor play. A brief synopsis of the definition of outdoor play and its perceived importance in supporting children’s social development will be discussed parallel to a strong critical analysis of previous research. Other factors involved in the provision of outdoor play such as time and[…]

Students and authors delivered teachings in the peer group. Members of the group assumed different roles at a time, such as student role, clinical educator, and peer observer roles. This paper will discuss the impacts of peer feedback and self-reflection on improving teaching. Numerous authors have indicated that teachers do not embark on improving their[…]

Theories of how children learn geometry have existed for centuries. Whilst some of this knowledge may still be relevant, I have chosen to focus on more recent eminent learning theories to keep my research current and up to date. Piaget (1953; 1960; 1967) suggests that a child’s initial geometrical discoveries are topological; that they can recognise[…]

The academic setting entails different individuals, such as staff, students, and faculties; thus, policies are necessary to guide the facilities’ operations. In academic settings, policies are the established principles adopted or proposed by the organization. Policies contain rules, directives, and principles that an academic institution has adopted to attain its long-term goals. Thus, academic policies[…]

Technical System Quality (TSQ) E-learning as an educational method has been adopted widely primarily because of its ability to provide educational or training programs to students remotely using Information and Communication Technology(ICT) tools (Al-araibi, Mahrin, & Yusoff, 2019). Many institutions of learning have increasingly adopted e-learning with the objective of taking advantage of this opportunity that[…]

Background of Study Employees suffer greatly from workplace violence, and businesses suffer as well. Workplace bullying, or the repeated exposure to interpersonal aggression and abuse from co-workers, supervisors, subordinates, or other work-related individuals, is a common kind of workplace violence that poses a threat to the individual’s general health as well as the workplace structure.[…]

Introduction Being a teacher clearly entails more than being an instructor and helping pupils fulfill their educational potential. Teaching is a complex and multi-faceted area, one which is constantly evolving and is in a state of continual flux. In this assignment, the attributes which constitute an effective teacher will be disseminated, alongside a critical analysis[…]

Vygotsky (1962), an eminent theorist, compiled numerous researches which concerned education, but the principal notion of his work was that social interaction is fundamental to cognitive development. He argued that if language and interaction are absent from classrooms, then learning may not occur. His idea was that close interaction between teacher and student would result[…]

Introduction In research, education and conversations, leadership development remains to be a subject of discussion. As the workplace becomes more multicultural and complex, effective leaders need reflection as one of the fundamental aptitudes (Roberts & Westville, 2008). Executive education programs, undergraduate and graduate studies have integrated leadership studies in their curriculum as the cries for[…]

The first component for a successful training program is determining the desired result. This involves setting specific objectives for that specific project. Successful training requires an effective analysis of the current outcome. The set goals should be realistic and achievable since they describe what the trainees should know and do post-training. The training goals should[…]

There are numerous areas of teaching which I need to improve upon, yet I have chosen to focus this essay on some of the fundamental factors to becoming a successful teacher: behaviour management and acting on feedback. Behaviour Management On placement I had to be careful to ensure that I had the correct level of[…]

Executive summary The focus of this project has been on identifying the appropriate application of the video attendance system. The pandemic situation created by the Covid-19 virus has made huge negative impacts on the traditional operational activities of an educational organisation. Australian Institute of higher education is a well known name in the education sector[…]

Abstract Synthesis can be described as combining information from several sources to come up with a concept. It is concerned with using different ideas from various sources to come up with a suitable project. Synthesis is necessary, especially during the upper level of studies like university degrees and doctorates. Synthesis helps establish students’ understanding of[…]

Teachers have a variety of roles in the classroom: role models, motivators, social workers, innovators and even substitute parents (in a case of loco parents). It could be argued however that the teacher’s most important job is to ensure that pupils learn what is being taught (Green and Leask 2009 pg 11). It is natural that teachers should have[…]

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