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Published: 2021/11/22
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Executive summary

The focus of this project has been on identifying the appropriate application of the video attendance system. The pandemic situation created by the Covid-19 virus has made huge negative impacts on the traditional operational activities of an educational organisation. Australian Institute of higher education is a well known name in the education sector of Australia and this educational organisation has been facing issues to develop an effective video attendance system within its organisational activities. On the other hand, this study also provides a clear conception regarding the input process, output process, security and control management. All these factors have been described in the graphical and diagram model for better understanding. However, the application of the proposed system has been described as a diagram. This method is crucial for developing a better understanding regarding the main characteristics of the project. The recommendations have been made based on the study and identified issues. The main motive of the proposed project is to establish a proper system for reducing the negative impacts of Covid. Personal analysis and reflective analysis have also been developed in this study and the project developers have provided limited attention towards identifying the appropriate communication strategies for the overall project management.


Video attendance system is an important part especially in the time of Covid. Most of the business organisations have been forced to shift their traditional operational management process to cope up with the negative impacts of Covid. Managing the business operations through online medium became very important in the pandemic situation. Educational organisations like Australian Institute of higher education have introduced the concept of online learning for providing educational support in the pandemic situation. Video attendance system is one of the most important features for conducting the online sessions in a structural manner [1]. On the other hand, the implementation of an effective video attendance system is essential to maintain the sustainability and it also helps to maintain the Covid protocols.

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It is crucial to identify the objectives at the initial stage as it helps to develop the complete design of the project. The objectives have been described below:

  • To develop an effective video attendance system
  • To develop effective database for face recognition
  • To increase the recognition rate

The main goal of this project is to develop a sustainable video attendance system within the university structure. It helps to enhance the overall experience of the students and the loyalty of the students will also increase through the application of this strategy [2]. The family members of the students seek innovative technological advancements as it helps to reduce risks associated with physical contamination. It is more efficient than the concept of physical biometric registration process. Biometric registration process can spread Covid and the concept of video attendance system can reduce this risk.

Data gathering methodology and results

Data collection and result analysis are two crucial parts of a project management process. Developing the design of the project management process based on the anticipated outcomes can be very effective. Application of relevant theories is also important for establishing a sustainable project management approach. The project managers can apply the concept of Technology acceptance model in this case. The application of this theory is crucial for understanding how users come to use and accept a new technology [3]. This model is also effective for developing better predictions of the use of the new technological information resources. This method is very effective for increasing personal control and flexibility while using the components of information technology. The productivity of the new and advanced video assistance system will be increased through the application of the appropriate technology acceptance model.

Data gathering is an important stage as it helps to collect relevant information according to the objectives of the research process. Face detection is an important task for the development of this project. The project managers will develop a secure database for storing the sample of the facial images of the students [4]. It is important to collect images from different poses. The researchers will collect the pictures of the students from different angles as it helps to develop accurate results. On the other hand, a quantitative survey will also be developed for understanding the expectations of the associated stakeholders. The project managers will also communicate with the IT teams to understand the necessary requirements for completing this job. This method is effective for developing the resource allocation process in a systematic manner.

Existing system including current system overview

[Refer to the attachment]

Proposed system including system overview

[Refer to the attachment]

Conclusion and recommendations

From the above discussion it can be concluded that technological advancement is essential for increasing the efficiency and productivity of an organisation. According to the above study it can be stated that the focus of the proposed project has been on developing an appropriate video assistance system for Australian Institute of higher education. The project managers need to develop an effective database for storing the relevant information such as pictures of the students. It is very important to collect relevant and appropriate data for obtaining the expected outcomes. On the other hand, the identification of the requirements of this specific project is also required. The project managers have decided to conduct a quantitative survey for extracting the relevant information. This method can help to understand the motive and precipitation of the stakeholders regarding the proposed project. The characteristics of the technological acceptance model will also be applied in this case. It will enhance the control of the stakeholders on the implementation of the new technology.


Recommendation 1

Providing proper training to the employees regarding the appropriate application of this advanced technology might be effective to get the appropriate outcomes. It is required to develop the design of the training sessions based on the characteristics of the project for better understanding. The project managers can develop qualitative interviews for understanding the opinion of the team members. Developing the design of the training process based on the findings of the interviews is an authentic way to gain success.

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Recommendation 2

The project managers have not provided proper attention towards developing appropriate communication strategies. Communication strategies are crucial for maintaining sustainability and transparency within the whole project management process. The project managers can introduce the concept of open communication through applying Zulip. Developing effective communication among different teams such as the research and development team and IT team is required for the success of this project. The open communication forum is important to establish effective communication among different teams. However, it also helps to complete the tasks in a shorter time period.

Group reflection on assessment 3

Reflective analysis is crucial for understanding both strengths and weaknesses of a specific matter. We have developed a proposed design for developing a video attendance system. We have faced issues to collect relevant information regarding the characteristics of the new system as the concept of video attendance system is totally new to us. The pandemic situation has also increased our challenges as we faced issues to develop effective communication. We have developed the decisions based on our personal understanding and we were successful to establish participative leadership approaches while developing our decisions. On the other hand, we have faced issues due to our lack of technical knowledge. It is important to develop appropriate technical knowledge for understanding the requirements of the specific job [5]. We have consulted with IT experts for understanding the IT requirements. I have understood the importance of multiple strategies such as leadership approach, communication approach and critical problem solving approach while developing the proposal of the project. Critical problem solving ability helped us to select an appropriate IT expert for our project.


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