Essay on Education Policy for Ells (English Language Learners)

Published: 2021/12/01
Number of words: 666

Education is one of the critical factors in the country’s economic growth. With the continuous increase in the number of English language learners (ELLs), it’s essential to ensure that the education given to specific individuals is effective. Thus the specific education policy suggests that testing the ELLs from a younger age is essential and ensures the direction of their language learning is effective by all means. The policy suggests that the language test be performed for children from the younger age of 5 to 12 years. The testing will help the teacher and parents to know if the learning methods are effective and determine different areas where the student faces different challenges.

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The policies insist on allowing the English learner to use their home language and culture by offering multi-language learning in schools. The plan will help the teachers to draw from different essential resources when preparing for their language or content classes. The method will ensure that all learners benefit from their education, and ELLs are not at any disadvantage compared to others. Compared to the already exciting policies, the new data will allow diverse cultures and language testing in school, increasing individual brain aptitude in task swapping, executive functions, and uniquely developed problem-solving methods. Over the past years, immigrant people have endured an education system that deprived them of their right to freedom while learning since the day they were born due to their immigrant status despite 88% being born in the nation (Leslie, 2020). The fear is further instilled from day one of school since the school culture points out everything they are not exposing them to a toxic environment leading to increased stress.

Thus the personal view of learning is affected since they feel forced and less critical than others. Therefore the ELLs cooperate in class and strive to succeed in learning since it’s a norm and they view learning as a prison which prevents them from understanding the wealth of data they carry. The Ells’ first language introduction in the system will help them quickly connect concepts in the curricula forming a bridge that strengthens their English language study. Lack of restriction on the usage of cultural language in school and classroom will encourage learners and teachers to shift their learning perspective to embrace diversity among themselves.

However, the proposal has caused lots of confusion among the public since most testing method involves testing what is not there thus using different language becomes an unreliable method. However, the EL education planners have come up with testing methods that ensure that the method of testing that measures ”biliterate” in multi-angles (Leslie, 2020). The buildup of robust strength grounded approach for Ell’s learners will ensure that they feel a sense of belonging, value, and capability of learning since the education system will help cure their trauma and boost their confidence.

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Since testing learners at an early age might be challenging because of their short period of concentration. Test measure methods should involve short questions and direct to the point. Also, pictures and other diagrams in the test will help capture the learner’s attention, ensuring they remain focused during the testing period. Constantly using short but regular tests will help to ensure we identify the learner’s shortcomings and help them.

The disadvantage of implementing this method is that the government must train teachers to integrate the education system, which will need lots of money. Also, the primary time taken by the method during training and testing is long (Clare et al., 2020). Consequently, concentration on diverse aspects diverts Ell’s learner’s attention from the primary purpose of the course.


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