Reflective Essay

Published: 2021/11/18
Number of words: 691

After missing Marketplace Simulation, I was challenged both academically and personally. I was also challenged emotionally because of not belonging to any group for studying purposes. I decided to review the syllabus and discovered that there were only six primary assignments. I thought of doing the assignments since they seemed easy. So, to catch up with the other students, I watched the lectures recorded online. But before this, I lacked enough confidence in working out the assignments because I felt other students had discussed in my absentia.

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In weeks 1-4, the central insight that I gained is how my emotions influenced my learning. I was not aware of how I was supposed to research using the eLibrary adequately. Besides, I did not know how significant a topic and thesis sentences were in the MarketPlace simulation course. I also recognized that feedback would improve my studying in a more remarkable way (Gibson et al., 2017). Therefore, I prepared myself for mid-term MCQ by learning to access eLibrary due to congestion in the physical library and consulting my coursemates and professor for feedback. The topics that we covered in weeks 1- 4 required deep studying and spending hours on learning materials. They were Management, HR, Culture, Ethics & CSR, Organizational structure, Strategy (Environmental scanning). Of the eight topics, I performed best in management topic. For the others, I performed fairy.

What I would do differently to improve other topics is make more consultations, especially with my professor. Due to my low confidence in the initial days, my professor commented that I was required to have more confidence after the first tasks. Generally, I felt I had performed averagely, and I needed to improve in the subsequent assessments. In the whole module, I noted that I needed to be present in school always not to miss any lecture. Therefore, I would try my best way possible to prioritize my coursework. I have anxiety when it comes to coursework, especially when I miss some classes, but I tried my best to manage it. After assessing an assignment that I decided to repeat, the feedback from our professor gave me more confidence in my studying capabilities. The professor said that I was doing quite well and I should jerk a few things that I had already done.

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I realized that no one is perfect as everyone has areas where some progress can be made. I will be leaving this module more confident in my studying skills and hoping to implement my key always take to other modules I will attend in the future. One of the significant insights after missing week’s 1-4 group discussions has been feedback. Without the coursemates’ and professors’ feedback, I am unsure if I would have improved much in the module. The response they gave me helped my studying to grow and expand. With the comments, I learned that a great thesis sentence for every paragraph is vital. The feedback also helped me to understand the power of summarizing as I am studying. In any learning materials that I am to engage myself in the future, I will summarize well as I study and make great topical sentences in my work. Adequate research tools and skills and tools enhance solid studying. It is during that module that I learned how to use eLibrary properly as an excellent studying resource. This skill showed me that I cannot always google great resources. I will be using this skill for other modules to discover more reputable sources.

Conclusively, I am more confident and more assertive in my studies during my present and future modules. I am grateful for the chance of having cooperative coursemates and a well-informed professor with who I shared my weakness in research method, tools, and information on thesis sentences in my study. Besides, they always provided me with feedback. Due to this, my course life will always be easy.


Gibson, A., Aitken, A., Sándor, Á., Buckingham Shum, S., Tsingos-Lucas, C., & Knight, S. (2017, March). Reflective writing analytics for actionable feedback. In Proceedings of the seventh international learning analytics & knowledge conference (pp. 153-162).

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