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Published: 2021/12/01
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Distance education involves education done across the globe at any time and location. Learners can learn at their own leisure without involving instructors during the training. In contemporary times, businesses are advancing towards distance learning and integrating it with e-learning through learning instructor.

Describe the information conveyed to trainees in the distance learning module.

Distance learning modules comprise various interactive audio-visuals aids to engage the learners always. Usually, audio-visuals are helpful since they stimulate the learner and aid in reinforcing the thoughts presented (Martin, 2018). For learners to grasp an enhanced understanding of the sexual harassment training, they require a collaborative audio-visual format to help to keep their attention and providing visuals to give examples. For successful learning, engagement must be ensured in distance learning environments. The internet facilitates distance learning by enabling users to access videos from their locations and facilitating presentations.

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A module can consist of 10 phases were the initial phase id to register for the class and access course materials. From phase 2 to 9, information describing workplace sexual harassment would be availed to trainees. They would learn what sexual harassment entails, company policies about it, how to report sexual harassment and collaborative scenes for question and answer. A pass mark of 80% may be set for trainees, and upon completion, trainees would be required to take a survey for feedback.

Articulate how a distance learning module fits into the overall training program design

In the contemporary digital age, eLearning has gained popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness in delivering learning outcomes. Currently, the world is fighting the global pandemic of COVID-19; thus, many schools have been closed. However, in most institutions, learning is still ongoing through online platforms like Cengage. Distance learning modules are adaptable and flexible for off-site personnel to finish training without the need to drive to classes. For instance, a company with thousands of employees can offer a single training within a single timeline. Victims of sexual harassment can undertake the training at the comfort of their desks, thus protecting their privacy. The overall success rate of implementing eLearning in an organization is high as training improves, and costs associated with classroom-style decreases (Martin, 2018). Trainees can also take the course multiple times to gain a better understanding and further insights they missed during initial training.

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of distance learning on an organization’s training strategy


Distance learning is available anywhere and enables learners to participate in excellent quality training conditions. Learners can participate from any location through the internet. A trainee can complete the training based on their schedule since eLearning is available throughout. There is also an opportunity to review the information learned at a later time. eLearning promotes collaborative learning as students can take part in discussions and review other’s work (University of Illinois, 2019). Besides, it eradicates content deviations, which may be attributed to different trainers. Thus, all trainees received exact content through eLearning.


Instructors must compensate for physical absence by developing a collaborative environment in eLearning. Students must feel comfortable contributing, particularly if the facilitator is accessible. Failure to achieve this can lead to alienation between the instructor and trainees. Also, not everyone may have access to the internet or computers. Others may be computer illiterate, which may hinder learning outcomes (University of Illinois, 2019). Students are expected to complete the module according to their schedule. Those with prioritization issues and bad time management may find themselves rushing during the last minute hence gaining limited content.

Illustrate how practice and feedback are incorporated to measure the transfer of learning

Practice and learning are evaluated by surveys provided to trainees at the end of training, and the number of complaints received (Higley, 2016). For instance, if we receive 20 complaints for the previous year and the current year 10 complaints, we can conclude the training has impacted the personnel. The company can also issue surveys annually to determine the personal perceptions of employees regarding the training effectiveness. After the module and test have been completed, staff behaviour would be observed and evaluated.

Analyse how distance learning supports employee development.

The idea of distance learning supports employees’ development by enabling them to be flexible with work off-site while remaining focused on their training (Martin, 2018). Employees do not have to miss work to travel to classes resulting in declined productivity. They would also commit to courses that fit in their schedules. Since workdays are slightly unpredictable, competing for such courses during idle time is better for productivity. eLearning also allows them to enhance their technological knowledge. The business environment is ever-evolving, and staying on top of the latest technologies supports personnel better in their roles. Distance learning also enables personnel to allocate more time on further modules with constrained time openings without any harassment module disrupting them. Employees may require additional skills for an individual goal that can be customized in eLearning. This increases their opportunities for growth and development.

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Evaluate the effectiveness of measurements used for a distance learning module

After completing training classes, employees are held responsible for demonstrating what they gained and applied at their workplace. Effectiveness comes from the management enforcing the rules and ensuring constant training (Martin, 2018). If sexual harassment cases occur, they would be addressed according to show the implications of flouting training. Usually, an evaluation is done after each module to assess delivery methods, content satisfaction, and training components. A control group that does not attend the training can also evaluate the effectiveness of the training at the workplace.


There are many opportunities in distance learning, but the process is not perfect. It provides means of offering training to personnel; however, its content must be evaluated to determine appropriateness. Distance learning should be applied to specific employees, like other forms of corporate training. Today, the practice has been utilized further in businesses with the increase in technology.


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