Sales Plans for Vuvu Bakery

Published: 2022/01/11
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Vuvu bakery specializes in providing high quality cakes and cake products for every occasion. The organization uses an online trendy platform to reach its customers. As a cake distributing and manufacturer, Vuvu’s principles are built on the belief that eating healthy desserts has an influence on one’s body. It is also the belief of Vuvu that eating our products would improve one’s attitude. This is because the organization uses only natural ingredients while producing. For the last two years, there has been rapid growth of organizations selling cake and dessert products within the region. This has seen a decline in market share for the organization. A closer look in the market reveals that there has been a change in consumers buying behavior and preference.

Customer Influence

Vuvu bakery attributes these changes to consumer preference on healthy products and the proximity of bakery shops. Therefore, the bakery will roll out a plan in order to ensure that customers get their satisfaction and increase firm’s sales. This will involve the use of selling strategies that will see the organization reach every neighborhood. In this strategy, the organization will acquire new vehicles that will transport daily products to customers. In order to satisfy the needs of customers, Vuvu bakers will launch an online platform in which consumers will order and get products promptly.

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This strategy will ensure that busy customers who do not have time to visit our premises enjoy healthy Cakes and desserts at their comfort. In the course of doing business, Vuvu Bakers has come to the realization that there is a growing number of customers with special needs. Therefore, incorporating such needs in the organization, Vuvu will launch new products that will offer gluten- free, sugar free and vegan diets. This will ensure that our customers consume high quality natural products.

Our attention will additionally be on recipes, sourcing of raw materials and consistency of ingredients. The bakery further supports conservation efforts. It has, therefore, a strategy where customers get free tree seeds. It is a belief of the Vuvu and its team that every customer has a right to protect nature. Further, Vuvu bakery believes in its working teams, and it has always ensured a good working environment for every employee.


Company’s Sale Goals

The purpose of Vuvu bakers is to provide the highest quality cake products using only natural materials. The organization wishes to use pure organic products as they launch new products. This enables the organization cater for the needs of special customers. This will in return ensure that the organization increases its sale volume by 20%. The organization takes pride in using biodegradable packaging materials. The organization’s wish is to save the environment and production costs. Therefore, customers may return those packaging materials for points. Vuvu baker’s premises compound values nature.

The premise has all essential elements of an environment sensitive organization. Customers get to enjoy fresh air while taking healthy cakes and drinks. Customers lately do prefer healthy and sugar free cake products. This preference has important significance to Vuvu. With these prospects, the organization, therefore, projects a sale margin increase of 12% in the next 5 months. This, therefore, means that by the end of the year the organization will have increased its sales to $400,000. However in order to increase on sales, the plan will include penetrating neighborhoods’ market.

The plan will see the organization seeking for loans to acquire three vans. These will mean employing more drivers and chefs. With these vans, the bakery will be able to provide daily products to customers. In order to expand its customer base Vuvu bakery has an online platform where customers will be able to make inquiries and order. Through this framework, the organization will increase its sales volumes. Further, customer feelings will be rated on daily basis. The organization, on the other hand, wishes to increase its customer base. This will see Vuvu bakery open new sales channels across every market.

In the next 4 months, the organization needs to have four new sale channels. Two of these channels will cater for the need of the city while the remaining two will cater for neighborhood needs. In order to increase its sale volume the organization will collaborate with individuals owning grocery shops. This will see the organization fulfill its sale goals of increasing by 2% on its monthly rate. The bakery praises its management executive. These individuals have been instrumental in propelling the organization to its current position of making $20000 sales per month. Their influence will see the organization make a 3% increase by the end of two months.

The management team, on the other, hand values employee needs. This is perhaps the most important aspect for Vuvu bakery. The management team understands that without their employees nothing will work out. Then it is part of Vuvu’s goals to ensure that they spend 20 hours per month using its marketing team. The marketing team is required to plan and execute local as well as nationwide campaigns (Jobber, Geoff and Jamieson, 2004). This will through use of exhibitions and trade shows. However, in order to increase on sales, the organization will have to minimize on its sales force and maximize on effectiveness.

Sales Management

Management aspects

Vuvu bakery manages its sales using multiple strategies. As the above diagram depicts, Vuvu sales management involves the use of a sales team. The company manages its sales through first selecting and recruiting sales teams. The organization uses legal principles of workforce management and recruitment. The bakery, therefore, ensures that it has qualified and talented workforce. The organization additionally develops protocols and sales systems that assist sales teams. This feature supports the organization in instilling discipline on the sales team. This, on the other hand, assists in the management of sales strategies since team members are able to manage change. Further using this strategy, Vuvu is able to manage its budgets. The bakery through the years has also seen the importance of this strategy in the management of sales targets. Sales management in organizations needs to assist in developing coaching and training programs, sustaining commitment to the organization (Jobber et al 2004). Lastly, management of sales incorporates aspects of employee recruiting, selection, training, and punishment.


Vuvu’s Sales Team influence

Vuvu bakery understands and values the roles of sales teams. Sale teams for the bakery have assisted in promoting sales, advertising, and market segmentation plans. Vuvu’s sale department has been instrumental in selling and advertising of its cake and other products. However, with competition and other aspects the bakery has been on a downward projection in terms of sales volume. This influence has made Vuvu develop a sales plan that would increase the participation of its sales teams. The bakery will use its employees selling skills in market penetration. The strategy of the organization will enhance cutting on its sales team. Cutting on its team size will cut on sales costs as well increase efficiency.

Vuvu Bakery is an equal employer. In its mission statement, the organization wishes to satisfy the needs of outside as well as internal stakeholders. This therefore means that the organization values the needs of its employees. By cutting down on its sale team does not mean that this employees will be laid off. In its sales plan, the organization wishes to reduce the number of active sales individuals. Dismissed employees, however, have an opportunity to work in its new branches. Others will be responsible for marketing products on the online platform. Sales teams are important for organization in marketing its products. Sales teams assist organizations in building trust with its customers (Haeckel et al 2003).

Sale teams have an assist in income generation. Through their interaction with customers and investors, sales teams have been able to increase market shares of organizations as well relationships. As a company policy, the company ensures that all new sales teams go through training on companies products and on customer interaction needs (Jobber et al 2004). As a strategy for the bakery, current and new sales employees undergo through a two-month rigorous training on marketing company products. In this period, employees get necessary training on market targeting. Employees get training on how to do market research and in penetration. During this period, the market team acquires knowledge on how to track competitors’ strategies. Such employees develop skills in formulating new strategies.

The bakery has been able to attract the attention of its customers. It has been present in the market for just three years and its sales volume supersedes that of competitors. This eventuality stems from the activities of its sales team. The sale teams have been instrumental in raising customers’ attention on its products (Haeckel et al 2003). They have been able to capture customers’ interest and entrenched their desire to purchase more of their products.

The company further opened an online platform where customers are able to launch complains, criticism as well as complements. This aspect has been instrumental in ensuring customers assist in the production as well as grading bakery’s products. Vuvu bakers through its sale team of 12 individuals have been able to promote its products in the market. This sale team has assisted in advertising as well as promoting PR campaigns.

Roles of field Sale force

Vuvu bakery acknowledges the important of field sale force in ensuring success of their plan. According to the sales plan of the bakery, sales force elements have taken a first stage in the strategy. The new sales plan moreover concentrates on the needs of the organizations as well as field sales staff. According to the plan, new acquired transport vans will bear company’s logo. This strategy will assist in communicating to customers (Jobber et al 2004). On another level, the organization plans to hold more exhibitions. The organization further through its C.E.O wishes to introduce children baking contests. This marketing strategy will popularize the bakery in the neighborhood. Children and parents will have a chance to sample bakeries products and this might lead to development of loyal customers (Jobber et al 2004).

Since a sales representative is a bridge between a customer and the organization, a sales representative at Vuvu Bakery should market its products. Every sales agent at the bakery receives a mini cooper vehicle. According to this strategic plan, sales representatives vehicles needs to bear bakery’s logos. A sales representative’s job according to the sales plan is to drive their vehicles on the road and driveways. The purpose of this strategy is to popularize the bakery and its products (Haeckel et al 2003). Sales representatives may stick on driveways or drive within neighborhoods. In their vehicles, these agents will have sample products. Sold at a discount, these products would attract more customers.

Marketing Cloud

Sale representatives in organizations play the role of a communicator and interpreter. Field sales teams of Vuvu, ensure that the organization receives reports from customers. Through their engagement in the market and with customers, sales representative relay information back to the management team. The management of organizations will, therefore, be able to interpret customers’ attitudes towards the organization.

A marketing cloud is an essential aspect for Vuvu. The bakery uses it to ensure that sales force carry adequate research. The model above illustrates that an organization needs to have a marketing cloud. Marketing clouds in relation to sales force ensures that marketing plans incorporates research. The other aspect within the cloud includes advertising, branding, promotion, public relations, product placements, direct marketing, pricing, and other strategies (Jobber et al 2004). Vuvu bakers in the recent past have come to the realization that marketing clouds are essential in enabling marketing campaigns. The sales teams of the organization have ensured steady sales through the automation of repetitive tasks. This development has improved the organizations ability to handle customer requests.

Through the automation of sales force activities the bakery is able to manage adequately its contact records, forecasts and leads. Networking is another important aspect for organizations. The bakery uses a networking platform, where it is able to connect with customers in real time. The company, on the other hand, has software on every sales computer monitor. The function of this software is to provide timely feedback to customers’ request. This software has another platform responsible for measuring company’s performance as well as sales force. The software provides timely customer ratings on the organization. Sales force performance rating by the company rely on sales representatives sales volume. In the sales plan, sales representatives pay will raise by 2% of their volume.


Recruiting and selection of Sales Team

In order for the organization to fulfill its sales goals, it needs to recruit new sales representatives and managers. Under the direction of the human resource manager as well as the C.E.O, the organization will undertake a recruitment process.

Vuvu bakery applies necessary laws while undertaking their recruitment and selection process. The process of recruitment for the organization begins with the identification of vacancies based on company’s strategies. The strategy of the organization is to increase its sales volume. It has come to the realization of the C.E.O of Vuvu bakery that there is need to recruit a new sales team. While undertaking a recruitment process, organizations have to identify and evaluate needs of the organization (Piotrowski and Armstrong, 2006). For Vuvu bakery, the need is to increase its sales, therefore, it wishes to recruit fourteen new employees. Four of these employees will take different management positions. They will distribute to various branches around Chicago city. The remaining seven employees represent sales representatives.

Identification of the Vacancy

Vuvu bakery will use print media as well as the internet in advertising these posts. It is the responsibility of the C.E.O and the human resource manager to develop job descriptions. The job description will show responsibilities of successful applicants. On the job description, one will wish to check on job qualifications. The editor of such a document needs to communicate the details of the job accurately. Regarding job description, one should not miss to include details on purpose of the position, essential functions, minimum qualification, and preferred qualification (Piotrowski and Armstrong, 2006). According to Vuvu’s sales plan the position on offer are those of branch managers and sales representatives. The purpose for these positions is to ensure fulfillment of marketing tasks in the new branches.

Managers’ position will include management of sales volume, sales representatives, and office operations. Sale representatives on the other hand will assist in marketing, advertising, and promoting bakery’s products. The minimum qualification for sales representative according to the plan will be a marketing college diploma. Managers on the other hand need to have a first-degree qualification. In terms of experience, sales representatives need to have worked for a minimum of two year in a busy environment. Managers in addition to their qualification need to have worked for three years and able to manage an office.

Recruitment plan

The next step of the recruitment process will involve the development of a recruitment plan. Once all necessary documents have been developed, the C.E.O needs to develop timeliness and other essential activities to start the recruitment process. The recruitment plan needs to have clear structural representation. These plans need to ensure that all employment and contract laws are followed to the later. Such plans will guide the recruitment teams in developing posting times (Wil and Kees, 2004). The recruitment teams will have adequate time in placing goals of the recruitment process.

At this stage, the organization needs to seek for additional funds for advertising. It is also at this step of the recruitment process where firms open resume banks (Piotrowski and Armstrong, 2006). These banks are important for future engagements as well as searching for additional qualified individuals. Vuvu bakery wishes to start its recruitment process in the next three weeks. The organization will use the print media as well as the social media in the advertising for these positions. Additional resources sought by the bakery will assist in the recruitment process. The company will further search for prospective candidates on its resume banks.

Selection process

The selection process ensures that applicants’ selection for interview. In order to minimize biasness in the process constitution of a selection committee is necessary. It is upon the hiring manager to constitute this team. Appointments on the other hand need to ensure that diversity in the process (Piotrowski and Armstrong, 2006). These vacancies should not lock out candidates based on their cultures, ethnicity, or other aspects. Members of the selection committee should additionally understand necessary laws and procedures related to selection and recruitment. Human resource managers may involve outside parties in the selection committee. Adding outside members in the committee broaden the perspective of the process.

During the selection process, organizations need to have at least one committee member with knowledge on the department. Organization may use services of job specialist. Vuvu’s bakery position on the selection process according to its sales plan is to ensure professionalism in the selection process. The organization will seek the services of six committee members. These members will include two outside members. All of these members have knowledge on the recruitment and selection process, they are well-versed on matters of law relating to affirmative action and have preview information on equal employment opportunities. According to the plan, committee members will get information on the jobs two weeks before the start of the process. This early relay of information is important for the team to familiarize itself on the selection task.

Posting of position and implementation

Once the organization has developed its needs, developed its recruitment plans and developed the selection committee; the next step involves posting of positions and the implementation of the recruitment plans. Posting for vacancies in organization would include the use of various platforms. Organization can use print media, social media, internal advertisements, or using social network platforms. Posting is done paper or on platforms available to all. Human resource managers should ensure that appropriate language is used in such advertisements.

While posting for jobs recruitment need to ensure that all information gets to prospective candidates. An organization should ensure that posting letter contains all information concerning the job. This information must constitute job description, qualification, necessary skills, and other terms of the contract (Piotrowski and Armstrong, 2006). The human resource manager of Vuvu bakery is responsible for developing and posting sales representative as well as manager’s positions. The manager will ensure that appropriate media is employed and that all aspects on the job gets to applicants.

The next step to the recruitment and selection process involves short listing of applicants. During the selection process, applicants will undergo various tests and after which some will be selected. The next step will involves the development of shortlist crucial for the interview process. The selection committee will schedule another meeting where selected applicants undergo scrutiny. Additional scrutiny is important to avoid mistakes. It is after these processes that chosen undergo interview tests and eventual job placement.

Motivation of teams

According to Amabile (1997), Motivation of employees is important for organization. Motivated employees perform their duties exceptionally. Motivation processes and strategies for organizations take diverse angles. Organizations can motivate its workforce using money, bonus, or other ways. Money is a motivator for organization. However there has been debate arguing that money satisfies, apportion of human wants. According to Maslows hierarchy of needs money assist in satisfying an individual to some extent. In the marketing environment, sales representatives are paid by way of salaries or communication. Organization concentrating in selling product may decide to pay its sales representatives by commissions, bonus, or salaries.

However, commissions’ payment depends on an evaluation of one’s performance. Studies have revealed that money has the property of improving employees’ performance. Then organizations are able to rate performance as well as motivation. Therefore, an organization might want to employ an evaluation method. The available evaluation methods for deducing performance of employees include self-evaluation, 360 evaluation, and Graphical scale. Self-evaluation entails a personal appraisal. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, human wants come under categories. He states that the first level of needs is basic needs, followed by security. The next step relates to social needs and the last need is self-actualization. He further states that money at some stage in life may not be a motivator (Amabile, 1997).

Maslow Hierarchy of needs

The above diagram reflects Maslow hierarchy of needs. The bottom of the pyramid represents lowest human needs and progresses once the needs have been satisfied.


Sales Strategy for Abroad Market

The organization wishes to offer cake products for the abroad markets. The organization has been on some instances captured foreign market contracts. Some of these occasions involve baking for special weddings, dinner parties and for dignitaries. Vuvu has developed a network of foreign customers who make online requests. As a strategy, the bakery wishes to use foreign agents in marketing and promoting some of its products. These agents will concentrate on high products. If the organization had established sales teams abroad, there would have faced diverse challenges. These challenges include cultural barriers and language problems. This would have costs the company more than just using foreign agents. Culture influences might take the following dimensions; power distance, individualism, masculinity and a time orientation.

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Values of Trade Fairs

According toMaskell, Harald, and Malmberg (2004), trade shows and trade fairs have importance in marketing and selling of companies’ products. Through trade fairs and shows, buyers are able to see new products. Companies use trade fairs as an opportunity to launch their products abroad. Through this fairs organization are able to rate consumption rates of customers in that region. The level of satisfaction of a fraction of buyers may have an impact on the strategy of relocation.

Trade fairs and shows further provide a measure for measuring products acceptance rates. Through these shows, organization are able to rate their products in comparison to other exhibitors (Maskell et al 2004). Through attendance of these trade fairs, organization’s sales teams are able to compose other strategies. Sales representatives as well as exhibitors will have a chance to develop their own marketing strategies based on copied ideas. Trade fairs and shows on the other hand provide organizations a wider view of products and features (Maskell et al 2004). Online platforms may work as trade fairs but it cannot substitute the feeling of being in real trade fairs and exhibitions.


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