Essay on the Basic Parts for a Successful Training Program

Published: 2021/11/22
Number of words: 601

The first component for a successful training program is determining the desired result. This involves setting specific objectives for that specific project. Successful training requires an effective analysis of the current outcome. The set goals should be realistic and achievable since they describe what the trainees should know and do post-training. The training goals should align with the trainees” competence levels and the organization’s mission.

Cost analysis is also a basic component needed for a successful training program. The aim of an organization s to make extra capital. Therefore any expenditure should be accounted for. For instance, if an organization spends a lot of capital on the input, the return outputs should be maximum. Cost factors include; training time, content developing time, evaluation of the training process, and delivery methods (Bhasin).

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Another basic component is comparing the present outcome with the task force behavior to identify the necessary steps and processes to achieve the set objectives. The trainer can also incorporate trainable competencies to learn an individual’s abilities before entering the job. Similarly, the trainer can identify an individual who needs training. The trainer also needs to comprehend the significance of training and grant the trainees access to the resources. This allows the trainer to evaluate the performance gap, identify gaps that require construction by evaluating the present competency through surveys and feedback from the consumers/clients (Bhasin).

The last component needed is planning, evaluation, and execution. This involves planning a specific program that is significant to the workforce. The trainers should also monitor the performance of the training and solve any development required. The process assists in analyzing the status between the current status and targeted goals. The trainers can also undertake continuous improvement by adjusting and improving the training materials. The outcome of the training process should be utilized to make meaningful adjustments (Bhasin).

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How the training should be delivered

Training should be delivered through instructor-led training (in-person or virtual), interactive learning guides, and videos. Instructor-led training allows the trainees to put knowledge and skills into practice. This delivery method gives the trainer a chance to reach the trainees near and far within the training, thus participating collaborative and efficient as in-person training- without the high travel costs. On the same, the Interactive learning guides keep the trainees involved at all phases. On the other hand, videos allow the trainees to learn in their own time, thus improving their skills and reinforcing their knowledge.

One motivational theory and how it supports this type of training to enhance an organization’s performance

Herzberg’s Motivation Theory focuses on how a corporation can modify to encourage motivation and hard work. Herzberg’s motivation theory supports training by equipping a trainee with a sense of achievement, that is, the proud sentiment of having accomplished a difficult task but valuable. The theory also provides the trainee with a sense of responsibility and growth since the trainees are allowed to learn new opportunities. Similarly, the theory and supports training by providing enough of a challenge to keep the trainees motivated by providing fair and appropriate supervision, an appropriate relationship between the superior and the subordinates, and a safer environment fit for purpose (Alshmemri, Mohammed, Lina Shahwan-Akl, and Phillip Maude)

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