Essay on Importance of Internship to Students

Published: 2021/12/07
Number of words: 649

In the contemporary business world, career life has become very competitive, as many people have undergone through colleges and acquired degrees. However, to survive the competitive business world, skills and especially experience is needed to grow the career of an individual. Graduates are becoming many hence the need for practical experience through a formal program for beginners in a profession. In this regard, internships help integrate class theory and knowledge with practical applications towards a professional as well as personal growth. Therefore, several reasons have been accrued to the need for internships for students in the world today.

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In most cases, internships enable students to gain experience and increase their marketability (Maio, 2018). Many employers today are looking for skilled employees who have some technical experience in their career path. Therefore, being in an internship equips a student with some experience in operating in the real world. Besides, internships can provide involved students with soft skills, which may turn out to be more useful than technical skills. Soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, and leadership can be applied more to life than the experience itself. Such soft skills are needed in workplaces as well as in leadership positions. In this regard, some experience with soft skills can give a student a competitive advantage in the real world of experiences.

Furthermore, internships provide students with an opportunity to network (Maio, 2018). When students are taken as interns in organizations, they get to meet many professionals, thereby increasing their chances of securing jobs in multiple organizations. Besides, interns meet other interns who share similar interests, and from such meetings, they can help build each other through connections with professionals. All these are achieved through the networking opportunity provided in internships. Therefore, internships are essential as they help establish a professional network. Moreover, it is through internships that a good resume can be built. Most organizations are looking for graduates with slight professional experience. When an employer reads your resume and discovers a graduate with some experiences, the chances of getting a job are high. In this regard, internships help an individual to network and build a great resume.

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Most graduates are employed on contracts or probation waiting on them to prove their worth within an organization. However, with internships, students get trained by organizations, and once they graduate, they are likely to enjoy full-time permanent jobs, which are better paying than contract jobs (Dreamcat Team, 2018). Such an opportunity can only be achieved if a graduate has some experience and internships provide such experience. Besides, while in internships, students get to learn office jargon and office small talks meaning they would require less time to adjust in a new working environment (Dreamcat Team, 2018). Consequently, the confidence of an individual is boosted, thereby allowing them to give it all in their work, which translates to excellence.

Finally, internships provide an opportunity to explore oneself in the technical world and figure out what they like or dislike (Cosentino, 2016). Being an intern can be exciting but also devastating once a student does not enjoy what he/she is doing. Therefore, a student is able to come into conclusion what profession they like and which they dislike. In addition, internships are an opportunity to learn from others. There are chances to learn from professionals and ask questions about building a great career path.


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