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Published: 2021/11/16
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Executive Summary

It was reported that the CISCO was planning to use enterprise resource planning system in a more efficient way. Enterprise Resource planning is adopted to establish the connections, and the flow of activities between divergent business units. One of the main aim for the implementation of the enterprise resource planning system is the potential reduction of the long-term cost. Current Enterprise Resource Planning platform for Cisco quote to cash business technique is improving the purchasing method for partners, and the customers.

Table of Contents

Company Background3
Defining the opportunities before Cisco in Australia3
Relating to information systems in Cisco5
Technology management in Cisco using ERP6
Critical analysis of ERP system and its incorporated benefits7


Management information system assists an organization in evaluating day to day or daily basis reports and facilitates the organization in decision-making, problem solving and tracking the progress. The MIS abbreviation of Management Information System can be used by any sort of industry. In the era of technology, MIS is broadly used in all sizes and sorts of businesses. In resolving the problem, modern technology has introduced the MIS which satisfies a number of diversifying needs via other multiple systems like query system, modeling system, decision support system and analysis system. This report will briefly discuss the pros and cons of MIS.

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Company Background

Cisco, an American based multinational technology company that produces and sells telecommunication equipment, networking hardware’s, software and other products. Cisco, established in 1984, acquired four subsidiaries like OpenDNS, Jasper, Jabber and Webex. 36 years ago Cisco chose San Francisco as its headquarter and paved the first foundation stone in San Francisco, California. Since then, Cisco has been developing itself as a company that manufactures high-technology products such as wireless systems, security systems, IP video and Phone, call center systems, mobile service provider networks, entitlement and content delivery system, high-tech switching and routing mobile services and many others (, 2021). Statistics has to say, in the year 2020; Cisco has generated an estimated amount of 35.67 GBP, revenue which is susceptible to beat many other multinational companies batting in the relevant field (, 2021). Between the years 2006 to 2020 Cisco’s growth and development has soared high and its upward retreat has floored many other companies in the same field.

Defining the opportunities before Cisco in Australia


Knowledge is something without which neither a country nor a nation can excel. Australia, one of the developed countries, is the abode of diversified cultural people. Consequently, Saltman (2020) stated that a variety of culture incorporates a wide variety of knowledge and wit. Therefore, people inhabiting this country seem to be enriched with knowledge and discretion. For Cisco, it can be proven as an excellent opportunity to establish its subsidiaries here as this country can deliver knowledgeable human resources for both of its operation and administration sections.


Australia is becoming a fast blooming country in the sector of technology. 65% of Australia’s tech startups are situated in New South Wales in Australia (, 2021). Moreover, Brisbane, a tech city in Australia, attracts IT professionals and every year, a huge number of IT students as well as professionals seeking employment in the IT sector are recruited by these top level tech companies. Melbourne, the coastal capital of southern Australia has been designated as the “technology hub” being the abode of more than twenty topmost high tech companies of the world.


The economy of Australia is based on a variety of products that are exclusively manufactured and sold in Australia. Australia generates most of its revenue through five different sorts of industries such as motor vehicle manufacturing industry, petroleum refining and petroleum fuel manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical products manufacturing industry, computer and electronic office requirement manufacturing industry and communication equipment manufacturing industry (, 2021). A lump sum number of revenue is amounted through oil and gas extraction and measurement and other scientific equipment manufacturing in Australia. As said previously, Australia is a hub of technology and a perfect destination for the tech savvies. The major proportion of revenue incurred in Australia is purely based on technology.

Service and experiences

Australia, the official commonwealth of Australia, is considered as one of the top developed countries in the world. It is a country of technology, fashion, education, tong tingling cuisines, sports and scenic beauty. Since the years, Australia has marked the line in diversified sectors. The country has been delivering numerous services to its inhabitants whether they are citizens or immigrants (Ammar et al. 2021). Therefore, Australia can be a greater platform for Cisco to effectively meet the requirements of the Australians. This sovereign country is like a container of public welfare services and has excelled other developed countries in health care, welfare, support, education and employment. Each sector of this service incorporates high tech equipment and gadgets. Therefore, Australia could be a place where Cisco can reign emphatically and run their subsidiaries with success.


Australia is the dome of a rich and diversified cultural harmony. Every year, outsiders swarm here for the purpose of education, employment and definitely the lifestyle opportunities adorned with various facilities and comforts. Based on the views of Iudici (2021), its comforts, luxury or technologies, the outsiders just fall into the prey of it in strategic format. The usage of ultramodern technology in every part of daily life of the Australian can be the predominant factor for Cisco to expand their venture in the “technology hub” of the country Australia. As Brisbaine and Melbourne have already kept their tint for their technological advancement, Cisco can consider their subsidiaries to be established in these two provinces of Australia.

Physical Resource

Without a sufficient amount of physical resources the establishment and development of an enterprise is impossible. Australia, the largest country in Oceania, comprises all that physical resources that help an enterprise to stand erect and a smooth platform for its growth and development. Bolstering an industry requires physical resources like excellent communication to the apex of the country, raw materials, technologically advanced equipment and so more. Hence, Australia could be a great destination for Cisco to stretch its subsidiaries across the country. Advanced high tech equipment manufactured by Cisco will be able to reinforce the production of an enterprise.

Relating to information systems in Cisco

ERP, the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning is a process incorporated by all scale industries in order to integrate and manage the day-to-day sales and activities of an organization. Nowadays, each kind of industry is incorporating the process in order to implement resource planning by using only single software integrating different functions. According to Ammar et al. (2021), the convenience of using an ERP system is gathering, analyzing and conveying a single database to each department associated with it. The new module of ERP system has increased the sales of Cisco. Furthermore, owing to adopting this process the management of Cisco has been benefited to a great deal. The usage of the ERP system works as an eliminator of a bulk of papers. Now it is easy to handle all the time sheets, invoices, expense reports and other important day to day databases in one software. Moreover, it is accessible by the other members of the organization at the same time.

Although the ERP process occupies some flaws as well as issues but still it has susceptible coordination in order to gain a creative base. ERP system is very expensive and maintenance of it charges a handsome amount of money. Thus, it is not possible for small scale companies to incorporate the ERP system. Though, it is not a bar for giant business enterprises like Cisco to afford ERP systems for its one headquarters and subsidiaries. The infrastructure cost of the ERP process is costly. The ERP system is flexible to add other modules and thus is able to meet different company needs. For incorporating ERP systems a company must have ample IT support and infrastructure. Cisco, the leading technology company occupies technologically sound software and teams that are necessary for maintaining ERP systems (, 2021). The good side of the ERP is it can reduce the fraudulent activities reducing the errors automatically. On the other hand, the cost of the additional software and add-on services are higher to be affordable by a small scale industry. One of the best features of the ERP system is its tax simplifying feature across the different countries. Correcting as well as improving financial accuracy, automating finance related reports and reducing month end close times are some of its ideal components. Addressing the financial issues and accounting challenges, managing the fixed assets and revenue recognition are some of its topmost features. The ERP system also includes some great components that assist the sales team with real time insight.

Although the ERP system contains some genuine flaws and occupies a structural loss factor, the system has well deployed associated aspects that make the management system of Cisco to get a rigid and valid format of business. It has been depicted by Ammar et al. (2021), which business association with high format of coordination has become a fundamental aspect of business and this has been so developed from the reliable ERP system that has helped organizations to gain competitive advantage.

Technology management in Cisco using ERP

Cisco’s main activity involves sales and marketing of internet products and technologies, financial services, and development of software. Cisco adopted some excellent strategies that helped Australia to proceed towards digitalization. The company’s goal is to cover the main three points. Innovation in the economy, building a healthy community, and increase the human capital resources. Its main aim is to transform Australia into a digitally advanced smart city. Cisco declared its plan to invest approximately $61 million for three year with cooperation with government, industries, and community organizations to establish and fund pivotal projects (Din et al. 2021). Enterprise Resource planning is applied to make the connections as well as the flow of activities between divergent business units. One of the main goals for the adaptation of the enterprise resource planning system is the potential reduction of the long-term cost. Current Enterprise Resource Planning platform for Cisco quote to cash business technique is developing and improving the purchasing method for customers and for partners. At Cisco system, a software foundation as well as a growing base of custom made software developed technical as well as business techniques obstacles to foster the enterprise resource planning system and approved new e-business models. The emerging demands for engaging collaboration with the suppliers, partners, and the distributors felt the need for a completely new platform for a better interaction. Cisco management is required to grow and develop more than $5 billion organizations.

According to (Katermaa, 2020), the planning is typically included in the development of several projects. It will be very successful if the entire team decided to apply a rapid iterative prototyping strategy. The service activities involve two important applications. The service requests can be tracked by using the CARE system. Moreover the matrix system is delivered as the foundation that includes all the service logistics that covers the spare parts inventory management along with accounting, and order management. However, the other application was the use of the automated service order configuration. These applications were purchased to use for approximately a decade. The heavy customization that is made by the engineers in the service organizations, supports and upgrades had become inconvenient tasks, and both the providers had transitioned the operations to the end of the support.

The customer’s need for technical assistance is depended upon the service and support system of Cisco. Similarly, the mission-critical organization of Cisco has to track, log, and manage customer services across the world. It also includes customer service demand to pour in over the Cisco website, or through emails, or through the phone calls to the call centre.

CISCO decided to work with the collaboration with KPMG along with other business partners like Oracle with the help of coordination and direct communication. Steady evaluation and frequent assessment of the system that was placed by the Oracle. KPMG’s role in the enterprise resource planning is remarkable. Moreover they maintain a direct open communication with CISCO. The whole implementation process can be divided into smaller incremental steps. They also audit the partnership with CISCO. This strategy enabled the company to make a connection with CISCO, and that was based on the specific requirements of the new enterprise resource planning system which will define the ultimate success of the project. Further, the decision that has been made to invite experienced consultants like the Gartner group helped to realize that the CISCO may require a lot of assistance as well as ideas that could facilitate an appropriate shape and structure of the enterprise resource system. Based on this evidence (Goldschmidt, 2020), It can be assumed that this is going to be an advanced approach to move ahead, and also this strategy can lead to a proper customization to the specifications that CISCO needs the most.

Critical analysis of ERP system and its incorporated benefits

Based on the above discussion, it can be said that the current management of resources is complex in the case of financial and smooth performance typically within the large organizations. For instance, Cisco implements various ways in business activities on a daily basis for the improvement of the organization especially in the case of customer interaction (Steiber et al. 2020). As per the above discussion, the Cisco management system realized that they needed to become approximately $5 billion-plus organizations. The fact is that the recent system would not be justified to depend upon this. There are a lot of things to worry about when the organization goes through different managers and starts to initiate changes. The project implementation may not be successful in this way. The success as well as failure of the Cisco enterprise resource planning project generally relied on the resources that the top management and board Cisco dedicated to that specific project. The implementation of the planning would have a negative effect on the success when financial resources were not sufficient. A team of skilled and experienced 100 staff was assigned to that project. It is the proof that the particular project would not be successfully implemented if the number of personnel is less than required for doing that project. Establishment of all these strategies faces some challenges also. The impact tools, while in danger of a renowned business that leads to failure, were getting the task done for the support engineers. Customization has been made for many years that resulted in a software jungle. The software jungle was easy, and comfortable for its users. As per the comments, a request is needed to be made to convince hundreds of engineers to look into the importance of the replacement software that can direct the success of the company. A strategy is also needed to develop a smooth selection process. The service team faced some critical issues in handling the EOS software.

According to (Prakash et al. 2020), a detailed evaluation of the vendor package and a proof reading for the concept were needed to confirm the ultimate acceptance by the user base. The project team evaluated five vendors of appropriate application packages. The Oracle 11i applications have a great advantage. It is one of the best choices to handle call management of the customers, and the management of self-logistics. Selectica was adopted for service order configuration. The new applications are contributed with the help of the active engagement of the service engineers prior to the needs for planning and solution selection procedure by the user base.

The disruptions can be reduced with the help of phased implementation to the users and required testing can be done by the pilot users. A sequential release for an eighteen month old period proved to be an essential factor for the successful formation of the project. Based on this evidence (Zafary, 2020), it can be said that risks can be reduced by implementing this strategy.

On the other hand, organizations are expected to develop their intelligence to build good business decisions. These decisions will put the organizations at an advantage. Moreover, it was expected that the selection process that helped to make the choices of Oracle was smart, and advanced (Din, 2021). It looked at several factors like the manufacturing capacity of Oracle, long-term development, and flexibility. All of these factors helped to make sure about the fact that the best vendor was selected for the job (Khanagha, 2020). CISCO management also decided to take a smart move by creating a pro-management team. The development of the enterprise resource planning steering committee, the recruitment of a large number of personnel to work on the implementation of the project in different functional areas (Yigitcanlar, 2020) will be successfully developed. The flow of communication and was streamlined to avoid the repetition of the task was ensured when all personnel are placed in the mission for the development of the organization. The activities of the developing system were controlled from a centralized centre. Furthermore, CISCO decided to provide training to the skilled individuals. This technique definitely helped to implement the project efficiently.

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The whole implementation process can be divided into smaller incremental steps. Based on this idea, it can be noted that the trained personnel can get a chance to arrange a much more detailed analysis of the enterprise resource planning system at the time of the implementation. Previously the CISCO decided to establish an enterprise resource planning system to replace its unsuccessful UNIX. The failure to succeed the establishment of another enterprise resource planning system would be‘s plan fifty-fifty. CISCO’s planning was effective but the failure to incorporate both the formal business case planning which is financial in nature and dwelling on the fact that triggered the requirement for the enterprise resource planning is not sufficient. A proper management planning system generally takes into consideration each and every variable affecting a project and integrates to make important decisions.


Based on the above discussion, it can be concluded that the utilization of the brightest brains for the implementation of the project, based on enterprise resource planning is one of the smart and excellent moves for the CISCO. Company’s decision to organize training programs for those intelligent trainees will definitely help to increase the chances of success despite hurdles that they expected previously. In the age of globalization and liberalization, tracking a company’s day-to-day activities in pen and paper is a hazardous task. As per the above discussion, CISCO decided to maintain a good relationship with KPMG up to the end of the development of the project. It was assumed to be a smart move by the CISCO managers.


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