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Excessive pesticide use has been a growing concern among Wyoming’s local farms. Increasing levels of pesticide use have come to be applied among Wyoming’s farmers due to a dearth of technical knowledge and awareness on safe pesticide use regulations. Furthermore, Wyoming’s farms have been under greater pressure to produce higher volumes of agricultural produce at[…]

Introduction A hazard is a naturally occurring event that has a negative effect or threat on humans and the physical environment (NASA, 2021). When a hazardous event occurs and causes extreme harm to the environment and humans negatively it is called a natural disaster. A hazard can be natural or human-made. Natural hazards are a[…]

Introduction Coat is composed of pigment (the color), resin and/or binder (which carry the pigment), a solvent (which aids in the painting), and a drier (which dries the paint). Plastics compounds will be used in vinyl and acrylic paints as well as oil-based paints. Formaldehyde, arsenic, thinners, and foamers are a few examples. Pigment, resin,[…]

In selecting the appropriate air pollution control system for a particular pollutant, it is important for an environmental consultant to assess the degree of efficacy of the relevant air pollution control system against the air pollutant in question, and weigh that against key environmental, engineering and economic factors. Foremost, the environmental consultant should assess the[…]

This essay will discuss the impacts of environmental pollution and genetically modified organisms. Foremost, there have been allegations that GMOs could compromise one’s immune system or lead to higher risks of cancer. I was not, however, aware of the many farms that continue to use genetically modified seeds, which include major food producers such as[…]

Introduction HHW refers to hazardous waste entering the municipal waste stream, and the classification of wastes based on their hazardous properties. Key characteristics of hazardous waste include wastes that are explosive, oxidizing, highly flammable (with a flashpoint below 21C), readily ignited, irritant to skin or mucous membranes, harmful, teratogenic, corrosive, ecotoxic, capable of releasing environmental[…]

The susceptibility of societies around the globe has increased with the changing climate. Therefore, it is necessary to take adaptation measures and mitigation efforts to counter changing climate. However, the impacts of climate change have uncertainties, and the government officials and the decision-makers face the challenges to provide efficient and effective policies to suit economics[…]

Global warming is a result of rapid industrialization in the past century. As a result, global warming has increased the temperature of the earth’s surface, and 80% of which is absorbed by the ocean due to the large surface area. According to scientists, there are three primary reasons behind rising sea levels, thermal expansion of[…]

Wildfires are unplanned and unwanted fires that consume flammable vegetation and start in both rural and urban centers. The unexpected nature of the fire makes it a destroyer of our precious vegetation and forest. It is, therefore, worthy of us to understand the causes and possible effects of the wildfire. Notably, the consequences can both[…]

Climate change is a global phenomenon characterized by changes in climate patterns such as temperature, precipitation and wind brought about by various practices of human nature and geological factors within the earth. Some of the causes of climate change include; emission of Greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, human activities such as deforestation, combustion of fossil[…]

Political malpractice and public water supply are related in a way because political malpractice occurs when there is failure to address the community issue of about contaminated public water supply. Michigan was where these complaints were coming out frequently but the community leaders did nothing about it until when the community came out and protested[…]

Audience and Purpose Water pollution is a matter that impacts many lives within the population, and there is an urgent need to put the practice under control. Contamination of water can attract diseases within a population, which derails the general well-being of the society as it leads to diseases. The target audience of the project[…]

INTRODUCTION In the past few years the issue of climate change has become a mutual issue of the World opinion. The recently released report of the Intergovernmental panel on climate Change or IPCC has highlighted the underlying concerns if the World does not call for urgent measures to curb the increase of pollutants in the[…]

Introduction Cities constitute a mere 2% of the total space on earth but contribute to an enormous amount of environmental damage. This is because cities are highly populated, and maintaining sustainable lifestyles is a challenge for many regions (Thornbush, Golubchikov & Bouzarovski, 2013). The high population in cities plays a significant role in increased emissions[…]

Shrub-Desert Landscape Below is a loop diagram of a Shrub-Desert Landscape where components such as rain, soil moisture, vegetation cover, and soil nutrients are included. In a shrub-desert landscape, there is a loss of vegetation cover that has been lost due to the desert conditions stuck in a loop. There is lack of nutrients in[…]

Introduction There is no denying that global change has become one of the issues that embrace a broad spectrum of human lives, including social and economic aspects. Research has shown that climate change will continue to harm the world as long as appropriate environmental protection measures are not followed. Humans were commonly held responsible for[…]

Abstract The growing concerns over the environment and the depletion of the earth’s natural resources have led to the creation of green initiatives in many countries and have also been the major contributor to the changes in practices of major companies around the world. Literature has already affirmed the benefits and competitiveness that companies have[…]

Theory Description The theory primarily focuses on the environment as a critical factor in helping those sick recover. The theory makes sense as it has shaped care provision in the healthcare sector. Florence Nightingale developed the environmental theory after performing as a nurse during the Crimean War. As she asserts, the environment consists of anything[…]

Public engagement on climate change is shallow in the United States despite being a crucial social challenge in the 21st century. The records from the research and the evidence from behavioral sciences show that many people regard climate change as a non-urgent, psychologically distant risk, including space, time, and community. This attitude of the people towards[…]

Introduction Changes in climate pose a significant challenge to the environment and biodiversity in general. Climatic change constitutes of long-term changes in the expected weather patterns in a particular region for a specified period, usually over 35 years (Urry, 2015). There is an urgent need to develop strategic measures in the protection and conservation of[…]

Introduction All stakeholders in most economies always overlook the contribution of the beauty industry to environmental pollution. However, it is essential to note that there is a problem with the packaging materials and other substances used in the industry. Most economies are struggling to ensure that there is a strategy that can push them to[…]

Abstract This paper discusses the various effects of climate change and what the government can do to minimize global warming. The author begins the paper by introducing the topic of climate change. He discusses how climate change is caused by discussing the concept of global warming. He stresses that despite that global warming has adverse[…]

Changes in the way we live have led to different environmental changes in the world. Global warming is one of the things that have made environmentalists come up with ways of conserving the environment and making it better for a promising future. Following this, various people come up with multiple ways of making the environment[…]

For example, some institutions argue there is no such thing as trash since they still have a purpose for it or could have one in the future. According to a recent report, a state inspector visited an electroplating business; the owner was already investigated for unrelated conduct. After receiving complaints from employees, the inspector secured[…]

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