Essay on Water Supply

Published: 2021/11/24
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Political malpractice and public water supply are related in a way because political malpractice occurs when there is failure to address the community issue of about contaminated public water supply. Michigan was where these complaints were coming out frequently but the community leaders did nothing about it until when the community came out and protested about the issue.The Michigans had complained about the brown water for many years but their complaints were not heard or the issue being solved (Pozgar, 2020). Rick Snyder who was the Michigan governor was the one who addressed the issue of the water crisis. Political malpractice was the one that caused the water crisis problem because the elected leaders neglected the issue until it became worse.Flint,Michigan was the only city that aired out their concerns and nothing was done by the leaders because of political malpractice.

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The murky brown water had a negative impact to hospitals because children in the hospitals started having diseases such as cancer in their childhood. The contaminated water contained chemicals such as lead which made children to have to have cancer. In addition to that, the hospitals were unable to bring closure about the health safety of the people and their children because their taps also had contaminated water that had very dangerous chemicals such as lead (Pozgar, 2020).Furthermore,the healthcare of the hospitals that had contaminated water became very poor and they were unable to give their patients quality healthcare services.

Documentation is very important because it showed whether the water the community drank was either safe for them or not hence enabling them to take care of their health before it was too late.Secondly,it helps the community and the organization in finding ways of dealing with the contaminated water issue so that fresh water is produced in the taps at home and the hospitals. Documentation has also helped hospitals to refer back to their records about knowing whether the water is safe for drinking or not and it assures the patients there that they are safe when they see the records. The regulatory agencies are also important because they provide information about what the contaminated water had inside.Secondly,it also warned the community not to drink the water and the reasons why they are not supposed to drink it.The regulatory agencies also help in airing the issues the community is undergoing through so that they can be solved with immediate effect (Pozgar, 2020). They also ensure that the plants which are destroying the water sources to be shut down because they are a hazard to the community. In addition to that is that they ensure that legal compliance of the law is being adhered to by all the organizations to ensure that the community they are living in a safe environment.

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The US environment protection agency has shown health departments quality criteria for clean and safe water supply for their patients. They should include system measures such as alkalinity and the PH of the water, temperature of the water, hardness of the water and last but not least the pollutants that may be in the water. They should check the maximum level of how the water has been polluted to ensure that the patients in the hospitals are drinking clean and safe water. The health departments also do a follow up of the water that is being supplied in the hospitals and test the water for any chemicals (Pozgar, 2020). If there is any concern about the water being supplied to the hospital, they take the matter to the body governing the hospital or the Chief executive officer of the hospital so that the issue is solved to avoid any health crisis in the hospital due to the contaminated water. The hospital also ensures that they have documented the results they have got from the contaminated water for future reference.

To sum it up, political malpractice is the cause of water pollution in Michigan and other cities in the United States. If the leaders had not neglected the issue and solved on time, the issue would not have been a menace as it is now. Political malpractice is a very serious issue that can cause the lives of people in the community if not solved.


Pozgar, G. D. (2020). Legal and ethical essentials of health care administration. Jones & Bartlett Learning

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