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Published: 2022/01/10
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Dunkin Inc otherwise Dunkin Brand Group Inc is an organization consisting of branches all over the world. The organization, which specializes in the selling of high-quality food products, operates globally. The franchise of the organization consists of Basken- Robbins and Dunkin Donuts (Burke, 2012). The customers of the organization span the globe in over 18000 branches. The organization made revenue of $34.442 billion in the year 2011 (Dunkin, 2012). In terms of its total asset value, the organization made $3.2224 billion.

The mission of the firm is to provide products to customers of high quality. Food is necessity for human kind. To fulfill this need to every individual in the society Dunkin plays the champion. On the society’s font Dunkin Inc also work with other organizations to ensure that society has adequate foodstuff. On the other hand, Dunkin Inc supports other organizations and commitments to the society. One of these provisions is the facilitation of security within neighborhoods (Dunkin, 2014). The organization’s management further participates with the police and the fire departments in providing security services.

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On the other hand, Dunkin has deliberately sought the contributions of its stakeholders. Regarding this basis, the corporation ensures that its social responsibility meet the needs of its customers and the society in general. In depth look at its responsibility on the society, Dunkin values infrastructure. The organization serves the society by ensuring that transformation of infrastructure is riff (Dunkin, 2013). Further, the organization’s culture of inclusion in the society ensures diversity.

SWOT Analysis

In the market, Dunkin Group Inc maintains a competitive edge due to its strength. Concerning the strength of the organization in the market, Dunkin Inc relies on its high quality products to topple competitors. It has a team of specialized individuals who ensure that quality products meet the needs of the customer. Continual improvement according to the needs of customers for the franchise increases customers’ loyalty (Dunkin, 2014). Additionally the strength, relates to its ability to have employees who value research and development.

In a different tone, the weaknesses of the organization relates to its dependence on suppliers. Sometimes suppliers provide products of the diverse qualities to the organization. Since it is an organization dealing in foodstuffs, taste buds of customers may communicate a change in quality. On the other hand, suppliers influence the cost of production. Since it is upon the supplier to quote their stocks available, market prices infringe on company’s revenue (Dunkin, 2014). A closer look at the threats of the company, Dunkin Group Inc, includes Mc Donalds, starbucks, dairy queen and Burger King. It is also true that threats from the new entrance in the market may affect its market share.

According to Dunkin (2014), Dunkin Group Inc serves market in the United States, in Guatemala and in Philippines. This shows that the company has an influence in almost all diverse cultures. This then reveals the extent of its opportunity in the globe. Regarding its immense opportunity, the company has an opportunity in opening branches in almost all continents. Opportunity is also present to the organization in relation to the presence of technology. Advancement of technology is the mother of all success for the organization (Dunkin, 2013). The influence of this phenomena has seen the organization produce products at fast pace. On the other hand, technology assists in marketing products. Perhaps social media will be the driving force for modern marketing.

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Company/ Industry Financial Analysis

Concerning the financial standing of the franchise, nothing is so important as to its sources. The company operates various restaurants responsible for this revenue. It has restaurants in over 60 countries. It the US, the organization brags of over 2000 locations. In terms of its credit rating, Dunkin Inc ranks high. Its revenue in the year 2013 was at $713.84 and had a net income of $146.903 (Dunkin, 2014). Further, the financial state as at the year 2013 reveals a cash value of $256.933. In terms of industrial analysis, Dunkin Inc Group faces intense competition that has an effect on its financial standing. Global financial market also affects its operations.

Strategies of for the Firm

There are certain strategies that an organization might take in order to limit risk. To limit its high credit risk, the organization might enter into partnerships with suppliers. The firm might subscribe for loan to cut supplier’s interest. The last strategy would be changing the management teams. If the organization enters into an agreement with suppliers, additional costs will be part of the plan. This might mean calling board meetings with suppliers to design agreements. The strategic goal of such events will be securing a steady market price of raw materials. Warehouses of these products are jointly constructed under management of diverse teams. The teams in operation in these partnerships involve teams from Dunkin Inc and that of the supplier. This ensures adaptability of teams in handling managerial roles. Because of such strategy, the organization will be able to understand market condition of its raw products. On the other end, the supplier will have a ready market for products and security of market prices.


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