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Abstract Ireland is lagging behind the EU directive for renewable energy to be used for heating and transportation. Anaerobic digestion (AD) has the potential to fill this void. In the biogas up-gradation process, methane content is increased from the usual 50-75% to 95%. Biogas, with 95% methane content, can be used for heating purposes and[…]

Abstract Pressure on freshwater resources and increasing pollution to the environment as a result of inefficient sewer systems has led to the emergence of innovative water management strategies. One such strategy is wastewater recycling in the form of household greywater reuse (GWR). While previous literature offers insight into potential benefits of GWR, it has generally[…]

This work makes recommendations for the best practical options for the treatment and utilisation of landfill gas produced at landfill-waste treatment facilities in Leeds. The production of landfill gas is evaluated over the lifetime of the landfill site and design recommendations are provided in order to sustainably recover, treat and utilise the landfill gas as[…]

Introduction Acidification of soils is caused by the leaching and otherwise removal of cations (e.g. Ca and Mg) at a rate faster than can be supplied by the weathering of the parent material. Leaching most often occurs where precipitation exceeds evapotranspiration, and includes the temperate regions of north-western Europe, where soils have been subject to[…]

Introduction A carbon footprint is the overall amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with a process or product. This entails, where possible, full life cycle analysis, for example extraction of materials, process of production, transport to site, and possibly in-use and disposal. Across these areas emissions usually result from[…]

ABSTRACT This study was carried out with the aim of finding the quality of the shelled eggs marketed in and around the city of Hyderabad, which is the fourth largest city in India with a population of around 6,255,256. The population density of the city has been ascertained at 14,192 per square kilometre. This is[…]

Chapter 2: Literature Review Airport Expansion and Its Effects on the Social Fabric There is a wide range of literature relevant to the expansion of airports. Governments favour expanding airports; they motivation is that airports are an important economic tool for connecting the country to other parts of the world. The British government and BAA[…]

INTRODUCTION Global warming in the last few years has become great environmental challenge to many people and a very important issue that needs to be addressed by nations. It is a topic that has sparked global attention and information about its causes will be briefly explained in this article. Reports from the Intergovernmental Panel for[…]

This scoping report is to provide Seascape Oil Networks Limited with an overview of the proposed 600mm diameter oil pipeline project that will run from a point on the National Transmission Pipeline north of Winchester to the Regional Transmission Pipeline to the south and to invite early input from the developers in the identification of[…]

Executive summary The Project Green Placement involved undertaking a Local Climate Impacts Profile at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council. The report looked at vulnerability to weather and future adaptation procedures. Over the past 10 years, Newcastle has bared witness to 55 weather-related events. The majority of these have been surface water flooding occurring in the local vicinities[…]

Global distribution of peatlands The extent of global peatland coverage has been estimated in the range of 3,880 x 103 to 4,080 x 103 km2 by Maltby and Immirzi (1993), although they acknowledge that this is likely an underestimate and as such an estimate by Bridgham et al. (1996) of 5,961 x 103 km2 is[…]

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