Mark Sharp

About Me:

I graduated with a first class degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Sheffield – a university ranked in the top 10 for Civil Engineering in the UK. My studies have afforded me excellent research and writing experience and skills. For instance, for my final dissertation I researched and wrote on Greywater Reuse and received a first class distinction for this piece. I have a keen interest in structures, hydraulics, construction management, water and waste-water, as well as environment and sustainability.

During my time at university, I worked part-time as a student support worker for disabled students in my department. This opportunity gave me invaluable experience in assisting my peers with tasks such as effective note-taking, essay-writing, oral presentations and writing lab work reports.

After university I interned as a Graduate Structural Engineer, and I now do part-time design work with a consulting firm as I prepare to continue my studies. I am passionate about engineering, and look forward to using my knowledge and skills to assist others as they embark on their studies, as well as contribute to knowledge generation in the profession.

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