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Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major interruptions `in all the sectors of the world’s economy. The construction industry, just like any other industry has been immensely affected since no major works on projects have been going on due to the restrictions created as a result of the pandemic. Most project managers were rendered jobless,[…]

Abstract The paper explores important concepts in the application of the SC initiative as a framework for improving urban drainage systems. Equally, the paper explores whether policymaking on the same can help improve the effect and impact of SCs in water conservation approaches. The research applies a mixed-method approach to examine various facts on the[…]

In construction, contractors are expected to show their basic knowledge and ideas relating to the constructions process. It becomes essential for the contractors to have basic knowledge, efficient but not theoretical knowledge (Hernández et al.;, 2021). When building, the contractors should apply their basic knowledge and follow all the construction rules using their basic knowledge. However,[…]

Table of Contents Improvement of building energy consumption in Chile 1 Establishment of Double window panel: 6 Establishment of green walls 9 LEED Lights for energy consumption improvement: 14 Windows for the energy consume improvement 16 Plants around buildings help to conserve the energy: 20 Air Conditioners Replacement: 21 References 23 Solar Pads installation on[…]

Introduction Infrastructure is the basic system that undergirds the structure of an economy. Infrastructural intervention is central to urban development, and it largely stimulates land development to a large extent (Morgan, 2005). Planners and policymakers must integrate sewer, transport, water, power, and telecommunication lines to successfully induce construction (Carey, 1998). Infrastructure mainly serves as building[…]

Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Procurement Methods 5 Traditional method 5 Advantages and Disadvantages 5 Benefits of Traditional procurement method 6 Build- Up Method 7 Advantages and disadvantages 8 Benefits of Build-up procurement Method 9 Construction Management Method 9 Advantages and disadvantages 10 Recommendations 11 Conclusion 12 Disclaimer 13 Abstract This report helps to determine[…]

Principles of Prefabrication Construction Technology Hastening up the construction process, since with prefabrication technology there is not any need for curing Utilizing the locally available materials with the required characteristics Enhance the quality of the construction project since the various components can be manufacturer in controlled conditions To boost the economy through costs Assist in[…]

1. Introduction 1.1. Brief requirements The structural arrangement, analysis and design calculation for the precast concrete building to be known as Portland House is presented in the following report. The structure is part of an extensive redevelopment of a former industrial location in the city centre of a large UK town. The building comprises underground[…]

(extract) ABSTRACT All projects, by their very nature, are subject to risk. The objective of the risk analysis and management process is to minimise the impact of negative events on the project plan whilst allowing the team to take maximum advantage of any opportunities which present themselves. The following report is a robust first stage[…]

‘Examine the ways that typical construction professionals organise their businesses and the methods by which they communicate with others when involved in a construction/civil engineering project’ 1.0 Introduction This report provides an examination of how communication plays an integral role in the organisation of businesses and focuses on the practices of construction professionals. The first[…]

Introduction The study of human values continues to be a topic that is open to debate, ambiguity and interpretation. There is conflict amongst academic scholars on fundamental factors, such as defining the meaning of values; the number of values that a person has; ways that people systematically organise and prioritise their own conflicting values. External[…]

1.0 INTRODUCTION Barratt Developments plc, a national house builder in the UK construction industry, listed in the FTSE 250, is the second largest house builder in the UK by revenue and by market size (LSE 2010). Like its two biggest competitors, Taylor Wimpey plc and Persimmon plc, it has within the last two years been[…]

ABSTRACT This report is on the theory of writing a research proposal. In this report, an evaluation was done by analysing and comparing information articles from the internet and books written by renowned writers and authors to obtain an efficient way of writing a research proposal. INTRODUCTION This report is on the theory of writing[…]

Chapter 1 Introduction As Williams (2002) has noted, ‘the idea of delay and disruption within projects is well-known and is often the subject of litigation claims. However, the term is ill-defined, and it is difficult to justify such claims within a legal process.’ Difficulties exist in defining all parts of a disruption claim, and such claims[…]

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