I have a master’s degree in structural engineering from the University of Manchester and am a full-time civil/structural engineer for a USA-based company. I have been involved in the operation of diverse projects in structural engineering, ranging from medium- to large-scale industries which have given me an in-depth understanding of the various domains in civil engineering. I am currently working towards a chartership.

The structural arrangement, analysis and design calculations for a precast concrete building

1.      Introduction

1.1.  Brief requirements

The structural arrangement, analysis and design calculation for the precast concrete building to be known as Portland House is presented in the following report. The structure is part of an extensive redevelopment of a former industrial location in the city centre of a large UK town. The building comprises underground basement parking, private leisure facilities on the ground floor and a further nine floors of luxury residential accommodation. The functional requirements and constraints make the structure interesting. The new building is to be developed on the corner site as shown in Figure 1. The design is in accordance with the requirements of the Eurocode 2 worked example of precast concrete (Eurocode 2), BS 8110 Part 3 and the precast Eurocode 2 design manual by R.S. Narayana……..

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