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Describe how value added is calculated. To what extent are value added, cash flow and profit connected to a company’s sales performance? Discuss, using an extended example. In order to identify how to calculate what value has been added to an organisation it is necessary to understand the factors involved in the calculation and how[…]

SYSTEM DYNAMICS MODELLING 1. INTRODUCTION System Dynamics (SD) is known to help in clarifying mental models, thus making mental process easier when exploring both quantitative and qualitative aspects of a problem. However, is the system dynamic approach to problem solving the ideal way to aid decision making? The primary aim of this essay is, therefore,[…]

With reference to relevant case studies, consider the legal implications of a HR policies which relies on positive action as a means of recruitment and selection towards securing a diverse workforce. 1.0 Introduction Employee resourcing strategies are increasingly focusing on improving diversity in the workplace, in order to benefit from greater creativity and more flexible[…]

1. INTRODUCTION In the current economic conditions, manufacturing markets are highly competitive. In order to succeed, companies have to maximize production, time to market and the cost of production. This forces corporations and companies to look for markets away from home which are more suitable for business. This makes international operations an important aspect of[…]

The only certainty in our present world is rapid and accelerating change. We can either ride with the changes hoping for the best or use the changes we recognise around us to our best advantage (CD-ROM 2005). In today’s complex business world of rapid technological innovation and globalisation, organisational need for rapid change is leading[…]

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