David Alexander

About me:

I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2004 with a Masters Degree in Management from the Judge Business School. I started writing soon after I graduated. I initially saw it as a way to earn some extra money, but soon found out that not only was I very good at it but I also enjoyed it a great deal. As a result, I have been a full time academic writer for the past six years.

Over this period I have learned to write in numerous areas, and complete pieces of all lengths from 300 word summaries up to 25,000+ word dissertations. My main areas of specialisation are strategic management, HRM, accounting and finance, marketing, organisational behaviour, information systems, operations management and project management. I am continuously looking to expand my areas of expertise, including qualifying as a CIMA professional management accountant and I am currently studying for a law qualification.


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The legal implications of a HR policies

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