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Executive Summary The advancement in technology and the rapid digitization in the modern world has led to several inventions in various industries. The Waltz automotive company majors in manufacturing and producing cars, and the firm have recently innovated electric car production. This idea emanated from the urge to manage the environment by controlling human activities.[…]

Testing marketing before rolling out the product to the consumers is essential. This permits the business to find out the characteristics required of the product, establish the customer targets, and investigate the possibility of sales, as well as profits. On the whole, test marketing is often done to identify the chances of success of the[…]

Google is an American-based multinational company specializing in providing internet services, such as search engines, cloud computing, software, and hardware electrical engineering. It operates in a competitive market with big players, such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, and as such, Google has strategized promotion techniques, particularly by using an emotional approach in order to capture[…]

Introduction Today, as digital technology such as social media offers new opportunities as well as challenges for organizations while presenting a customer-focused marketing strategy, this platform is becoming fundamental in today’s vibrant business environment to uphold. Through marketing technologies, Apple Inc., an American-based company, has been able to execute its business operations in a global[…]

In terms of revenue and sales growth, Atha Company has not been performing exceptionally great lately which is why it is pushing hard to double the sales. Even though the organization has achieved substantial progress in the quality of product, there’s still some work to be done in order to meet the required level in[…]

Introduction The reflective topic covers the assessment of the business report regarding the topic of “Digital Marketing” as well as its impacts in the current competitive market. The discussion covers the reflection of the research process as well as the area of improvements and the strategies to improve the strategies. The positive as well as negative aspects[…]

Product Brief Daftar is a product designed for students. The product is refers to a notebook designed for students who value certain designs in the market. The term Daftar is an Arabic slang referring to Notebooks. This report concentrates on the marketing activities of the product to the students. Since it is understood that students[…]

Introduction As the job of ladies keeps on filling in significance in the work environment, regardless of whether in the corporate or innovation area, ladies have the right to have style alternatives that fit their aspiration, ability and character at the working environment. Ladies in a hurry presents a feasible alternative for this neglected need,[…]

Introduction This exposition will give a complete Internet and Social Media Marketing Plan for a mycoprotein-based meat substitute, Quorn. The arrangement would distinguish the objective client and market to be reached as far as the elective protein market, and gauge the size of the objective market, vital participants, and anticipated long haul development. The arrangement[…]

Introduction This report is an analysis of how the event design of the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2020 supported the characteristics of the event. The Princess Half Marathon Weekend is a part of a wider project, runDisney, and took place on 23rd February 2020 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The event host is runDisney,[…]

Situation Analysis Introduction While educating the team to be familiar with the complex intricacies of web-based social networking, this Social Media Marketing Plan will assist Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color in developing, assembling, and managing its online networking presence. This Social Media Marketing Plan will serve as a road map for Fantastic Becky’s Hair[…]

The Red Bull is a global energy drink brand founded in Austria. The strength of Red Bull lies in its product and unconventional and unique marketing strategies that have helped Red Bull to compete against giant soft drink brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Monster (Kotler and Keller, 2016). In addition, Red Bull offers a[…]

Development of an infographic storyboard Infographic Storyboard An infographic is a visual representation of both data and information, so that the readers can synthesize complex topics into a more digestible form (Sezer 2021). It helps readers to understand the conveyed messages of the marketers. This infographic storyboard is prepared to project the uniqueness and distinctive[…]

Introduction Marketing involves the process of management that is concerned with the movement of goods and services from production to the consumer (Ellis and Waller, 2017, pp 95-106). Carrefour is the second largest retail store in the world. It was established in 1957 in France; however, its first store came into existence in 1960. It[…]

Public relations are the way to get people to like and encourage them to visit the business premises. With good PR, the company is set to get more and more customers and interests. This will bring rise to the company earnings which is good for business. With lousy PR, the company risks both losing employees[…]

Anotts Position Anotts biscuit has been popular in Australia and in other regions. The company specializes in the production of biscuits straight from its inception in 1865. However, with various acquisition and market restructuring, its products have reached market destinations in Russia and other regions. The products of the company include bush biscuits, chocolate ripple,[…]

1. Abstract Companies choose their entry mode based on host country factors. However, in other cases, they consider firm related factors such as financial performance and firm-specific aspects. In the contemporary business world, organizations are diversifying their operations across different nations, looking for a competitive advantage. This expansion allows such organizations to pursue growth opportunities[…]

Introduction Product launch events can make a significant impact on the success of the specific product in the market. Launch of a product requires a strategic approach, which can help create awareness and attract more customers. The report explores ideas that can be used to launch a new product in the Canadian market. It is[…]

Executive summary In this freeport the detailed descriptions of ways of Covid-19 informed/changed the AstraZeneca CSR policy, practice and communications since February 2020 is described. Apart from this, evaluation and effectiveness of government digital involvement, marketing process and communication strategies in this global pandemic situation has been described in detail based on the comparison of[…]

Introduction Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory is a model that explains the differences that exist between cultures throughout various countries basing his model on the cultural changes. The theoretical framework evaluates cultures among different countries and associates each level of the model with certain prescribed cultural foundations. Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory The theory, developed by Dutch[…]

Introduction The Bentonville-headquartered giant retail corporation, Wal-Mart, was incorporated in 1969, seven years after its establishment in 1962. The corporation boasts a huge turnover and a leading position among the elite multinational retail corporations globally. The firm operates in over 28 countries across the world with 11,700 retail stores (Kim 2008, p.345). Efficiency, supply chain[…]

Globalisation and an Organisation’s Marketing Strategy Introduction Globalisation refers to the general process of social change, and it incorporates the aspects of history, culture including the caproate world. Globalisation has revolutionised the realm of business whereby organisations have adopted a different structure through outsourcing their members to different parts of the globe resulting in structural[…]

HISTORY OF THE COMPANY In 2003 a team of experts in engineering discipline established Tesla Inc. due to their joint desire to prove to people that there is no need for a compromise to drive electric cars. The basis for the formation of the company was that electric cars are better, fun to drive and[…]

Executive Summary This report presents a strategic marketing analysis of JP Morgan Chase Bank. The bank is one of the largest banks in the USA and the World. The first section of the report offers an overview of JP Morgan Chase Bank and the USA’s banking industry. The second section of the report presents an[…]

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