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  Alicia Macfarlane

Business, Education, HRM, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Sciences

Sample Paper - ""

I have qualifications from three of the best universities in the country: MBA from Durham University, MSc in Transport from Imperial College (awarded a studentship), and BSc Joint Hons (Grade 2:1) in Chemistry and the Analysis of Science and Technology from Manchester University. Since obtaining these qualifications I have worked in a broad range of jobs, including as a proposal/bid writer, a transport consultant, and a marketing assistant. I am currently teaching Business English to non-native ...

  Alexis Smith

Accounting, Business, Communications, Crisis Management, E-Commerce, Economics, Events Management, Fashion, Finance, Health & Safety Management, Hospitality, HRM, Leisure Management, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Risk Management, Statistics, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Tourism

Sample Paper - "Main issues for managers in the hospitality industry"

I am currently working for the Emirates Airline Company in Dubai as a Public Administration Agent. Before this I spent about 18 months in London. The main reason I moved to the UK was to study for my Masters in International Business and Marketing. During the same period I had the opportunity to work for the international hotel chain Hilton as Public Administration and HR officer. Due to the mentioned Masters and my previous Bachelor’s Degree in HR and Personnel Management my academic fields o ...

  Georgia Bailey

Business, Marketing

Sample Paper - "Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics"

I am a full-time business development manager working for a well-known global aerospace company. I have a first class BA Honours degree in marketing and I have nearly completed my Master’s degree in business administration. I thoroughly enjoy marketing and have been in this sector for 11 years. During my spare time I have been an exam invigilator for a local high school, helping to co-ordinate GCSE and A-level exams and ensuring the exams are run on time and as smoothly as possible. While read ...

  David Miller

Business, Economics, Environmental Management, Estate Management, Events Management, HRM, International Development, International Relations, International Studies, Leisure Management, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Public Relations, Research Methods, Risk Management, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "The business plan for"

I am a full-time operations and administration manager for a very well-known and highly reputed hotel. My expertise includes but is not limited to client facilitation, problem solving, qualitative and thematical analysis, audit facilitation, appraisal management, team management, process improvement, project management, strategic planning, management reporting, vendor relations, client relations, operations management and quality assurance. I have an excellent understanding of operational concep ...

  George Parry

Economics, Management, Marketing, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "Entrepreneurial opportunity"

I am a doctoral researcher of business and management in a reputable UK University. My research area focuses on but is not limited to strategic marketing and entrepreneurship. I have a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance from the a reputable UK university. In addition to doctoral research activities, I also work as a graduate teaching assistant in my faculty. This role involves helping module leaders to teach and organise seminars for both undergraduate and graduate students. In my free t ...

  Rob Dillinger

Accounting, Business, Communications, Crisis Management, E-Commerce, Economics, Events Management, Finance, Health & Safety Management, HRM, Information Systems, International Relations, International Studies, Leisure Management, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Public Relations, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Risk Management, Statistics, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Social Media Marketing & Customer Engagement"

I have an undergraduate degree (1st class) in Business Management and Marketing.  I am passionate about both subjects. In the future I plan to complete an MSc Management to further expand my business knowledge. Business studies, management, marketing & finance are my areas of expertise. For the past year I have worked as a freelancer helping people to better understand the topics I love. Social Media Marketing & Customer Engagement Literature review As competition within both the goods ...

  Winifrede Gwytherin

Business, Communications, Crisis Management, Cultural Studies, HRM, I.T., International Development, International Studies, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Public Relations, Risk Management, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "Women managers; advantages and barriers to promotion"

I am a full-time Special Projects manager in a globally recognised university.   With a Master’s degree in International Management, I started my professional career working with international teams, being a liaison for innovative funds and creating higher education partnerships with government and private partners. My experience has been backed by local talent exposure which give me a global perspective. I assert that excellent corporate partnerships and innovative funds are drivers of the ...

  Georgia Summers

Business, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Research Methods, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Discourse analysis : sociolinguistics and Foucault"

I am currently work part-time as a digital marketing consultant, providing services such as web design and development, copywriting and SEO and web audits and analytics.  I also work part-time as a library assistant at an academic library. I hold Masters’ degrees in business administration, online and distance education and research methods and hope to begin my PhD next year. Previously, I worked for several years in retail banking (branches, credit and risk and marketing) and in higher educa ...

  Samantha Brook

Business, Economics, HRM, International Relations, Management, Marketing, Politics

Sample Paper - "Global power: Is the influence of the United States in decline?"

I am a full time student, studying towards my MSc in International Business Economics and Management. This is a very intensive course, covering modules such as management, marketing, accounting (both financial and managerial), HR, macro-economics, micro-economics, international trade, advances in European businesses, etc., I have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Security studies.  Apart from my studies, I work as a freelance writer.  In my spare time, I write f ...

  Hannah Taylor

Advertising, Business, Communications, E-Commerce, Hospitality, HRM, Management, Marketing, Strategic Management, Tourism

Sample Paper - "Develop an E-marketing plan for Hovis Bread"

I am a HR graduate, who is currently studying a second master’s degree in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management in London. During my study, I have worked in various roles in different sectors, from being an intern at a HR company, working as an interpreter for the NHS and having a number of hospitality jobs, which is the reason I decided to do my second master’s degree. During my spare time, I volunteer at the local British Heart Foundation and other charity shops to gain more experienc ...

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