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Published: 2021/12/16
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Product Brief

Daftar is a product designed for students. The product is refers to a notebook designed for students who value certain designs in the market. The term Daftar is an Arabic slang referring to Notebooks. This report concentrates on the marketing activities of the product to the students. Since it is understood that students demand such notebooks during a certain period, it is imperative to employ certain marketing measures. Students purchase the product on a seasonal variation. It is true that such purchases come during the beginning of terms. With the competitive competition in the market of notebooks, Daftar Daftar utilizes diverse marketing procedures. Such procedures are essential in maintaining a competitive edge among other players.

Some of these strategies aim is to meet the target market. The meeting of the students’ market involves the use of competitive strategies that include advertisements, positioning and designing (Wolny and Claudia 573). In maintaining a competitive edge, the organization designs notebooks with diverse features. Such features are important in meeting various students’ demands. Apart from the provision of products with specific features, the marketing plan involves customized services. In terms of features, Daftar provides students with notebooks of diverse features, sizes as well as colors. The products of the corporation are guaranteed to meet students’ needs. The slogan for the product is the provision of one notebook for a student. In response to the introduction of the product in the market, the firm wishes to advertise through college websites (Everett 72). Another area of advertisement will consider referrals from students for a fee. In order to achieve all of these requirements the project needs to have competent teams, facilities, and strategies.

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Situational Analysis/ Objectives

The intention of the plan is to produce notebooks for the student market around the University. University students’ demand for notebooks has subsequently increased. Students in this institution demand special designs of notebooks for taking notes. In respect to this demands organization-creating notebook, provide products of diverse designs. Such products vary in color, sizes decorations, and other features. Another influence to the design is a cultural perspective Daftar holds to people of Arabia. The Choice of the Name Daftar Daftar therefore, meets the cultural perspectives. It is also a marketing tool creating a specific feature on the minds of customers.

The Internal analysis of Daftar Daftar business plan consists of the internal environment. These include policies, practices, and procedures within the industry of the product (Everett 63). For example for the firm, it is imperative to note that there are certain policies towards manufacture of notebooks. These factors might include the normal size of notebooks; it may include standards to the margin levels. Other factors that might entail the internal environment include the influence of Human resources (Wolny and Claudia 566).

Human resource is an important aspect to the manufacture of Daftar products. To this effect, the organization has a human resources team. The team consists of seventeen employees. The team of employees comes under the management of the manager of operations. The manager is responsible for punishing employees and in making decisions on production. The manager additionally oversees promotion a well as distribution of products of Daftar.

Another important feature in the analysis of the internal environment of the organization is finances (Jaworski 27). The project initial investment considers funds of $50000. The internal aspects of the organization also include the values of customers. The firm values the cultural perspectives of its customers. In order to meet these cultural perspectives Daftar utilizes common character in Quatar. In respect to its color, the notebook provides a certain cultural perspective. The color on the cover of the notebook is mustard yellow. The application of the color ensures that the culture of Arabian Spices is felt. On the other hand, these notebooks capture some perspectives related to religious practices of the area and national events. Some of the collections for the organization include those that celebrate Ramadan, as well as National holiday’s events.

With respect to the location, the organization promotes its products over a wide region. The first business area of concentration for the organization relate to Universities. Various outlets receive Daftar’s products within the university communities of Qatar. It is also imperative to note that another internal aspect of the organization relates to management. The organization consists of a management team and employees to run operations (Romaniuk 287). Various teams conduct research on the products. The other functions of teams relates to production as well as distribution of products. Teams of employees in the organization provide their services in a friendly environment.

Daftar has a human resources management team. The team is important in the scheduling of activities and in conducting human resource management duties. In respect to the organization culture of the organization, Daftar Daftar project ventures at maintaining an effective organizational culture. The organizational culture is essential in the maintenance of discipline within the force.

External Factors

Any business organization needs to cultivate its processes considering the external factors. It is imperative to note that external factors in an organization refer to external forces that might affect operations (De Swaan Arons, Frank and keith 55). These external forces have an implication on improving as well as destroying a product. The aspect of the external environment includes technology, economics, social cultural, competition, and political views. For Daftar, the firm enjoys a political neutral environment for business. The other aspect of importance to the organization is the loyalty of its citizens. The loyalty of the Citizens of Qatar earns the firm notebook designs.

In respect to the technology the organization utilizes, Daftar Daftar Project utilizes the latest model of machinery for production. The production unit of the organization ensures that notebooks production meets the demand. In respect to this, the organization utilizes eco-friendly production procedures. The company’s paper of manufacture does not utilize bleach. The organization utilizes sophisticated machines with an aim of meeting market needs. The use of these machines will automatically improve on the budgets of the firm.

These machines consume less ink while in production. Further consumers of the Notebooks receive good quality products. In response to competition, Daftar utilizes the competitive edge of the industry to its advantage. The firm overcomes competition through the provision of notebooks with protected hardcovers. The design of the notebooks ensures that users maintain neat work. Further users of the notebook benefit from receiving a free calendar on the cover page. Using the cover page Students might keep their important dates neatly.

SWOT Analysis

For organizations, SWOT analysis procedures yield considerable benefits. The process for conducting the analysis involves identifying the strength of an organization. The other factors in consideration include the opportunities for the organization, the Threat of business as well as weaknesses (Everett 58). In respect to Strengths, a firm might have its strengths pegged on its capabilities. The aspects of strength might include firms’ competitive advantage, resources, or its management. In respect to Daftar, its strength relates to its marketing objectives.

The strength of the firm is in its use of sophisticated machines. On the other hand, one can state that an advantageous factor for the firm is its consideration on culture. Daftar concentrates on providing products that value the culture of the people of Qatar. It is imperative to note that the firm utilizes the Arabian culture in their designs.

Firms need to understand their bases for opportunities in the market. For Daftar, the market opportunities relates to the presence of events. The other source of opportunity is the increasing number of students. With the sudden improvement of the economic abilities of the people of Qatar, the firm is better. The enrollment of students in the Universities is another feature advantageous to the organization. The weakness of the business associates to its distribution networks. Since the organization has been in operation for just months, the production fluctuates. The firm further needs to pay for licenses which amount to a considerable value.

The threat of the business relates to the possibility of new entrants in the market. The other threat to the functioning of the organization relates to an increase in the production costs due to politics. There has an increased campaign on conservancy. Such campaigns have an implication on the cost of papers, which subsequently affect production.

Marketing objectives

Marketing objectives are important tools in the marketing of organizations. In respect to the creation of objectives, organization needs to observe certain aspects. The aspect to consider while developing the objective is its structure. Objectives need to be specific, measurable, realistic, time specific and achievable (Challagalla, Brian and Bernard 7). The objectives of Daftar Daftar are the production of Notebooks and its distribution. The designs of the notebooks include A4 sizes. The firm production unit provides color codes on the papers. On the other hand, the paper of the notebook considers utilizing Musturd yellow color. It further utilizes other religious features of the region. The purpose of the firm is to offer quality notebooks to its customers. The organization’s new production unit aims at targeting University students as consumers. The implication of the students’ marketing will increase sale volumes.

Marketing Strategies Development

Marketing strategies involve activities that organizations undertake to meet the demand. Marketing strategies are important in providing a basis for a competitive edge. Through marketing strategies differ in situations they perform certain functions. The functions related to this phenomenon include that of products. Strategies might be of advantage when considering the design of products. Daftar Daftar strategies aim at marketing its notebook product. Therefore, their designs need to meet customer demands. The firm pays tribute to the cultural perspective of Qatar. Through its design of the notebook, one can recognize certain cultural aspects of the people of Arabia. In relation to the strategies of the organization, one can state that segmentation, product development, and positioning receive first class position (Joshi and Eduardo 68). Marketing strategies aim at meeting certain objectives. For the firm, a marketing strategy provides the basis for achieving increased sale volume of notebooks.


Market segmentation of firm involves locating customers in segments or groups. The process involves grouping customers according to their common characteristics or features. Each market segmentation yield diverse results. Daftar Daftar project recognizes this influence by segmenting according to locations. The firm recognizes that an individual might by their notebooks from malls and hypermarkets. The other area of segmentation for the firm is the provision of products in Universities and other colleges. Market segmentation may be based on demographics. One might segment his market based on age of customers or gender.

Cultural background and level of education of customers is the basis for segmentation. Other classification might relate to the geographical location. The firm wishes to segment its market into two. The two variable of the market segmentation relates to the geography of the market. Since universities students purchase more notebooks, the firm has stores in the community. The other part of the segment relates to stocking firms products in hypermarkets. In relation to the organization targeting a market, one can state the firm might undertake multi-segment, undifferentiated and concentrated targeting. For the notebook manufacturer, the best targeting is concentrated targeting. The product of the firms target definite markets with the niche. It concentrates on providing products to the students’ fraternity.

Positioning/ Product Strategies

In relation to marketing, positioning relates to the improvement of brands images on consumers’ minds. Organizations practice such moves in order to improve the perception of customers in the market. The process of positioning in an organization is important in the accomplishment of marketing mix strategies. The firm positions its products in the market through the utilization of market reports (Romaniuk 283). The company understands its competitive position in the market. In respect to the positioning strategy, Daftar Daftar observes the influences of culture. On the other hand, the firm improves its image by using Mustard Yellow color on their design.

This move positions the organization as a defender of the Arabian culture. To the mind of consumers Daftar design include coloring of notebook’s section with codes. The other feature of the design is the addition of characters at the centre of the hardcover. On the other hand, notebooks packaging is wire bound packaged. Its papers contain headers. The papers in the notebook characteristics include the ability of easy detachment.

Pricing, promotion and Distribution

The promotional strategy for the firm includes stocking notebooks in hypermarkets. The company utilizes the social media in marketing products within the region. The company will create websites where individuals may purchase products. Individuals may purchase products over the internet and receive the same easily. In relation to the pricing strategy, the firm wishes to offer a bargain to students for notebook bought in the campus area. Individuals who purchase more than seven units of the book receive a discounted rate. Another important feature for marketing Daftar Daftar notebooks will be selling products in seminars and events. In relation to the distribution, the organization will distribute its products to its private stores as well as hypermarkets. The firm will utilize over four vans in transportation.


The implementation phase of the project would involve multiple events. The most important implementation criterion involves the development of Action plans. The actions plans need to be objectionable, specific, and measurable. The action plans further needs to cultivate on the importance of time on every activity of the project. Time is an essential part in the implementation of the promotional, product distribution and pricing strategies (Ramaseshan and Russel 1236). In respect to implementation, the firm will develop its features design in 4 months. Business operations, as well as marketing will begin after the development of the product.

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The organization during the period of waiting will carry other organization functions. Some of these functions by the firm include recruitment of employees and hiring of premises. The next important feature for the project involves budgets. The firm will provide a half of the capital budget of the project before the design phase. The other source of funds to the project comes from a bank loan. The project duration to inception is projected at 5months. In respect to this, the firm schedules its activities in the duration of 2 weeks each.

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and controlling of marketing projects is a crucial aspect. In order to monitor a marketing strategy, benchmarks became essential (Jaworski 23). The first step corporations need to take is development of goals for the strategy. The strategy of the organization in the university is to develop brand awareness. The next step to proper monitoring of organizations is the development of marketing campaigns. The firm ensures this strategy through the provision of specific promotion codes on the notebooks. On the other had budgets need to be of consideration at the time of monitoring strategies. Controlling of additionally inform firms of their performance. The firm monitors its operations through the services of a quality control team.

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