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INTRODUCTION: Any businesses that want to sell their products/services in the market need to create a marketing plan. The marketing plan is claimed to help the organisation create products/ services that tackle the needs of customers, hence making profits (Teece, 2010). As the Internet and digital technology has been developing tremendously, many organisations have moved[…]

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The aim of the report is to examine the way in which Virgin Active Health Clubs use various marketing techniques in order to raise their brand awareness and brand equity in a dynamic and newly-evolving market such as in the UK. It is very important that a firm in an emerging market understands[…]

Introduction The world is becoming more and more competitive and complicated. This is evident in every sector and organisations cannot survive this tough competition if they concentrate on a single area. To remain competitive and in order to survive, grow and expand its operations, an organisation should cross international borders. Entering the international market is[…]

Executive Summary The global fragrance industry was worth $28.9 billion in 2008 and is forecasted to grow 3.20% by 2013. With Western Europe and the US market in the maturity stage it is essential to move to growth markets such as Asia, Africa and South America. The intense competition and rapidly changing consumer demands equates[…]

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably ( It follows therefore that the success and profit margin of any company depends to a very large extent on how much importance it attaches to marketing its products and services. In the present[…]

Introduction This marketing plan covers the research undertaken for a tea room to be situated in the Welham Green area of Hertfordshire. The tea room is a new venture to be undertaken by two principals with marketing qualifications and experience, utilising a small business loan of £32,000, repayable in instalments over three years. The plan[…]

Retail Marketing Assignment 2: Case study project   1. Purpose of this Report The purpose of this consultancy report is to conduct a formal marketing analysis into the way that Freespirit markets its business and to provide recommendations for how the company can improve its profitability. In particular, the report will focus on the following[…]

Introduction When a company enters a foreign market, the distribution strategy and channel it uses are keys to its success in the market, as well as market know-how and customer knowledge and understanding (Bellhouse and Hutchison, 1993; Ilonen,et al., 2011). Because an effective distribution strategy under efficient supply-chain management opens doors for attaining competitive advantage[…]

Standard Chartered Group (SCG) has been in the banking business for over a decade now. SCG has spread its wings to 70 markets across the world, with most of its income and profits generating from Middle East, Africa and Asia. The environment in which the bank industry operates is marked with numerous uncontrollable forces, which[…]

MARKS & SPENCER (MEDIA THEORY) Effective communication in everyday life depends on a need for the joint understanding of meaning which derives from actions between participants, on the basis of sending and receiving messages (Tarone, 1981; McQuail, 2010). People use communication to convey ideas, signs, and beliefs to interested individuals or audiences. Communication as a[…]

Introduction The research report presented here looks into the UK wine industry in general and the competition which has emerged since the entry of New World countries into the wine market in particular. The UK is one of the most lucrative markets for wine imports. The UK wine market has witnessed huge growth from wines[…]

China’s CURRENT Cosmetics Market China’s cosmetics market is the third largest in the Asia-Pacific region and the seventh largest in the world (UK Trade & Investment, 2010). Since China’s economy has boomed in the past two decades, the ideology of purchasing cosmetics products has been spread, especially in the coastal regions. Even though the macroeconomic[…]

Introduction New product development is a very risky business. It can be a hit-and-miss affair and a game of winning and losing. Many new products fail (e.g. the Sinclair C5, Sony’s BetaMax, Apple’s Newton and so on) and there is very little chance of success. The risk is particularly high for radical product concepts, which[…]

Executive Summary In the 21st century, women have become more health conscious and are continuously finding ways to look smart, trendy, slim and maintain their figure. However, most women who are expecting a child or who already have children have difficulty in maintaining the same beautiful shape they once had. The specialist brand retailer, Mothercare,[…]

This report uses marketing theories and models in order to critically analyse the market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies for the Russell Hobbs 13775 cordless jug kettle. Segmentation, targeting and positioning are important parts of the marketing strategy which help companies to tailor their products better. Figure 1 illustrates best the steps and the connection[…]

Introduction This study is about advertising and marketing communication. According to Phillip Kotler (2003, p. 564), marketing communication is associated with giving out facts about a product or service in the way that people will eventually be persuaded to buy or use the promoted item. Advertising is one of the methods that this objective can[…]

1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The overall purpose of this marketing plan is to increase the sales of PS2. This aim will be met through the fulfillment of the following objectives: Increase awareness of casual customers; Create greater appeal to casual gamers by adjusting marketing mix elements to market requirements, Increase the overall sales of PS2 in[…]

Introduction  This paper analyses how the understanding of level of consumer involvement, along with perceived risk and motivation to purchase, assists a marketer to cater the design and use of integrated marketing communications accordingly. Purchase decision  Lavidge and Steiner (1961) cited in Wu (2001) have come up with a hierarchical model which states the stages[…]

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