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I am currently doing my PhD whilst lecturing in marketing at a well-known university in the South West. I currently hold a 2.1 honours degree and a Masters with distinction in marketing. In addition I also hold a level 6 Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional diploma. Through my academic studies, I have worked with a number of clients such as a well-known aquarium, facilities management service, an online marketing firm, a vegetable retailer in the South West, as well as working on consultancy projects for the International Federation of Essential Oil and Aroma Trades for their distance learning diploma. As a result I have completed a number of reports, including strategic marketing planning, market research and research methods (including research proposals and briefs), marketing communications, business plans, consultancy projects and strategic group analysis. I have extensive knowledge in a variety of areas such as marketing (including communications, strategy and research), culture, international business, service marketing, corporate strategy, foreign direct investment and higher and transnational education. I hope to complete my PhD and move into lecturing full time in marketing or international business with the ultimate goal of becoming a programme leader or head of a business school.

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