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This essay will discuss the pricing, marketing, product decisions and corporate social responsibility of the Toms company. Introduction to the company Toms sells shoes , eyewear, coffee and other lifestyle apparel and products, based on a firm commitment to corporate social responsibility in the form of their eyecare, clean water, safe birth and shoe donation[…]

Introduction This paper will outline a team project contract that will describe how tasks will be divided among team members, discuss how team members will make decisions about team activities, create a process for dispute resolution, and outline a team communication process that facilitates collaboration. Division of tasks among team members Foremost, tasks should be[…]

Management and leadership are interlinked but distinct concepts that are important for the success of a manager in a healthcare organization or institution, or for a career in the healthcare industry. Management refers to the ability to plan, direct and execute a team toward a specific goal, while leadership refers to the ability to inspire,[…]

Abstract Structural configurations of organizations have an influence on the management of organizations. Structures in these organizations ease performance of tasks. There should be a defined organization structure inclusive of all groups in an organization. This paper lay emphasis on structural configuration of organization, considers contributions from Henry Mitzenberg, Sally Helgesen as well as Max[…]

Introduction Coca-cola Company has established itself as a global brand in the provision of soft drinks. Through the years, the company has establishments, plants and operational units in almost all parts of the world. In terms of providing soft drinks, coca-cola company is probably is one of the world’s most powerful brands. Through use of[…]

Introduction Managing business activities to achieve results has been one of the key elements for organizations since the beginning of the Industrial revolution. There has been high demand in the management of business goals. Such goals need to be in line with other activities in order to ensure that organizations meet its highest limit. Such[…]

Ethical standards Decision making is a function of managers in any organization. Managers are responsible for making feasible decisions that would propel the organization toward realizing its goal. This responsibility of managers needs control measures, in order to ensure that corruption and other forms of malpractices on the part of managers are minimized if not[…]

Introduction Distinctions exist between leaders and managers in organizations. However, in an organization, performance of leadership and management need to complement each other. The functions of a manager are to plan activities as well as coordination. Leaders on the other hand, perform their functions by way of motivating individuals as well as providing inspiration. In[…]

Abstract Organizations have in the recent decades concentrated in Joint Ventures and international alliances. Such activities have made such organizations attain a competitive edge in the market. This paper illustrates the various challenges an organization face in such unions. It also emphasizes on different models and theories to joint and international ventures for organizations. Introduction[…]

Introduction Project valuation is an important skill in healthcare financial management that helps an organization to decide whether to accept or reject an investment decision based on the rate of return on a project, for for-profit companies, and the rate of return to community, for non-profit businesses. Project valuation allows healthcare organizations to take into[…]

Introduction In the area of operational management, balanced scorecards have been important in measuring performance. As a tool for measuring performance of organizational units and processes, a balanced scorecard aligns business activities (Niven, 2002). For decades government organizations, business firms and other non-profit organizations attribute to using balanced scorecard as their tool for measure. These[…]

1.0 Introduction The Victoria Construction Company case study offers a bullying tactic and a climate of fear scenario. The trade unions have created a culture of fear by intimidating construction managers into acting according to their wishes by contracting bikie gangs in collecting debts and handling workers’ grievances through imparting intimidation. Efforts of restoring justice[…]

1. Introduction. The transportation of goods to control the movement of various productions across the supply chain management entails the development of various systems in facilitating the transportation of different goods from a given location to another location respectively. The techniques for managing the supply chain system of the organization will entail the movement of[…]

The main goal of Skillhire’s assessment system is to create a group of employees that are conscious of their jobs, positions, and obligations as they are expected by the organization. The strategy is based on the premise that having clear objectives and receiving constant feedback makes it easier to achieve corporate and individual employee targets.[…]

Introduction Logistics management is about the procurement of materials, maintenance, movement, warehousing, storage, packaging, and keeping of finished and semi-finished goods in a safe condition for transportation. This consists of the management of all information related to the starting point of producing goods to the consumption of goods. Grabara, (2013) management of logistics entails the[…]

Leadership and Management are two elements that are always undistinguishable since all managers must possess leadership traits. It is important to understand that leadership plays a vital part in the Management of any firm. Management is classified as the ability of an individual to control employees. A good manager leads to a productive and organized[…]

Introduction Inventory management, and more critically, inventory turnover, is a major operations management concern for manufacturing and distribution firms. A myriad of models have been developed to address inventory-oriented challenges in the scientific literature, including the renowned models like Economic Order Quantity, stochastic inventory, MRPP, and the JIT frameworks ((Li & Tang, 2010; Legros &[…]

Abstract The world is turning into an era where there is hyper-competition in both knowledge and technology. Most industries that deal with high technology developed around the resource-based approach theory are no longer suited in most operations. The primary focus of this study is to look at how companies cooperate with the idea of the[…]

Introduction By using critical thinking, leaderships can see how their decisions affect the entire business, ensuring alignment with corporate goals and accountability for results. Worldwide and geopolitical volatility, rapid technological advancement, unusual fiscal restrictions, an increasing knowledge to sort through, and the spread of new corporate business concepts are all contributing to the “new normal”[…]

Executive Summary The score of Athleta Company, according to the B assessment, is relatively low. The problem is due to several areas of poor employee treatment. One of them is poor compensation and wages. When employees have not compensated accordingly, they feel discouraged, and this will, in turn, affect the productivity of the organization. Good[…]

Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational performance Leadership is the ability of a person to influence and guide followers or members of an organization. Also, we can term leadership as the process of social influence that maximizes other people’s efforts to achieve a certain set goal. The most crucial role[…]

This essay will describe how planning instruments like the Stakeholder Analysis, the Gantt Chart, Work Breakdown Structure, Risk Assessment, and a Volunteer Management Plan help with the successful organisation of the event. The role of Gala Dinner and the Awards Ceremony event is to outline and evaluate how SMART objectives are used throughout the event.[…]

Introduction A leader is defined as a person who commands the ability to influence and direct other individuals. Due to complexities associated with the subject, the concept of leadership has evolved significantly over time. In the 1900s, much emphasis was placed on the leader’s ability to control other individuals within an organization. However, currently, much[…]

Introduction From 1945, the studies conducted on leadership have recorded the increased numbers, which has made this phenomenon an essential research arena with its primary bedrock being organizational behavior (OB) (Arnulf & Larsen 2015). Leadership is an exercise documented in research as a substitute to the mainstream compositions of leadership that update leaders on how[…]

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