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INTRODUCTION Helping people grow and achieve their dreams is the fastest route to success; both theirs and yours.” – T. Harv Eker Growth was never an individual prerogative and never will be. The limits of human capabilities still remain undiscovered. How much a person can develop and realise his or her potential is a function[…]

Abstract A common perception is that technological and societal forces are strongly intertwined. The question of which force supersedes the other in determining the use of technology has constantly stirred a huge debate in IS Literature. Despite the increasing call for the unification of the divergent views of technological and social determinism, historians and theorists,[…]

PURPOSE: This change management report is aimed to reflect the practice of the company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to cope up with the changing and unstable environment and also to make a recommendation in order to bridge the gap between their practice and the theory. In order to achieve the objectives of this report the change situation[…]

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