Stephanie Dean

About me:

I currently work as a Business Process Manager in a multinational company. I have a specialised skill-set centred on process analysis, documentation and business process improvement. My industry and academic experience over the years have provided me with a practical and unique blend of expertise that serves as a strong foundation for academic research.

I have a Master’s degree in Analysis, Design & Management of Information Systems and an Undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

I love writing about business and technology. I also have a passion for playing chess and helping people in need whenever I can. My subject areas of expertise include: Information Systems (E-commerce, Internet, Information Systems, Systems Modelling, IT Management & Technology-related), Business & Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Strategic Management, and Supply Chain Management

My future plans include getting a PhD, tutoring others and setting up my own business.


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Technology Use Phenomena: Exploring the Technology-Society Relationship.
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