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Abstract Techniques used to gather information about users, their tasks and to study their environment consist, among others, of contextual inquiry, interviews, questionnaires, surveys and observation. In this report we look at contextual inquiry and interviews. Contextual inquiry entails observing and interviewing users in their work place. It follows four principles, namely context, partnership, interpretation[…]

In no more than 2000 words, write a literature review on Sybil attack in wireless sensor networks. All references must be consistent with the IEEE referencing style. Introduction: The increased growth in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in both civilian and military communities has attracted wide attention [1-3]. Much of the attention has to do with[…]

Summary PeerDB is a distributed data sharing system that distinguishes itself from the traditional P2P database systems by providing data management facilities like content-based searching. Various distributed systems today need a system that will enable them to share their data (and resources) in spite of their differing individual schema. Different groups of people like groups[…]

The report is written for Mr Andoni, CEO of the board of the Antonius Medical Centre. The purpose of the report is to discuss the role the Head of the IS Department should play in the organisation. Mr Frank Verhage has announced his retirement from Antonius Medical Centre. So Mr Andoni is particularly interested in[…]

Abstract The present report is a critical evaluation of the technologies that would allow for the migration from 3G to 4G Cellular Mobile Communication Systems. A brief description of the most important cellular technologies has been considered as an introduction to 4G concepts, characteristics and main objectives. Special attention will be given to the techniques[…]

ABSTRACT This essay is an attempt to identify the complex relationships that exist between management, organisational change, power and information. From the point of view that the employee is an individual and that the individual is the entity at the core of how organisational surveillances occur, the crux of the argument is how power relations[…]

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