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Report on how small and medium businesses operate. Abstract 2 Introduction. 2 Methodology. 2 Small businesses. 2 The beginning. 3 Networking. 4 Finance. 5 Marketing. 5 Innovation. 6 Conclusion. 6 References. 6 Abstract This paper will deal with the report on how small and medium businesses operate. Herd Hire is the organisation which is discussed[…]

Introduction Background to the Study Corporate Social Responsibility has become an extensively researched topic over the last decade or two. From just being a theoretical concept on the philanthropic side, the initiative has become a complex managerial tool that can be used to build the reputation & goodwill of the company and add to the[…]

Project 01. Optimal Portfolio Decision 01.Introduction: This report presents the concept of optimal portfolio decision making through the application of linear programming and matrix algebra based on a given time series data set of stocks of five companies (Barclays, HSBC, GSK, Tesco and BP). The time series data includes 84 data points spanning over 7[…]

There are multiple definitions of sales promotions in the marketing literature which aim to highlight its different aspects. Webster (1971, p.556) was first to define sales promotions as “short-term inducements to customer buying action”. Davis (1981, p.536) added another dimension by defining it as ‘marketing efforts supplementary in nature performed for a limited duration in[…]

In the past, Nike has had issues with the conditions of its labour in the Far East. Its overseas factories include countries in Asia such as Malaysia and Cambodia as well as Taiwan. In the past, there have been many issues that have been in the public eye. One of the main issues Nike has[…]

Executive Summary Background and Objectives Education is of paramount importance in the life of every person. Knowledge can only be enhanced if the tools of learning are harnessed and available to everyone who wants to study. The key to knowledge is the availability of resources and books represent the most appropriate source of knowledge. Understanding[…]

Abstract This essay shows the estimates of the rates of return to education for a sample of working-age men using the basic Mincerian equation while controlling the likely endogeneity of education. The results show a 39.2% difference between the estimates of returns to education of the ordinary least square regression and the instrumental variables regression.[…]

Introduction The European airline business is competitive as the region has many players and attracts a huge customer base (Campisi, et al., 2010). The high costs of air travel has seen the battle of skies skyrocket with the entrance of budget airlines. Ryanair, an Irish airline, markets itself as a low cost and short-haul airline[…]

1. Crude Oil Dynamics Crude oil, the most actively traded global commodity, is being traded both on the physical and futures market thus simultaneously mirroring current and expected economic fundamentals conditions. The largest crude oil markets, both in the physical and financial sense, are in London, New York and Singapore. The crude oil market consists[…]

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The acquisition of Autonomy by Hewlett-Packard (HP) for the amount of $11.1bn was written down by $8.8bn in 2012 (Hurley and Hurley 2013). Until now, both entities have been engaged in a lawsuit to determine who was to blame for the write down. Using the given measurement models in the assignment briefing, this[…]

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The automotive industry is recognised as the engine room of Europe and its economy. Europe provides the opportunity and freedom for the competitive and innovative automobile industry to flourish. As the figures indicate, there were more than 3000 businesses related to the automotive industry with an overall manufacturing workforce of 180,000 and[…]

Introduction GlaxoSmithKline is one of the largest pharmaceutical businesses in the world. Previously, Glaxo Wellcome (UK) and SmithLine Beecham (UK) merged to form GlaxoSmithKline. As explained by Johnson et al. (2011:555,53), from being a small company within the industry, GlaxoSmithKline grew to become a top player in the market. This was achieved because of Zantac,[…]

SWOT analysis of PepsiCo Inc. v Strengths: PepsiCo brand has a strong presence all over the world. Their food, snacks and beverages are consumed 1 billion times a day in 200 countries. In 2011, three brands of PepsiCo grew to more than $1 billion in annual retail sales, expanding their billion dollar brand portfolio to[…]

Introduction This paper examines Nintendo Corporation, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics firm head quartered in Japan. The firm is considered as the largest video game company by revenue since it was founded approximately 125 years ago (1889). The name Nintendo can be roughly translated from Japanese to English as “leave luck to heaven” (Liao, 2010).[…]

1. Introduction Previous studies such as Gabberty and Thomas (2007) and Debrabander and Edstrom (1977) suggest that use of information systems adds value, brings productivity, improves performance, and results in enhancing the efficiency and performance of the organisation. Goulielmos (2002) argues that the use of information systems is one of the most important factors that[…]

This essay evaluates the fact that traditional strategy tools do not always fit in today’s dynamic environment. The traditional management theories and strategic tools which were mainly associated with science and achievement of organisation’s objectives have been greatly praised by various theorists and academicians of the nineteenth century. They have proved their validity to a[…]

(Extracted from full dissertation) 1. Introduction: In the midst of increasing market competition, despite the emergence of the global economy, two new trends and captions have taken their place in the minds of business activists, i.e. e-business and e-commerce. Recently, businesses have fallen in love with e-business and e-commerce; these have become the underlying requirement[…]

Introduction: The financial sector, which includes financial institutions (FIs), people, systems and services, is an important part of any nation’s economy. It includes banks, investment funds, insurance companies, etc. (wise geek 2011). All these financial activities need to be regulated and supervised in one way or another and financial regulations play a vital role in[…]

Introduction This business report is divided into two main sections to achieve the learning outcomes of the assignment brief. The report will make use of academic models as frameworks and implement them on the organisations in question. Where possible, feasible recommendations will be provided. The purpose of the first section is to summarise the strategic[…]

Section 1: Aims and Objectives of the Project Aims of the Local Government Authority: To obtain significant reductions in the running costs by taking advantage of options such as either offshoring or outsourcing some of its operations or retaining the current staff and reducing the running costs by enabling staff to work from home. Goals[…]

The world of retail has a number of leading brands and Tesco occupies the pride of place as one of the top retailers. It operates 2,318 stores and employs around 3,26,000 people. Tesco UK has the largest market share and operates under four brands – Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express. Own label products are based[…]

PART 1 Research and Evidence: With increasing technological advancement and developments taking place, the industry mix of Silicon Valley has evolved. In recent years there has been a shift in employment share from hardware industries to software industries as well as in the evolving patterns of venture capital investment. In the last five years there[…]

In last three decades the service sector has grown in Europe at a rapid pace. According to Euromonitor reports, between 1970 and 1997 around half a million new jobs per year were created in the service sector in Europe. Gronroose (1984) suggests that more and more countries are becoming post-industrial societies and service economies. A[…]

Executive Summary This report represents the situation analysis of the Caffè Nero Group Ltd. in the UK and its strategies for the international expansion process. This report is intended to facilitate an understanding of the company’s potential for internationalisation. The report includes a brief overview and history of the company with a timeline which illustrates[…]

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